'It's not good enough': Tooth Fairy's hilarious warning

"Your tooth is being duly processed in our system."
"Your tooth is being duly processed in our system." Photo: Shutterstock

If you've ever found yourself locked in a battle with your kids over adequate tooth-brushing, then you'll love this dad's genius solution.

Fed up with his son's sub-par care of his chompers, Henry Warren decided that enough was enough.

On very professional-looking stationery, Barry T. Tooth Fairy  (AKA Baz) issued  a stern warning.

"This letter is to inform you that I have now taken receipt of your tooth and it is being duly processed in our system,"  Warren writes, noting that payment for the tooth had been delayed.

Why? Well, as dad explains, the condition of the lost tooth simply wasn't up to scratch.

"We expect a certain amount of wear and tear on the teeth we appraise," the Tooth Fairy admits. "However, in this case your tooth had to be referred up to the committee for further analysis."

And the analysis wasn't favourable.

"We believe this is due to the lack of care and attention by yourself," the letter continues. "We have detected more than trace amounts of Fanta™ and residual amounts of both cereal and chocolate which have not been removed by appropriate brushing technique."


The recommendation from Baz was clear: 

"Review your practice as a matter of urgency." 

The letter also advised that while payment would be given on this occasion, despite the presence of cereal and chocolate, next time he wouldn't be quite so understanding.

"Mr Warren ...we need your assurances that the condition of your next tooth will be significantly better or we will withhold payment," he concluded.

The letter has since gone viral, with many parents praising the genius of dad's approach.

Well played, dad. Well played.