Mother's warning to others as Bunnings investigate razor blade in trolley

A Perth man has cut his hand on this razor blade.
A Perth man has cut his hand on this razor blade. Photo: Facebook

A Perth mother has spoken about the moment she found a razor blade stuck in a trolley at Bunnings which cut her partner's finger and was within arm's reach of their baby boy.

Bunnings says while the incident is isolated, they are investigating how the blade came to be there.

Rachael Maitland was shopping at the Bunnings Mindarie store on Sunday with her partner Corey and their two young boys, aged five and 15 months.

While grabbing supplies for their veggie patch, Corey cut his finger on the blade which was wedged near the top of the trolley and sticking upwards.

Their baby boy was in the child seat of the trolley at the time within arm's reach of the sharp blade, but luckily he and his older brother were unharmed.

"As he (Corey) put his hand down that's when the tip of his finger got sliced by it," Ms Maitland said.

"It wasn't a big cut but it was really deep. Luckily he didn't grab it."

Ms Maitland reported the incident immediately to Bunnings staff who offered Corey first aid.

She posted a picture of the trolley with the blade still inside it on social media in an effort to warn as many people about the incident.


The post has already been shared more than 1500 times.

"It could have taken one of the kid's fingers off if they had grabbed it," Ms Maitland said.

"It was a huge shock.

"The staff were in shock as well, we were all just standing there silently thinking 'what is this?'

"The staff handled it very well. Hopefully it just makes people a little bit more vigilant."

Ryan Baker, Bunnings' WA Operations Manager, confirmed the incident was under investigation.

"We were concerned to hear of a customer receiving a cut from a blade positioned in a trolley at our Mindarie warehouse over the weekend," Mr Baker said.

"As soon as the customer reported the incident, the team offered first aid and checked all trolleys. 

"No other trolleys were affected. This is an isolated incident and the matter is being investigated."