Mum blasts Woolworths after children fed dog treats

The mum was appalled.
The mum was appalled. Photo: Shutterstock

A mum has accidentally put dog biscuits in her children's lunchboxes after purchasing "Scooby Snacks" at her local Woolworths.

The Sydney mum said she bought the "choc-friendly carob" biscuits in individual packs not realising they were for dogs, even though the front of the pack does say "pet food only" (albeit in pretty small letters).

The frustrated mum took to Facebook to complain to Woolworths about the mix-up.

The offending snack.
The offending snack.  

"I bought these in the biscuit aisle next to the Tiny Teddies at Woollies in North Strathfield," she wrote in a post that has since been removed.

"I put in lunch boxes and kids came home that afternoon and said 'yuck they are disgusting'.

"On closer inspection they are DOG treats. It does say that it is pet food only – human friendly but not recommended! BE CAREFUL the store is very disorganised."

The woman said she tried to call her local Woolworths store but was told her only option was to fill in a feedback form.

"Terrible and disgraceful, not to mention dangerous!"

A Woolworths representative initially told the products are only stocked in the pet food aisle of the supermarket, not next to the Tiny Teddies. But the supermarket later admitted there had been a mix up in store which resulted in the snacks being stocked in the wrong section.


"Woolworths can confirm that a single packet of Scooby Snacks dog biscuits was accidentally placed in the biscuit aisle at the Woolworths North Strathfield store last week and subsequently purchased by a customer," said a spokeswoman.

"Store teams have had further communication this week to ensure that no packets are mistakenly placed in the wrong aisle."

The spokeswoman also said that Woolworths unreservedly apologises to the customer.

However, comments on the post showed little sympathy for the mum's situation, with many pointing out the packet did clearly state it was for pets only, the product is shaped like bones, and the pack says they are designed to "support skin and coat health".

"Probably better than most snack food," said one. "Especially after chasing people dressed as ghosts."

"Now those kids are digging holes and scratching behind their ears," wrote another.

But some came to the upset mum's defence, pointing out that the packaging, with a cartoon Scooby Doo, looks like it's aimed at children.

The ingredients are harmless to people, if a little hard to stomach, containing wheat flour, margarine, carob, oats and milk.