Mum calls out Woolworths for 'dangerous' display: 'Do your bit to keep children safe'

The mum as shocked at the display in Woolworths.
The mum as shocked at the display in Woolworths. Photo: Facebook

A Melbourne mum is horrified with a 'dangerous' display at her local Woolworths store, calling for the supermarket to rethink how they arrange products.

Lauren Simpson was at the checkout with her son, when she noticed there was a stand of potentially deadly button batteries available for sale next to chocolate bars, within a child's reach.

Posting to Facebook, the mum said she was shocked to discover the batteries at a "very accessible height to children", particularly after a recent campaigns warning people of the dangers associated with button batteries and children.

"My son could easily have reached out and grabbed these whilst sitting in one of your trolleys," she wrote in the post. "You should be aware that the Australian Government has passed laws, yet to come into mandatory effect (June 2022), that includes ensuring the packaging of these products are child resistant."

After watching Australian Story this past week on the dangers of button batteries and the multiple deaths of Australian...

Posted by Lauren Kate Simpson on  Friday, February 19, 2021

Simpson said she checked the batteries at the checkout, adding they had a perforated cardboard backing, making it very easy for a child to open.

"When similar visual merchandising of button batteries was alerted to Target Australia, they immediately took action and have relocated all button batteries in their stores away from children's reach," she pointed out, saying that "it's not known how the children who have died came into contact with the batteries."

"Now it's your turn Woolworths." she wrote, urging the supermarket giant to 'do their bit to help keep children safe and display these more securely.'

Batteries can be potentially fatal to children. Last year, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), launched the 'Tiny batteries, Big danger' campaign, with the aim to help educate parents and other carers understand the dangers of these tiny batteries and create a safer home environment.

Button batteries can be potentially fatal to children.

Button batteries can be potentially fatal to children. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

"Once swallowed they can get stuck, and the chemical reaction can burn little ones like me from the inside. Within two hours severe damage can be done," the advertisement says, alongside examples of common household items that contain the small batteries.

"It can take countless operations to heal the wounds and months more to eat normally again. For others, its fatal."

Woolworths responded to the post saying they treat safely seriously and will look into the matter.

"Like many retailers, we've been displaying button batteries this way for many years," a spokesperson said.

"However, we'll assess whether we need to introduce any additional safeguards with this feedback in mind."