Mum 'regularly' tested son for drugs prior to his fatal overdose: 'We had zero-tolerance'

Photo: Instagram/Dr Oz
Photo: Instagram/Dr Oz Photo: Instagram/Dr Oz Show

Dr Laura Berman, who lost her 16-year-old son Sammy to an overdose earlier this month, has said she regularly tested her son for drugs.

Dr. Bermnan appeared on the Dr. Oz Show with her husband, Samuel Chapman, where they spoke about discovering their son was experimenting with marijuana.

"Obviously we came down very firmly, we had a zero-tolerance," the relationship counsellor said. "We even got him a drug counsellor that he met with. There was also a therapist that he met with once a week."

Dr. Berman added her and her husband also tested Sam "regularly" for drugs.

Dr. Bermnan discovered the 16-year-old dead in his bedroom on February 8, suffering an overdose from fentanyl-laced Xanax  he'd bought via Snapchat.

According to Dr Berman, a drug dealer had connected with Sam on the app.

"They do this because it hooks people even more and is good for business," she said in an interview with NBC. "But it causes overdose and the kids don't know what they are taking."

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid is similar to morphine, but 50 to 100 times more powerful.


The distraught mum first shared the heartbreaking news of Sam's death in an Instagram post, saying her "heart is completely shattered."

"I am not sure how to keep breathing," she wrote in the heartwrenching post, adding they always watched Sam's social media use carefully, and warning parents to be extra vigilant.

Snapchat addressed the teen's tragic death in a statement, admitting they are 'heartbroken' by his passing.

However, the grieving parents say this isn't enough, calling for social media platforms to work with police to "get the predators that are killing our children."

Explaining to Dr. Oz that they all took the information they had about his Snapchat account to the police, she was told that the police rarely bother calling the social media companies because they use the privacy and free speech laws to give them any identifying information

"The only thing they'll do is take the profile down and then the dealer will just pop up two seconds later within a completely different profile name," she explained.

Dr. Berman and Chapman are still waiting on the final results of their son's toxicology report.