'My baby is starting school': Sophie Cachia shares nerves and excitement

Photo: Instagram/Sophie Cachia
Photo: Instagram/Sophie Cachia 

Blogger Sophie Cachia has shared an emotional video ahead of her son's first day of school, alongside her former-husband Jaryd. 

In an Instagram post, the Melbourne mum and dad, who announced their separation in September 2019, shared their feelings about five-year-old Bobby starting primary school.

"I wanted to do a raw, authentic, conversation between us," Sophie, 29, says. In the twelve-minute clip, the couple talk about being both nervous and excited - and proud of their kind, sensitive and empathic little boy.

"I'm feeling nostalgic," says a teary Sophie. "I remember giving birth to him like it was yesterday. I feel him as a baby still. Now he's got his hat on and his bag on  ... I'm just feeling really sentimental."

AFL player Jaryd, 28, adds of the milestone: "Tomorrow we're parents of a child who is at school."


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A cry-laughing Sophie then shares some of her fears ahead of her little one's big day.

"What if no one plays with him? What if people tease him? My biggest fear is I'll drive past and see him in the playground on his own. What if he doesn't like his sandwich. What if my lunch box sucks. What if he can't find a toilet."

"I should have bought the tissues," a "chill" Jaryd quips.


Sophie, who also shares three-year-old Florence with  Jaryd, admits that routine will be positive for Bobby, whom she describes as her "second skin." "We've had a few changes recently," she says, "so some stability is good."

As the pair reflect on their first five years of parenting, Sophie adds: "I think I'm just being a mum the night before my baby goes to school." Explaining that it's the first time she's cried, she continues, "It's the unknown as a parent. And you have to have full faith in the educators and the system."


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Just 22 when she had Bobby, Sophie says, "We were babies when we had him."

"I think we've done a really good job with him. And now the journey continues. I feel like we've done the first journey. And now we start again."

"We open up a new door," adds Jaryd.

The video has been viewed over 90,000 times and has struck a chord with other parents of school-starters.

"Uou just summed up exactly how I am feeling as well. My first baby starts school tomorrow. Excited but also so nervous," said one mum.

"As a teacher's aide, I can honestly tell you we treat your babies as our own in their first year. They won't let him go hungry or cold I promise and there will always be a child that would love to play with him."


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At the time of their split, Jaryd and Sophie shared that they intended to create their own modern "version of happiness," as a family.

"We are merely a case of two kids who fell in love hard early, and are now two adults who love and respect each other enough to part ways amicably," Sophie wrote.

"We are aware we have a really unique relationship, but one we've been navigating privately for a long time hand in hand, side by side. We're so proud of us and what we've been able to achieve together, and we look forward to continuing life together and forever as a family".

The mum recently poked fun at their "unique relationship" by joking she "pays" her former partner for appearing in her posts. "I actually pay him $75 per static post he features in on my socials + $25 per story. Sometimes we put together a package deal of 1 post + 3 stories for a discounted rate of $120 but he usually opts for the separate deals to gain higher income ... Oh the lengths we go to in order to pretend to strangers that we like each other, and that our own personal family dynamic actually works."