'Offended and hurt': Dad fuming after mother-in-law smacks child

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A father has been left furious after his mother-in-law smacked his young daughter on the face. 

In a post to Reddit, the dad shared that he has "always hated" his mother-in-law and that she is a "narcissist with no empathy." But the latest incident is the final straw in their already fraught relationship. 

"The kids were all playing hide and seek,' he notes. "They were loud but that didn't bother me. My daughter ran to hide and accidently went inside my mother-in-law's room.

Apparently when my daughter ran into her room she was screaming (out of excitement which is a totally normal behaviour). I didn't know what really happened, but my daughter ran to me and she was crying. I asked her what was wrong, and she said that my mother-in-law smacked her when she was in her room.

"I was stunned."

When he told his wife her mother had hit their daughter across the face, she said, "I'm sure that was not what happened," and then proceeded to "shame" their daughter for lying.

"I get that she hates me but it got to the point where she'd literally be willing to take it out on my daughter just cause I'm her dad."

When the man's wife went to ask her mum what had happened, she returned in tears and said they needed to leave.

"I asked my wife what happened. She said her mother was just in a bad mood, and refused to even discuss why she smacked our daughter like that," he writes. "So she was having a bad day? That's why she took it out on my kid? Really? I can't even express how offended and hurt we both felt."


And while he notes that his daughter seems to have forgotten about it, he says he's not going to let it go.

"This morning my wife received a text from her mum "apologising" for acting irrationally and blamed it all on her anger issues.

My wife has always endured the abuse her mum put on her. Although it seems impossible but my wife is still having her in her life, so now she's abusing my daughter just like she abused my wife ... My wife doesn't even want to talk about it with me. She told me she'll talk to her mother and let her know how this hurt the three of us not just our daughter."

Redditors were appalled.

"Your daughter WILL REMEMBER THAT SLAP FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE," one commenter wrote. "It will impact who she will become as an adult. This isn't a convo your wife can avoid and I'm angry for you that she just shut down and didn't address the physical violence her daughter experienced in the moment. I'm sorry, but it's high time your wife confronts her mother about her mother's abuse of not only your daughter, but of your wife experienced as a child as well."

"This is going to sound harsh, but this is not a conversation that your wife can opt out of because it concerns the safety and well being of your child," added another. "I would also strongly recommend that you both take some time before communicating with MIL so that you can decide together how you want to address this situation and present a united front."

"My MIL would never see my child again," one man wrote. "And my spouse would agree with that boundary, or I'd be looking into what legal action I can take to ensure it happens with or without their consent."