Parents take-over teen's social media as punishment, and it's hilarious

Photo: Instagram/madelynn.ellagrace
Photo: Instagram/madelynn.ellagrace  

When 15-year-old Madelynn Sumpter was busted sneaking boys into a sleep-over, her parents Tawnya Ford and Larry Sumpter gave her a choice of punishment. The teen had the option of one month without her phone, or two weeks without her phone - with full control of her social media given to mum and dad.

The Texas student chose option two - how bad could a few Facebook posts be, right?

But it's a decision she's regretted every day since.

"This is Maddi," her parents wrote on Instagram on day one. "Maddi got herself grounded. She had a choice of no phone for a month or no phone for 2 weeks and we have FULL control of her social media. She chose 2 weeks. So be on the look out for some amazing Instagram posts, snap chats and Tiktoks from her parents!!"


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And boy did they deliver.

"Felt cute, might delete later," Mr Sumpter wrote on an alluring selfie posted to Instagram.


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In another, he posted a photo of himself wearing a fetching blonde wig and imploring Maddi's followers to "Save the Turtles."


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But the dad's posts to TikTok are even more spectacular.

In one, the 43-year-old dances with his son-in-law in crop tops and short shorts.

"Parent take over day 3!!!" he writes. "She definitely should have chosen the month of grounding instead of 2 weeks and giving us access to all of her social media!!"

In another update to his daughter's @Skinnybiotch1235 account, the dad recruits an old friend and pulls out some ultra-daggy moves, adding the hashtag, "make better choices" to the clip.

Unsurprisingly, Maddi's not loving her dad's new-found love of selfies - or the popular lip-syncing app.

"After 1 day of updating her insta, snap chat and tiktok, she came home from school and said ... I change my mind, I choose one month! Ms Ford wrote on Facebook.

After their antics made headlines in the US, the dad took to Instagram with a playful warning:


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"This, kids, is why you should make good choices! Your crimes and punishment may make national news!"

The couple's idea has drawn praise from people around the world.

"I want to be this parent," one commenter wrote.

"I can't stop laughing," said another. "I don't want this two weeks to end!"

We're pretty sure Maddi doesn't agree.

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