Photo sparks heated debate over the 'right' way to make fairy bread

Most users agreed the 'right' way to make fairy bread was with sprinkles all the way to the edges.
Most users agreed the 'right' way to make fairy bread was with sprinkles all the way to the edges.  Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

When throwing a birthday party, it's hard to look past a plate of fairy bread as the feature piece.

With its simple yet elegant approach to livening up any birthday spread, it's loved by both kids and adults alike. Made with three key ingredients; bread, butter and hundreds and thousands it's a hard one to mess up... or is it?

One fairy-bread enthusiast has been slammed online, after posting a picture of their 'version' only to be met with a sea of criticism, prompting the discussion: is there a wrong way to make fairy bread?

According to Reddit users, there is. And the original poster learnt that the hard way, after showing off his creation on subreddit r/Australia. 

The photo showed two whole pieces of plain white bread (crusts still on), with the butter spread almost to the edges. The hero ingredient, the hundreds and thousands, is gathered predominantly in the middle of the bread slice.

The Reddit users fairy bread caused an online debate over the correct way to make it.

The Reddit user's fairy bread image prompted a lively online debate. Photo: Reddit

"Fine dining," the Redditer wrote alongside the photo. Unfortunately, other users immediately disagreed.

"FINE DINING?" one outraged person wrote. "A FINE F--KING MESS."


"Crusts still on. Bugger all coverage at the edges. Not cut into triangles," another wrote, giving it 3/10 and declaring it an "amateur effort".

"Triangles! This needs to be triangles," another offended critic wrote. "I was trying to figure out why this looked so wrong to me. I just weirdly can't imagine it tasting right if it's not in triangle form."

"100s and 1000s density in the centre is also a little too high," another pointed out, advising the user to next time to 'hold the shaker at a higher altitude for more even coverage.'

Some users took pity, giving the original poster advice on how to improve their fairy bread making skills.

"Butter the bread and press into a plate of hundreds and thousands rather than sprinkle," they suggested.

"Hold up that's bloody genius," the OP replied.

"Pro tip - swap out butter for Nutella," advised another.