'Pretty scary': Kmart pulls toy after reports they were catching fire

Kmart has received several reports of it ATV Madness remote control quad bike overheating.
Kmart has received several reports of it ATV Madness remote control quad bike overheating.  Photo: Supplied

Department store Kmart has pulled a popular Christmas gift from sale after several customers reported that components on the remote-controlled motorbike could overheat and even catch on fire.

But the ATV Madness 2.4Ghz toy has not been fully recalled, with Kmart saying its quality assurance team was investigating the problem.

Samantha Solly said her family had a close call after her four-year-old son received the toy as a Christmas gift from his grandmother.

She said the toy had been charging in the kitchen of her Adelaide home on Boxing Day for about two hours when her sister smelt something burning.

She came into the kitchen to find a small flame coming from the toy's charging cable, which was melting the surrounding rubber.

"My husband went out and turned the electricity off at the box, and then once the thing had cooled down we pulled it out of the wall," Mrs Solly said.

“It was pretty scary - I’m just lucky my sister caught it when she did.

“If it happened when we weren't here it would have been a whole different story."

Mrs Solly said Kmart had offered her a credit so her son could choose a different toy. Several other customers have reported being given refunds after having the same issue with the toy.


A spokesman for Kmart said it withdrew the toy from sale on Thursday after receiving a "number of complaints about charger cables overheating", and was assessing whether a full recall was needed.

"At Kmart, we take the quality and safety of our products very seriously, which is why we made the decision to withdraw the remote control quad bike from sale, pending investigation from our quality team," he said.

"Kmart is committed to product and customer safety and we are working as quickly as possible to review and test this product.

"We encourage any customers who have experienced problems, or who have concerns, to please contact the customer service team on 1800 124 125."