Relax kids, Santa has been declared an 'essential worker': No quarantine for man in red

Picture: Getty Images
Picture: Getty Images 

Good news, parents: little ones can rest assured Santa will be able to make his Christmas deliveries this year.

The man in red has been granted a national exemption to skip quarantine when he flies into Australia on Christmas Eve

Home Affairs minister Peter Dutton gave Santa the all clear this morning, telling the Today Show he would not face the mandatory two week quarantine for returned travellers.  

"There is a national interest exemption, he is fine, and he will get in," Mr Dutton said, before taking a cheeky swipe at the Queensland Premier Annastacia Pałaszczuk. 

"I understand he was most fearful coming to Australia that if he went into quarantine and missed the delivery schedule that he was worried about …dealing with the Queensland Premier."

The NSW Government also today assured anxious kids that Santa was welcome to enter the state on Christmas Eve.

Minister for Health Brad Hazzard has written to Mr Claus in the North Pole and confirmed both Santa, his elves and their reindeer would be exempt from quarantine under a special 'essential workers' clause. 

"Mr Claus, I understand you have significant magical powers which allow you to travel the world safely without transmitting COVID-19," Mr Hazzard wrote in the letter.


"I am aware you have safely delivered presents to children in Australia during previous pandemics and as a result I am confident you will take the necessary precautions to keep our community safe."

However, as part of the exemption, Santa has been told he must deliver all presents after bedtime to minimise contact; he and his elves must socially distance from others and wear a mask if they can't; must self-isolate and get tested if they feel unwell; and wash and sanitise their hands and hooves regularly.

The minister also said Santa's representatives had assured the government he will comply and had even ordered a 'jumbo supply' of hoof sanitiser for Rudolf and his friends. 

"After a challenging year, Mr Claus wants this Christmas to be the best yet," the spokeswoman said.

The exemptions follow those of Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan, who granted the man in the red suit an exemption last month, after two sisters wrote to him, concerned border closures may see them miss out on presents this year.