Remember the adorable laughing quads? Well, they're all grown up!

Giggling quads,  Grace, Emily, Mary Claire and Anna, in their award-winning video.
Giggling quads, Grace, Emily, Mary Claire and Anna, in their award-winning video. Photo: YouTube

Remember the adorable video of baby quadruplets giggling together with their grinning mama?

The Mathias girls captured hearts around the world back in 2002 when a clip of their infectious laughter went viral. The sweet moment was later declared America's Funniest Home Video's, "Funniest Video of All-Time" - a title that earned the family a life-changing $395,000.

Take a look:

Grace, Emily, Mary Claire and Anna are now 16 years old (!) and recently caught up with Oprah as part of her Where Are They Now? series.


The Mathias sisters aged 16 years. Image:OWN

"People are still delighted with that video," the girls' mum, Allison, told Oprah from the family home in South Carolina.

"I think it's just one of those videos you can't not laugh at," said their father, Steve. "There's something about the syncopation of them stopping and starting laughing. It's just the contagious type laugh."


Now teens and high school students, the girls are similar - and different.

"Mary Claire and Emily ... they enjoy doing digital art on their computer," Grace explained. "And Anna enjoys orchestra a lot. And I enjoy photography."

While Allison dressed the girls in matching outfits when they were younger, as they grew older the girls' individual styles began to emerge.

Image: OWN.

"Emily likes her hair short," Anna said, "and the rest of us like it longer."

Their proud mum told Oprah that she is looking forward to seeing what the future brings for her girls.

"There are big things out there for them," she said.