Santa Baby! 'Kinda hot' Santa has mums queuing for photos

Photo: Santa Steve Edmonton/Facebook
Photo: Santa Steve Edmonton/Facebook 

If the idea of dragging your kids into a busy shopping centre for their annual Santa photos has you groaning into your fifth coffee of the morning then you're not alone. 

But what if Santa looked like this?


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Yep, I'd clear my to-do list faster than you could say "ho ho ho." And I'm not the only one.

Meet 38-year-old Steven Teeuwsen (AKA "Santa Steve") who's causing quite the stir in West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada. The "real beard Santa Claus performer," transforms into Saint Nick ever year, "sharing the boisterous and magical character with kids and adults."

"West Ed Santa ...kinda hot. Not gonna lie," wrote one Tweeter after meeting the silver-bearded actor last week.

Christmas came early for the mum who received a message from the man in red himself:


And the shopping centre:


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The Canadian artist and designer sports the same impressive beard during the off-season - just in a slightly different hue.


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"Holy moly ... I don't think santa's usually so... steamy..." wrote one woman on Instagram.

"You're the only Santa fit enough to deliver all the presents in one night!" said another.

Hipster Santa hasn't discovered F45, however. He's just been busy making toys.

"The elves and I have been in hard cardio burn just making toys and filling the sack with presents. It takes a lot of energy," Santa Steve told CTV News Edmonton.

"I've been feeling fit and ready to go for Christmas."


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And how does he feel about the new nickname: "Kinda Hot Santa?"

"I have many names all over the world," Santa Steve said. "It never hurts to get a little extra love on social media."