Seven weird things I want to do when lockdown ends

Photos: Getty Images
Photos: Getty Images 

Yeah, yeah, of course hugging my mum, travelling and catching up with friends is something to look forward to when lockdown ends but I have a few other things I'm also hanging out to do. 

They're nothing fancy, they're simple things that I've missed while sitting in my house with my three kids, husband and our cute, but super needy, dog. It's funny what you miss when you're not allowed to do anything.

Here's seven weird things I want to do when lockdown ends:

1. Go to Kmart and just walk around

I know I can go to the shops, but I feel uncomfortable and guilty, so I've been avoiding places unless I need something essential. But I can't wait until it's ok to just head to the shops when I don't need anything at all. I want to be able to walk around aimlessly looking at things. And while I'm talking about cruising the aisles in search of nothing in particular – I'd also love to go to IKEA and pretend I'm visiting lots of different people in their Swedish homes, before leaving with a pillow and a soft-serve ice cream. 

2. Have Yum Cha in a busy restaurant

I want to go to my favourite Chinese restaurant on a Sunday and eat Yum Cha. I want it to be full of families and waiters scurrying by with trolleys loaded with food. I want to sit there for ages, eating everything and listening to the noises of people enjoying themselves. And those first few dumplings will be amazing. 

3. Visit the library 

I can't wait to go to my local library and touch books. I want to smell them, see them all neatly lined up in the aisles and read the first page of loads of them, before deciding which ones to borrow. And then I want to walk out with a whole pile of books and start reading one right there on the grass. 


4. Drink a pint at the pub 

As soon as our local pub re-opens, I'm grabbing my husband and we're going to get a pint of cold beer. It's not like we haven't had beer lately, in fact we've probably had way too much, but there's something lovely about sitting in the beer garden, eating a bowl of hot chips and chatting over a pint or two.

5. Take my dog to the groomers 

I'm not that concerned about my dog needing a haircut, I just want some time away from him. It's been a couple of months now, and he is always by my side. I love him so much, but it's time we spent some time apart. And the added bonus is he'll get a good scrub and some time to hang out with other dogs again.

6. Eat cinema popcorn 

Nothing beats the buttery, salty popcorn at the movies. Or the choc covered choc tops. And the moment movie theatres open I will be booking my seat to see a film by myself. I don't even care what film it is – I just want to be eating snacks at the cinema, losing myself in another world. It's one of my most favourite things to do. 

7. I want to people watch 

This might sound weird, but I'm really looking forward to going somewhere and watching people. Not in a creepy way, not in a fearful "they might have Coronavirus" way. Just in a chilled out, the "human race is fascinating, and we don't have to hide away from each other anymore" way. I'm not sure when I'll feel comfortable in a crowd again. I'm not sure when I'll start to see other people with a joyful curiosity again, rather than being scared they'll infect me with something. But I'm really looking forward to it.