Tearful Mel Watts of The Modern Mumma posts video after internet trolls attack her online

Blogger Mel Watts with her husband Nolan.
Blogger Mel Watts with her husband Nolan. Photo: Facebook The Modern Mumma

Mel Watts of The Modern Mumma likes to keep it real. It's why we, and other mothers around the world, love her. Watts' down-to-earth take on motherhood is candid, raw, hilarious and insightful – a reminder that we're all in this together. And her latest piece on sex after having kids was no exception.

And yet, in a heartfelt video posted to her Facebook page Watts shares that, for the first time in her life, keyboard warriors –criticising her "quickie post" - have caused the popular blogger to second-guess herself, her values and the way she writes.

In the video, a tearful Watts admits that "going viral isn't all that." Over the past few days, since publishing her piece, the mother-of-three says she's felt suffocated by vicious attacks from trolls around the world. Having received hundreds and hundreds of horrible messages, criticising her marriage, and her opinion, Watts says, "Keyboard warriors and Keyboard trolls, you win."

And, when it comes to bullying, the young mum highlights that despite all the money being spent to address the issue with our kids, the problem isn't our children, "it's the parents. The parents are the ones that are causing the bullies."

"Does it make you feel better?" she asks the trolls. "You either like it or you don't. If you don't have anything nice to say you scroll on."

"I'm a good wife, and a really good mother," Watts says, before noting that she can't understand how people can be so nasty to people they don't even know. And, heartbreakingly, that it's left her feeling as though she's failing. 

"When people start personally attacking my husband and my children and the way that my children are brought up, that really upsets me,' she says.

Of the abuse she and her family have received, Watts says, "I shouldn't have to tolerate it. No one should have to tolerate it."

"Words do matter," she said "and words do hurt."


Since posting her impassioned plea about bullying, Watts has received hundreds of messages of love and support, urging her to ignore the trolls and to keep writing.

"Please don't give up," wrote one commenter. "You give so many mums a means of feeling connected and having a giggle too."

"I hate seeing you like this!" wrote another. "You bought me so much hope and joy when I found your account after crying my eyes out at 3am with a 6-week-old baby who wouldn't sleep. It really horrifies me that people think it's okay to say nasty things to strangers."


We hope you feel better soon, Mel. Keep sharing the truth about motherhood, in all its mess and magic. We think you're wonderful.