Teenager shamed by school teacher for wearing 'revealing' pants

The teenager was sent to the principal's office for her 'revealing' pants.
The teenager was sent to the principal's office for her 'revealing' pants. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

While many schools in the US don't have uniforms, they do have dress codes determining what is acceptable for students to wear to school.

One teenage girl was sent to the office when her teacher deemed her pants 'too revealing'; however she argues she's worn them to school before and they've never been a problem, promoting her to question his stance.

In a Reddit post, the 17-year-old asked the online community for their opinion on the matter.

"Yesterday I was told I need to go to the office because apparently my pants were 'too revealing," she explained, describing them as 'a standard pair of black leggings'.  

"I love these leggings and have worn them to school many times," the confused teen continued. "But my teacher just went through a divorce over the summer [and] I feel like the only reason they were a problem was because he is sensitive and sending a bunch of students to the office for no reason."

"I checked before I wore them this year just in case, they changed the dress code," she went on.

The teenager was told her pant's were 'distracting'.

The teenager was told her pant's were 'distracting'. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

"So, when I got down to the office and he told me I had to call my parents and have them bring clothes I was confused and asked him why."

In response, she was told: "You were distracting other kids." 


"I told him that I wasn't going to change since the dress code didn't say anything about me not being able to wear leggings," the teen wrote adamantly. "Not even in a rude way, just me trying to figure out what was going on."

"Which he then said if you don't change you can leave which I did," the teen wrote, adding she "wasn't about to be pushed around just because my teacher is in a sensitive place."

"My entire family is saying that I was out of line. But I don't think so," she concluded the post.

Reddit users immediately jumped to the upset girl's defence - saying her teacher had no right to act the way he did.

"You did your research and were following the rules," one user wrote. "I'm glad you stuck up for yourself!"

"Your teacher is not in a sensitive place. He's in a sexist place," chimed in another.

"Clothes being "distracting" is pretty much only lobbed at girls and sexualising teen girls at school is disgusting and sexist!"

Others recognised that although her teacher was in a bad place, it doesn't give him any right to take it out on his students.

"Do not make the excuse about his divorce. This implies that it's ok for him to police your clothing when he's going through issues," one user said firmly. "It's not okay."