The A to Z of gender equality

Beyonce and J.K. Rowling, two of Feiner's Lady Legends
Beyonce and J.K. Rowling, two of Feiner's Lady Legends Photo: Beck Feiner

Following the success of her colourful Aussie Legends Alphabet released earlier this year, mother-of-two Beck Feiner is back with an alphabet of Lady Legends - designed to teach kids about gender quality, as well as their ABCs.

Full of diverse and familiar women, all of whom have excelled in their fields, the alphabet includes A for "Amelia Earhart", "E" for Ellen Degeneres, "O" for Michelle Obama and Oprah and "T" for Mother Teresa. 

"The Lady Legends Alphabet is a way of taking the gender equality discussion into the class room, our kids' bedrooms and even the nursery," the Sydney mum told Essential Kids.  And while Ms Feiner notes that there's currently a strong push for gender equality going on in society, she says the problem is - kids aren't really part of these conversations. "They just see a very male-dominated world," she adds.

"If you look at their influences," Ms Feiner says, "kids' shows and stories, these, too, are guilty of displaying a male biased world. Why is only one Wiggle a woman? How many pups on Paw Patrol are ladies?" 

Beck Feiner with her children, Levi, 4, and Esme, 1. Image/Sarah-Jane Edis

The lady legends Ms Feiner has selected have all smashed the glass ceiling "in whatever sandpit they play in," and she's hoping they'll inspire our girls to do the same.

Mum to Esme, 1.5 and Levi, 4, it was important for Ms Feiner to ensure a diverse range of professions, talents and cultures were represented - as well as women of various ages. "For me personally, feminism in this day and age is being whoever you want to be. You can be a Prime minister or a fashion designer."


"There's B for Beyonce the Queen Bey of music," says Ms Feiner. "C is for Cathy Freeman an Olympic gold winning indigenous athlete. K is for Helen Keller who contributed so much to breaking down communication barriers for disabled people. And Y is for Malala Yousafzai a Pakistani activist for female education and the youngest- ever Nobel Prize laureate."

Aussie women also feature prominently, including former Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Indigenous artist Queenie McKenzie and Ms Feiner's personal favourite - Lee Lin Chin, who also starred in the Aussie Legends Alphabet.

"I don't see this just being useful for women," Ms Feiner says. "Young boys need to be educated in this way, too. It's my dream that dads could do the Lady Legends Alphabet with their daughters and sons.

"Somewhere deep inside many parents, there still lives a gender bias that we may not even be willing to admit is there. I hope my Lady Legends Alphabet can do a tiny bit to completely blur that bias."

Lady Legends posters are $39.95 and available online here.