The five best (and five worst) things about summer

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Summer is one of the best times of the year – blue skies, BBQs with friends, lots of family time and holidays by the beach.

And if you're lucky you'll get some much-needed time off from work to read books, play cricket in a park and sneak in naps on the couch.

It's a time of year loved by so many.

Yet, some people complain as soon as the hot weather sets in. It seems people either love summer or hate it. Despite being a huge summer fan, even I have things I love and loathe about it.

Here are the five best parts of summer:

1. Diving into a crystal-clear pool. Running into the waves. Noting quite beats being in, and around, water.

2. The smiles on all the faces. There's just something about summer that makes everyone seem way more relaxed. And there's less traffic on the roads which is great.

3. Wearing no shoes, floaty dresses, slipping on a pair of flip flops and even walking around nude. The other upside is there's less washing.

4. Juicy peaches, sweet mangoes and ice cream running down your arms. Filling up on freshly caught fish and crunchy hot chips.


5.  Warm nights and lazy days. Hanging out with friends well into the evening catching up on old times.

And while that all sounds awesome to most people. There are definitely lots of people who dread summer, for a whole variety of reasons. Although, I think summer is awesome it does have some downsides.

These are just five reasons summer sucks:

1. Sand in your bathers. Sunscreen in your eyes and those long hikes back to the car at the beach over hot sand.

2. Heatwaves that drag on and on. Not being able to sleep. Burning your bum on hot car seats. Getting sunburnt. And the constant fear of fires.

3. Kids that won't go to sleep because the sun is still up. Kids fighting over the most ridiculous things. And hearing the words "I'm bored" 100 times.

4. Having to work when everyone's on holidays. Juggling childcare. And missing out on mid-week catch-ups.

5. One word – mosquitos. They would have to be the most annoying creature on earth. The sound of them buzzing around keeps you awake at night and they always bite you on stupid places like your butt, face or right in the middle of your back where you can't reach to scratch. And don't even get me started on snakes who also love to come out to play in summer.