'There were tears': Cadbury advent calendar fail leaves parents fuming

Photo:Twitter/Gill Appleton
Photo:Twitter/Gill Appleton 

Cadbury has ruined Christmas. Well, kind of.

Let me set the scene:

It's December 1 and excited little boys and girls around the UK are tearing into their fresh Cadbury advent calendars on the countdown to Christmas. (It's the only time of year it's acceptable to eat chocolate first thing in the morning, am I right?) But, they didn't find a tasty chocolate morsel, instead they found ... nothing. 


Turns out there's a glass and a half in NO ONE, eh Cadbury?

Parents have taken to the blue bird to voice their frustration over this unfortunate turn of events, with a generous sprinkling of tears, broken hearts and angry faces.

Joanne wasn't thrilled with the quality of this chocolate either:

The tweets lead to a string of apologies from the Cadbury UK Twitter account. Given the poor staff member was simultaneously dealing with the meltdown of another secret santa campaign it's fair to say they weren't having the best day.

Fortunately for Australian children, the great advent calendar debacle of 2019 does not appear to have reached our shores. So keep having chocolate before breakfast until December 25 kids!