This hilarious Twitter thread proves all families are a bit strange

Was you family this weird?
Was you family this weird? Photo: Shutterstock

What are the weird things your family did that you thought were totally normal until you moved out of home? That's the question Twitter users have been answering - and the stories are hilarious.

Here are just some of the highlights:

Did you actually use the dishwasher for dishes?

Potatoes in the dryer, perhaps?

Need a quick drink? Hold the cup:


"Cuss outs" at the dinner table:

Ghosts of Christmas pasts:

Where did you keep your PJs?

And your batteries?

Jesus gets a cake too:

This is actually kind of sweet:

Never use the front door:

No unexpected guests, thanks

How can you not have a puke bowl?

Did you have odd Christmas traditions?

Who else has pizza scissors?

Did you have reading dinners too?

Whatever it takes to keep those snacks safe:

Maybe a little more interesting than UNO?