Top ten photo galleries of 2012

The best of 2012 ...
The best of 2012 ... 

Enjoy our most popular photo galleries of the year all over again with our top ten. Including all your favourite awkward moments, celebrity families, childhood stars, Suri Cruise and the best of the retro toys from your childhood. 

Awkward Sibling Photos:

When siblings get together for a family photo you never know what the camera will capture. The weird, the hilarious and the downright creepy - these awkward sibling photos will have you in stitches.

Before they were famous:

From family photos and yearbook snaps to childhood film roles, see how much these famous faces have changed over the years.

Still hearing The Sound of Music:

They were the darlings of a generation, immortalised forever on film but where are the stars of The Sound of Music now and what did they do after their success?

Famous Families:

Check out the latest sightings of celebrities with their cute kids in tow. From trips to the park to shopping expeditions, the life of a celeb's kid is always exciting.

Awkward Christmas Photos:


'Tis the season to don adult romper suits. A selection of awesomely awkward family Christmas photos from the hilarious folks at Awkward Family Photos.

Modelling after their parents:

These former and current top models are already getting their children comfortable in front of the camera.

Models as kids:

Have you ever really bought that whole 'ugly duckling' line models and movie stars try to sell us in interviews? Well, here is proof that these models were as cute as kids as they are now as adults. It seems blessed genes usually follow you from birth.

The cruisy life of Suri:

From helicopter rides and personal drivers to couture threads, overseas holidays and toys galore, it seems the world's most famous six-year-old is indeed living the high life. Take a look at the extravagant life of Suri Cruise.

Six years of Shiloh:

Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt celebrated her sixth birthday on May 27, 2012 and to celebrate Essential Kids looks back over the past six years of the cover stars jet-setting life.

Toys through time:

Re-visit your childhood as you take a look at these time-honoured toys. From Marvel superheroes, slinkies and easy-bake ovens to Rainbow Brite, Carebears and Star Wars figurines, you will be surprised by what you find in this retro toy gallery.