Two boys get locked in supermarket overnight - consume $500 worth of food

Two boys helped themselves to food and alcohol in a Sainsbury's store
Two boys helped themselves to food and alcohol in a Sainsbury's store Photo: Shutterstock

It reads like something out of a movie script, but two boys who managed to hide from security and get themselves in a supermarket overnight are now in trouble with police.

The British boys aged 12 and 13 hid before the Sainsbury's Kingsgate superstore closed for the night, before wreaking havoc among the aisles last Monday.

In the hours before they were discovered by staff clocking on for their early morning shift, the pair managed to work their way through hundreds of pounds worth of food and alcohol, East Kilbride News reports.

And while the the boys reportedly had around £300 ($488) worth of goods on them when they were sprung at 2am, it would appear that they didn't exactly hand it all back.

Police confirmed that they are investigating the theft of a camera and two memory cards after a stock take following the incident came up short.

"At around 2am two boys aged 12 to 13 were found with items within Sainsbury's Kingsgate," a police spokesperson told East Kilbride News.

"Parents were called and the children were picked up and are safe and well."

 A source told the publication that the pair had been locked in for hours, "as the doors get locked at 10pm and only open to let customers out who are still at the checkouts at that time."

And while night workers are present, they tend to work in the same area as a small group "hence why it took so long to discover the boys".


In a statement to East Kilbride News, a Sainsbury's spokesperson said: "We can confirm there was an incident at our East Kilbride store and we're supporting the police with their investigation."

Security is also reportedly being "stepped up" following the incident.

"Shutters used to be left up where the vans are but are now being closed at 10pm and security is sweeping the store at closing time," a source said.

"It's shocking that security guards failed to notice the two boys."