‘‘Who has the time?’ Neighbour leaves bizarre 15-metre-long note over toy squabble

The 15-metre-long note left the family scratching their heads.
The 15-metre-long note left the family scratching their heads. Photo: Reddit

It's not uncommon for neighbourly disputes to get out of hand, and one family are in an awkward spot over some kid's toys that were apparently left in their backyard.

The family were baffled after their neighbour left a 15-metre-long note at their door, claiming they won't give her daughter's toys back.

Posting a video of the absurdly long letter, which immediately went viral, the mother explained that the note was supposedly written at the request of her neighbour's daughter. 

"Neighbor says her 7yo daughter told her to write a mean "note" telling us to give her toys back that the girl had left in our yard," she captioned the video. 

However, the mum says they've told their neighbour that she's more than welcome to come over and look for the toys, but she continues to harass them about it.

"[The] kids keep wanting to play with each other and the woman isn't the most stable," she replied to a comment in the post. "It's not that we refuse."

The woman added that although the note says her daughter asked her to write it, their security footage says otherwise. 

"We caught on security cam the woman forcing (you can see her reluctance) the poor girl to put this scroll on the front porch", she said in a follow-up comment.


Redditers couldn't believe the efforts the woman's neighbour went to over some toys.

"They put more effort into this than I do into my school posters," joked someone.

"A note? That's a f---ing constitution," another observed, with one user asking the question on everyone's lips: "who has the time?"

"Save it somewhere safe in case they escalate," advised someone else. "Then you can present this to police or lawyers and as evidence."

Other users were concerned about the wellbeing of the child.

"Oh man, can you imagine what her seven-year-old feels living with this craziness," one user pointed out. "I really feel for this whole situation. I hope the mum gets the help she needs."