Why my first restaurant booking will be a table for one

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images 

When news came through that restaurants would be allowed to take bookings for 10 diners at a time, the response was immediate. 

Everyone starting ringing around to see which of their favourite eateries would be opening, then deciding which nine of their closest friends they would invite to their first post-iso feast. 

Not me. My first thought after hearing the good news was of the window seat at my favourite local cafe. You know the kind of seat where you can enjoy brunch on your own while reading a book or just staring out the window watching the world go by? 

You see, for the past two months I have been working from home while my two sons, aged eight and 11, have been remote learning right alongside me. And I do mean right alongside me. We have a four bedroom home, but for much of the past eight weeks my children have insisted on sitting on either side of while I work and they do their school work. It's been cosy, to say the least. 

I love my boys with with all my heart, and in lots of ways I have enjoyed spending this extra time together as we bunkered down and played our part in helping to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus. 

But, like most parents, time to myself is something I don't get much of when all is well with the world. In isolation, my "me time" has been non-existent. There have been no solo drives to work, no time to myself while my boys are at soccer training, no kid-free nights while they have a sleepovers at Nanna's. Nope, we have been together 24/7. 

While I do miss seeing my friends in person, and can't wait to catch up with them to share a good meal and a bottle of wine (or two) sometime very soon, there is someone else I want to dine out with first - me. 

I'm going to claim that cafe window seat, have someone cook for me, bring me good coffee and clean up after me - all while I stare out the window and enjoy the silence! And elbow room.

So, if you see me dining on my own anytime soon, don't feel sorry for me. I am not lonely, just alone - and that is something I could not be any more delighted about.