'You're amazing': TikTok video of 'energetic' kindergarten teacher stuns milllions

The 24-year-old uploaded the video to TikTok, where it went viral.
The 24-year-old uploaded the video to TikTok, where it went viral.  Photo: TikTok

Getting young kids to concentrate is difficult at the best of times.

A new video has revealed the incredible lengths teachers go to in order to keep their young students engaged and involved in an online classroom.

Mackenzie, a kindergarten teacher from the United States, shared a video on TikTok of her virtual Maths lesson and it quickly went viral.  

Over 9.5 million people have watched the 24-year-old teaching her students, which showed her staying remarkably cheerful and calm while she taught the five-year-olds some simple maths concepts.

"Oh! I see Brin is holding up the number two and two," she says in the video. "That will also make four."

She then swiftly moves on to help another student unmute his mike, holding up a picture of a microphone symbol with 'microphone on' written underneath to help him.


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"It sounds like I can hear you," she says enthusiastically when he finds the button, before exclaiming, "oh my goodness!" when he answers the question correctly.

TikTok users were quick to respond to the video, showering the young teacher with praise for her commitment to ensure her charges kept learning despite the limitations. 


"You deserve all the gold stars (and a raise)," said one user.

"Y'all aren't paid enough for this. You're amazing," one user said.

"The amount of patience in this video is astronomical," another person commented.

While others admired the energy the young teacher had.

"Are you just absolutely drained by the end of the day?" Someone asked. "I could keep that up for about 30 seconds."

Mackenzie told BuzzFeed News. she initially recorded herself to check her facial expressions, and make sure she was 'projecting the right energy' to the class.

"The response has been wonderful," she said. "I think the video has really given people insight into what early education looks like online."