‘Zero respect’: Parents baffled by ‘bizarre’ act of vandalism at local playground

Parents were furious over the act of vandalism
Parents were furious over the act of vandalism  Photo: Facebook

Parents in the UK have been left scratching their heads over a bizarre discovery at a local playground - baked beans smeared all over the equipment.

A furious mother, who stumbled upon the unusual form of vandalism, posted photos of the playground equipment to Facebook.

"So today I take my little girl to Chapel Street Park, and this is what I found," she shared in a post. "Baked beans on the swings, the kids roundabout and on the basketball area."

"I don't understand," she continued. "When we have all been cooped up for a while now, would have thought people would want to look after parks?"

So today I take my little girl to chaple Street Park, and this is what I found. Baked beans on the swings, the kids...

Posted by Spotted Swanwick 2 on  Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The Facebook post, which has been shared more than 13,000 times and attracted more than 10,000 comments, left people confused by the strange playground mess.

"Nasty bugger! Rather than wasting beans by raining on other people's parade they could have donated those beans to a food bank. Shows where the culprit's priorities lie," one person commented.

"It's disgraceful. The litter and broken bottles also. Zero respect, such a shame," agreed another.

However, some couldn't resist having a bit of fun with the playground scene.


"Back in my day we sat on the bean swing and we liked it," joked one user. "Entitled parents these days think their angels are too good for the bean."

"Is that a Banksy?" asked another.

"It's 'bean' a tough few months but we 'can' get through this," quipped another.

Some users thought the mother was being a bit too dramatic about the whole situation.

"I think people are 'bean' a bit dramatic," said one man.

"Imagine actually getting upset over baked beans on the swings at the park," another exasperated person wrote.

"I'm sure in Heinz sight the person that did it is very sorry," a user assured the woman.

"Who did it?" demanded another. "Spill the beans."