Dad slammed for his shocking comment to injured three-year-old son: 'He shouted at the top of his lungs'

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A dad has been blasted online by his wife for lashing out at their three-year-old son for crying after he fell down the stairs.

The mum has gathered copious amounts of support from users on Reddit, after recalling an argument between her and her husband over his heartless reaction to their son injuring himself. 

"Yesterday he [her husband] was at home on the couch watching a game while our son was playing in his room. Our son then came running downstairs and tripped and fell on his knee. He started crying while I rushed to check in on him. My husband didn't even take his eyes off the TV screen", she began her post. 

The mum first explained that her husband is quite the sports fanatic though, due to his demanding job as a gynaecologist, he rarely gets to watch his favourite live streams and usually has to catch the replays.

On this occasion, he had luckily got the time to catch the game live, and so was completely immersed in it.

So immersed, that he got extremely irritated when his son's crying was getting in the way of the action. 

"He repeatedly told our son 'quit yelling I'm trying to watch the game here' & 'I said STOP' and so on. Our son was obviously in a lot of pain and he couldn't control himself. My husband got fed up and shouted 'QUIT YELLING LIKE A GIRL' at the top of his lungs which sent our son into a silent mood", she continued the post. 

The husband was so frustrated that he was missing out on the game, that he "even turned the volume up" to drown his son's crying out. 

Once the mum tended to her son's injuries she confronted her husband about his reaction, and it led to a heated argument between the two.


"We kept arguing back and forth and he got mad saying I ruined the game and implied he was being neglectful just because he was too busy to get off the couch," she wrote. 

The husband ended up storming out of the house

"He's expecting me to apologise when he gets back from work," the mum said. 

Users took to the post to condemn the husband, calling him "a selfish parent" and "insensitive father". 

One person wrote, "He's a parent, his child should be first priority. He's failed as a father for prioritising a sports match over the pain of his child."

Another warned the mum that her husband's behaviour isn't setting a good example for her son, "Growing up with a parent with anger outbursts has very negative effects on the child. I am still hardwired to turn all emotions off because it's safer when being yelled at. If this is how he acts around your son, I think he needs therapy. And parenting class."