'Every parent's worst nightmare': 12-year-old girl dies after bike accident

Molly Steinsapir.
Molly Steinsapir. Photo: Twitter

A 12-year-old girl whose story touched people around the world has died from traumatic brain injuries, 16 days after her bike accident.

Molly Steinsapir, was critically injured on January 31 and had been undergoing treatment in LA. Her mother Kaye Steinsapir had been updating her condition with thousands of people on Twitter after her story went viral.

The devastated mum-of-three shared that Molly had sadly passed away on February 16.

"Molly has been called home to God," she wrote on Twitter.

"While our hearts are broken in a way that feels like they can never be mended, we take comfort knowing thar Molly's twelve years were filled with love and joy," she wrote. "We are immensely blessed to be her parents."

"We know that she is watching over us and smiling at her two beloved little brothers, Nate and Eli, and her cat Leroy and her dog Calvin," she concluded the post.

Molly had been riding down a hill with a helmet on when the accident happened. Her friend flagged down a car and asked them to ring for help, before running all the way home to notify her parents.

"Eme is an incredible friend," Ms Steinsapir wrote.


The grieving mum, who said was "living every parent's worst nightmare" continued posting updates on Molly's progress, including the results of her MRIs, blood transfusions and surgeries to relieve pressure in her brain.

She also shared facts about Molly, so those following could get to know her better, writing that Molly was an animal lover and wanted to be a politician or actress when she grew up.

"Some of you wonder why I share what is happening to us," she wrote in a tweet on February 4. "Writing and sharing my pain helps to lessen it. When I'm sitting here in this sterile room hour after hour, your messages of hope make me feel less alone."

"Even my husband, who is very private, likes reading them. Believe me, I wish I were doing anything but desperately begging for prayers to save my daughter on Twitter. Truly anything.

"But I am a desperate mother, and I know from my cancer experience that prayer is powerful."

Ms Steinsapir thanked everyone for their support, saying their words 'brought them such strength.'

"She made an immense difference in her 12 years," the devastated mum wrote.

"We are so proud."