Grandparents send life-sized cardboard cutouts to family to celebrate holidays 'safely'

Billy and Missy Buchanan with their grandchildren.
Billy and Missy Buchanan with their grandchildren. Photo: Facebook

Thanksgiving is fast approaching in the USA, and with many people choosing not to travel to spend the holidays with their families due to COVID-19, the holiday will look a little different this year.

Missy and Billy Buchanan, who live in Texas, knew travelling wasn't an option for them being in the high risk category.

So, they came up with a clever solution to make their family feel like they were still celebrating with them - life-sized cardboard cut outs!

Between them, Missy and Billy have four grandchildren that range in age from three to 12, and still wanted to be present in the annual family dinner.

"As COVID19 numbers continue to rise, we wanted to show that you can have fun and help keep everyone safe, too," Buchanan said on a Facebook post.

"I have so many friends who have been impacted by COVID19. For us, it's an act of love. And our kids and grandkids are having such fun with 'us'".

Welcome to the "cardboard" family! Yep, Barry and I had a life-sized cutout made and shipped to our kids/ grandkids in...

Posted by Missy Buchanan on  Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The cut outs stand at six feet tall, giving their kids quite the surprise when they arrived in the mail, although some of the grandkids were initially a bit scared of the giant cardboard figures, they thought it was hilarious.

"My daughter got hers first. She texted, 'Omg!' and called and said, 'This is the funniest thing we've ever seen,'" Buchanan told Good Morning America, adding they've been having fun putting them in different parts of the house.


"The kids get to pass them as they go to bed every night and say goodnight to Ama and Poppi," The Buchanan's son Matthew told TODAY.

The Buchanan's said they hope their fun solution can show other families that you can still be safe and have fun celebrating, even from a distance.

"Grandparents can lead the way on this," she said. "I think they're having more fun with the cut-outs than they would have had we been there in person!"

The Buchanans are not the first to use a cardboard cut-ous so creatively - one clever mum in Japan used a life-size cardboard cut out of herself to easer her one-year-old's separation anxiety.

Whatever works, right?