Kids accidentally break $93,300 glass sculpture playing chasey in museum

The 'Fantasy Castle' is worth over $93, 000 AUD
The 'Fantasy Castle' is worth over $93, 000 AUD Photo: Twitter- Arribas Brothers

We've all heard the phrase "you break it you buy it"- well luckily that's not the case for two boys who broke a 'Fantasy Castle' glass sculpture worth over $93,000 at the Shanghai Museum of Glass

The elaborate sculpture is a replica of a Disney castle given to the museum in 2016. Constructed by Spanish artisan Miguel Arribas, it features 30,000 individual pieces and took over 500 hours to make, weighing in at over 60kg.


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In a statement on the Chinese social media site Weibo, a spokesperson for the museum said the kids were chasing each other when they ran into the exhibit counter, smashing the tower and damaging other parts on the process.

Talking to TODAY Parents, the president of the Arribas Brothers, Rudy Arribas, said Miguel isn't upset about the castle, saying that he's just glad "people are looking at his beautiful work".


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"As soon as the coronavirus travel restrictions are lifted, Miguel will go to Shanghai and do the repair."

He added that the Arribas Brothers, who specialise in Disney collectibles, have stores at Disney parks all over the world are used to things like this happening.

"Glass breaks," he said. "Nothing is done on purpose."

The Shanghai Museum of Glass apologised online for the temporarily "imperfect" castle and urged visitors to "follow museum social courtesy."

"Do not climb over barricades, do not touch the exhibits. No chasing," they said. "We have to do our duties together to protect the exhibits and the museum environment."