Mum being evicted from home because toddler won't stop screaming: 'I can't take it anymore'

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The term 'toddler tantrum' exists for a reason. But, thankfully, the screaming that comes along with a toddler meltdown does usually end when they get tired and stop

However, one 'spoiled' 18-month-old from the UK has pushed her mum to breaking point, screaming for hours on end.

The uncontrollable 'blood-curdling' screaming is so bad, that the little girl and her mum are now being evicted from their home and the mum is at her wit's end on how to deal with it.  

The single mum took to Reddit to open up about the troubling situation she has found herself in. 

"My 18-month-old just won't stop screaming. She screams this awful high pitched blood-curdling scream all day and I'm at wit's end. She's so spoiled she screams for absolutely everything and is always jumping around, throwing herself about the place and screaming", she started the post.

As it's just the two of them, the mum has tried everything to try to contain her daughter's screaming though nothing seems to be working. 

"She's never hungry when she's screaming, if I try and pick her up or play with her it's usually met with violence, twice I've ended up in A&E from her scratching my eyeball", she revealed. 

The toddler not only screams during the day for attention, though also screams for hours on end early in the morning - something the neighbours aren't too happy about. 

"It's gotten so bad we're being evicted from our home because the neighbours can't stand the noise and because of my financial situation, I'm struggling to find another place to rent", the mum continued.


To make the situation worse, the woman's landlord lives right next door and being a teacher working from home during COVID-19, says the noise is affecting their job performance. 

The mum has been given four months to find a new place because the neighbours can not cope with the screaming and 'want her out'. 

The stressful situation is now taking a toll on the single mum who says she is 'on the verge of a mental breakdown', and just wants to know how to stop the screaming. 

"I have no breaks, it's just a constant migraine and I just want to run away at this point I can't take it anymore. I'm constantly crying because of how stressful my life is and I just want her to stop screaming so I can think straight for just a second", she shared. 

Users took to the mum's post to express their concerns about the toddler's behaviour, suggesting there may be a medical reason behind it.

One commented, "18-month-old babies do not scream all the time unless there is a reason, and spoiled isn't the reason. Ask her doctor for a referral for an evaluation". 

Some said their toddlers also acted this way when they developed ear infections, food allergies or had sensory issues. Once they identified the problem and sought help, the screaming disappeared. 

"If she is truly doing this all day/night, there is likely something wrong. She is in pain, or she doesn't feel good. Something is wrong, and this is how she is communicating it to you. At 18 months, this behavior is not because she is spoiled", another user commented. 

Others also encouraged the mum to fight the unfair eviction. 

"I'm not sure that evicting you for a crying baby is legal", one said.