Mum dresses as giant rainbow unicorn for school pick-up

Facebook/Summer Scandridge
Facebook/Summer Scandridge 

Who said unicorns aren't real? Somer Scandridge has an awesome video to prove not only do they exist, but they do school pick-up.

The US mum dressed as a massive pink and rainbow unicorn and greeted her six-year-old daughter Madison at the bus stop after school, along with her four-year-old son Hudson and the family dog.

Her husband filmed the joyous event and she shared it on her Facebook page with the caption: "When your daughter is young enough to think you're still cool and not embarrassing".

She decided to pop on the unicorn dress-up after it arrived early for Halloween. Every year the family coordinates their costumes – she matches her daughter and her husband matches their son. This year Somer and Madison have decided to go as unicorns.

So, as soon as the parcel arrived, Somer knew she just had to wear it and surprise her daughter.

"She's young and I knew she would absolutely love it," Somer told Fox 6 Now.

And she did.

As Somer waited at the bus stop dancing and jumping around, the bus driver spotted her from down the road and started honking his horn.


Her daughter, complete with unicorn backpack and headband, was the first kid off the bus and ran into her waiting unicorn mum's arms laughing.

"We're a super close family and do a lot of stuff together," she told ABC13.

"I'm the mum who's a big kid at heart, so (my daughter) wasn't at all surprised that I dressed up and ran out to the bus to get her."

Somer and her husband always try to make life fun for their children and love being spontaneous. They want them to grow up with laughter.

"It's important to let them smile and be happy and do fun things, and not have an attitude," she said.

And they're not alone. In Louisiana, teenager Noah Tingle's been dressing up in different outfits every day to greet his younger brother Max after school.

He shares his daily costumes and his brother's reactions on his Facebook page The Bus Brother. And now friends, family and the local community are donating him costumes to keep the gag going.

He's dressed up as anything from Chewbacca to a hot dog.

"It's my last year of high school and I saw he was coming off the bus when I was at home, so I wanted to embarrass him," Noah, a senior at Central High School, told WBRZ.

"The first outfit was something silly and I started to come up with more ideas.

"It's gotten a lot bigger than I thought it would be. For the amount of people who saw it and loved it, it was just crazy."