Mum falls out with family over her daughter's ruined ballpit: 'Should I just get over it?'

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A mum has stopped speaking to her family over a silly incident involving her daughter's brand new ball pit. 

The woman took to Mumsnet to reveal she has been banned from visiting her family, after she got upset at her brother and stepfather for damaging her daughter's new play area. 

She started the post by explaining, "I bought my 10 month old a fairly expensive fabric ballpit and balls".

The day after she made the purchase her family came over and, after a few too many drinks, started mucking around in the ballpit

They damaged it by "running and jumping and laying across it", and the mum was left annoyed and angry that her money had gone to waste.

After apologising for ruining the little girl's new favourite toy, the relatives offered money to buy a new one, which the mum kindly accepted. 

Thinking that was the end of it, the woman was surprised when she then received a call from her mum who confronted her about accepting the money. 

"She said I shouldn't have taken it and that there was nothing wrong with the ballpit. She asked me to return the money to them but I refused, after all the damaged my daughters brand new ball pit a day after she got it", she wrote. 

After she refused to give the money back, the woman's mum has stopped speaking to her entirely and told her to not return to her house until she changes her mind. 


The woman is understandably upset about the situation, and can not understand why her mother is punishing her so severely

Many people jumped in to comment on the post and empathise with the woman's confusion - condemning the mum for getting involved in the first place. 

"Why was your mother sticking her nose in? They damaged it and paid up. It's nothing to do with her", commented one.

Another said, "Two adults caused some damage and apologised and paid for a replacement. Why is your mother acting like you stole money from a child?"