'My dad makes a lot of promises': teen's foolproof plan to catch father out lying

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A frustrated 15-year-old Reddit user has taken to the popular site to ask users if her method of catching her father out in a lie crossed the line.

The teenager detailed her problem on the forum under a thread titled AITA (am I the a—hole).

"My dad makes a lot of promises," the teenager begins her post, "but never keeps them and just says 'I never said that' or something similar to go back on it".

The post then uses an example of when she was told she could have TV privileges back when she had done the dishes ("they took away everything above a certain rating," she informed reader).

"So I did," the user said indignantly, "but he said he didn't remember making that promise."

"Every time before I do what he wants, I clarify in the clearest way possible what our deal is," the post continues. "So last night, he said that if I took the dogs for a walk I could stay up an extra hour to watch the rest of a movie I was watching."

That's when her foolproof plan came into action.

"I agreed," she wrote, "but turned on the record option on my phone."

The crafty teen shared the conversation the two had after, where she clarified that if she took the dogs for a walk she could watch the movie.


"He (annoyed) said 'YES. I already said that didn't I?!'" the post continued, "so I went for a walk, came back and he told me to go to bed."

"I told him what he said and he said 'I would never agree to that' and told me to 'stop lying'," she wrote, before revealing the audio evidence she had.

"So I showed him the video."

The user revealed that it worked, and she was allowed to stay up late, but her father was angry and the deed didn't come without some repercussions.

"He said that I had 'invaded his privacy' and that I 'had no right to record him'," she said.

"They now look through my phone and delete any photos or videos they don't approve of," the teenager continued in her post.

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"I don't think I really did anything wrong, but the rest of my family says I should've just let it go and not made it a big deal."

"AITA for recording my dad?" she asked at the end.

The post had hundreds of comments, with many suggesting that her father is gaslighting her by conveniently "forgetting" his end of the bargain and suggesting she gets the promises in writing next time.

"Next time he makes a promise, get it writing, NTA (not the a—hole) for proving that your dad is a liar and that his promises mean nothing," one reply read.

"Your dad was just mad that he got called out by his kid," a user replied.

"Look at the bright side," someone else replied. "He taught you to basically get everything in writing/recordings so you won't get screwed over later in life."

They continued "rather unintentionally, but it is what is."

The 15-year-old edited her post later to include the she loves her family.

"I really don't think my dad is abusive." She said in the edit to the post.

"I think he is just bad at keeping his word."