Woolworths 'ultra-rare' Ooshie for sale on eBay for eye-watering sum

The rare Star Wars' The Child is being sold on eBay for over $14,600
The rare Star Wars' The Child is being sold on eBay for over $14,600 Photo: eBay

Woolworths have confirmed the rumours are true - there are just 200 'ultra-rare' Ooshies out there to be collected.

Ooshie enthusiasts were sent into a frenzy when the retailer revealed there are two special characters, in addition to the original 36-piece collection and glitter editions. 

"There are two kinds of special rare furry Disney+ Ooshies to collect," said a Woolworths spokesperson. "One is Thor and one is The Child (The Mandalorian)." 

The supermarket also confirmed there are only 100 of each out there, and every furry toy is marked with a number from one to 100.

A spokeperson also added: "They are not attached to any prize or reward, and they do not have a spot in the Collector Case - they are just for fun."

With this exciting news, it seems the very first official ultra-rare Ooshie as been found.

A special rare furry The Child (AKA Baby Yoda) is for sale on eBay  - it's already had 65 bids and is currently sitting at a staggering $14,600 (and climbing). 

Woolworths have confirmed to Essential Baby it is indeed one of the ultra-rare Ooshies, adding "they do not encourage resale of these items."

The seller, based in Warriewood in NSW, has listed the item with the caption: "First on eBay, individually numbered 059. Not to be confused with the normal green Yoda, this one is the baby and has felt/fur clothing. Condition is New."

The rare Ooshie's tell for thousands on eBay

The first ultra-rare Ooshie has been found on eBay Photo: eBay

Meanwhile, Victorians can finally start their collection from Wednesday, after lockdown measures delayed their release.

"We know many of our customers in Victoria have been waiting patiently for the arrival of Woolworths' Disney+ Ooshies and we're thrilled to introduce them across the state from this Wednesday," Woolworths Chief Marketing Officer Andrew Hicks said.

"I also want to thank our Victorian customers for their patience and understanding with the delay. The safety of our customers and team members is our number one priority through COVID-19.".

The 36-piece collection if available from Woolworths

The 36-piece collection if available from Woolworths Photo: Woolworths

Woolworths' Disney+ Ooshie collection in Victoria will run six weeks or while supplies last.