'You know, stuff comes up': father-of-two's 'dad advice' clips go viral

Rob Kenney shares his 'dad knowledge'.
Rob Kenney shares his 'dad knowledge'.  Photo: Photos: YouTube

Whether you are changing a tyre or trying to fix a minor plumbing problem, sometimes all you need is a bit of fatherly advice.

Rob Kenney realises this more than most, after his father walked out on him, and his seven siblings, when he was just 12-years-old.

That experience prompted Mr Kenney, who has now raised two children of his own, to start a YouTube channel called Dad, How Do I? to provide kids and teens who might not have father figure in their lives with some basic "how-tos".

"How To' videos by a dad who has raised two adults (and we still talk)," Kenney jokes on his YouTube channel, before saying he provides, "useful, practical content to many basic tasks that everyone should know how to do."

In a YouTube video, Kenney explained he first thought of doing the videos after talking to his daughter.

"Her and I (and my son) we talk basically everyday and its more than how to fix things you know, it's how to manage your life and 'adulting questions'," he said.

"We thought maybe it would be beneficial to a few people and I thought if I can help a few I'd be happy."

In an interview with WICU, Kenney said growing up in a broken home pushed him to start the channel.


"My goal in life is to raise good adults. So then when I got to early 50s, I felt like I've done that. Now what?," he told the station.

"I don't think I've cornered the market on how to fix things," he laughed, "you know stuff comes up and I gotta just figure out how to do it."

The 'internet dad' said he hopes his channel will empower people to try figure things out themselves when they can.

"Some of these tasks aren't as hard as maybe we're led to believe," he encouraged. "So, hopefully, my channel helps you with that."

With many people hailing him as the 'perfect dad', Kenney was quick to assure viewers that everyone makes mistakes.

"I didn't always do everything right with my kids," he admitted saying that "you're going to fail" as a dad at some point.

Rob Kenney's YouTube page

Rob Kenney's YouTube page Photo: YouTube

"That's part of the human experience," he reassures "you aren't gonna always do things right.

"So, I think it's important to ask for forgiveness and not pretend that you've had it all figured out, 'cause your kids are gonna find out sooner or later that you don't have it figured out when they grow up, right?"

The video received thousands of likes and comments, with users thanking him for his videos.

"At this point, it's more so you've become the internet's dad," one user joked.

"We don't always need a professional," another commented, "sometimes we just need to learn the 'Dad's Way' of fixing it".