YouTuber deletes account after footage shows her coaching nine-year-old son to cry for photo

Photo Twitter @artangelll
Photo Twitter @artangelll 

A popular YouTube vlogger has been forced to delete her account after accidently sharing a video where she is seen coaching her son to cry. 

Jordan Cheyenne who is based in California, has spent the last seven years vlogging about her life as a single mother.

Since 2013 she's amassed over half a million subscribers, who follow her videos documenting her life with nine-year-old son Christian.

Her fans have now all but turned on her, after she mistakenly edited a video to include footage of her asking her son to cry and pose for the camera.

Photo Twitter

The mum grabs her son's head and pretends to comfort him while crying. Photo Twitter @artangelll

The video titled "We are heartbroken", saw Cheyenne share the news that her puppy had been diagnosed with a potentially fatal virus, parvovirus.

After finishing the full update, it seems she forgot to delete a one-minute-long clip at the end that showed her coaching Christian on how to cry for the video. 

"Come closer for the video", you hear her say and pull her son towards her. 

Christian is clearly upset about the puppy and is hysterically crying, though instead of consoling him, the mum wants to ensure she captures it for the video. 


She asks him to rest his head on her chest, and says "act like you're crying".

He responds "I am crying", while the mum pulls different crying expressions for the camera. 

She then coaches him through a few crying poses, that she wants him to do for the camera. 

"Go like this," you hear her say. "Look at me. Now, look at the camera".

Once she is done, she goes to turn off the camera

Before realising she hadn't removed the footage, Cheyenne posted it to her account and very quickly received heavy backlash for her behaviour. 

One person who saw the video uploaded it to Twitter with the caption, "this is so DISTURBING what is wrong with mum vloggers". 

Cheyenne quickly deleted the video, and uploaded an apology announcing she would be removing her account entirely. 

"I'm disgusted and horrified at what I did and there is absolutely no excuse. It's terrible on so many levels. I love my child more than anything and will regret this moment forever", she said in her statement. 

The mum stated that her priorities have changed, and she will be using the time away from her vlog to focus on her son's "health and wellbeing".