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How to teach your child to ride a bike with Libby Trickett

Livia Gamble Olympic champion Libby Trickett has teamed up with bicycle manufacturer Merida, to create a video sharing her tops tips for parents teaching their kids ...

McDonald's nearly served your kids bubblegum-flavoured broccoli

Leah Hyslop CEO of McDonald's reveals that it once developed a recipe for bubblegum-flavoured broccoli, to encourage healthy eating


If 1,966 calories is wrong, the Double Donut burger doesn't want to be right

Tim Chester Like doughnuts? And burgers? How about the two together, stacked with bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce? Then Hungry Horse's Double Donut burger may appeal.


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Jamie Oliver's red hot disciplining tip for parents

Robyn Grace Jamie Oliver has a hot tip for parents of naughty children but his method has come under scrutiny since he revealed it on-air.

Why parents shouldn't try to fix everything for their kids

Michelle Icard When kids are mean to your own it is a normal reaction to attempt to fix it but there is a better response that will help your child in the long term.


Which is the hardest year of parenting?

Aisha Sultan Some will argue that it's the very first year of life. But a fair number of parents of daughters have warned me that a special kind of torment happens ...

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Development Development for Older Kids

The truth about raising boys (and girls)

Kerri Sackville Why Kerri Sackville thinks Elizabeth McFarlane's experience of raising her three boys can’t be applied to all boys .

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How do you raise happy boys?

Elizabeth McFarlane Raising happy boys requires, "in no particular order, love, sticks, Sellotape, interesting stones, firm rules, snacks, outdoor space and judicious use of ...

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When your son becomes your daughter

Letitia Rowlands When Naomi and Andrew became parents of a baby boy they imagined their child's future to be full of Lego, soccer games and other typical male pursuits. ...

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Most of us don't fulfill our childhood dreams

Catherine Rodie Only 6 Percent of us have the jobs we wanted as kids – but is that a bad thing?


Teachers victims of cyber bullying too

Livia Gamble While a lot of focus has been on children being bullied in schools, a new survey revealed teachers can be victims of cyber bullying too.

Primary school banning the 'cotton wool'

Lucy Townend Mollycoddling is off the agenda at this school, where tackle rugby, tree climbing and racing BMX bikes are allowed.


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6 unusual moments from Jaden and Willow Smith's bizarre interview

Max Knoblauch Jaden and Willow Smith, the famous children of famous people Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, were interviewed by T Magazine on a slew of wide-ranging ...

Should you put your teen on the birth control pill?

Jo Hartley Australia’s most comprehensive sex survey has been published this week, shedding light on the sexual antics of our teens. But what does it reveal ...


Body found at bottom of cliff in search for missing teenager Taylor Almond

Megan Levy and Dan Proudman A body found in the Awabakal Nature Reserve is believed to be that of missing Dudley teenager Taylor Almond.

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Single people refused entry into theme park, potential risk to children

Livia Gamble A theme park in London has come under fire after refusing entry to single people in case they are paedophiles.

Kids have no idea how to load a camera with film

BRIAN KOERBER The Fine Bros. questioned 11 kids, ages 13 and under, about a 35mm Canon Sure Shot 85 Zoom from 1998. It's safe to say that they weren't too familiar ...


How to make a terrarium

Paging Fun Mums If your child loves everything about gardens we have a fun project for them to get their green thumbs stuck into.

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How to do your Christmas shopping like Chrissie Swan

Rachel Clun While most people are still madly trying to finish their Christmas shopping, Chrissie Swan has already finished it all - from the comfort of her own home.

Importance of involving kids' in the creative design process

Christie Blizzard Children have big imaginations so why not involve them in the design process when styling their room? Here's how.


Walmart under fire for 'fat girl section'

Livia Gamble Retail giant Walmart has come under fire for adding a “Fat Girl Costume” section on their website.