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Do fit mums encourage or shame us?

Catherine Rodie “I have a kid, a six pack and no excuse.” It was this caption that thrust British fitness competitor Amy Pell into the limelight when she ...

Being a ‘former fat kid’ stays with you for life

Ada Lee Five adults tell how being a "former fat kid" still haunts them today.

Stop giving my kids junk food

Audrey D. Brashich Why this mum has become a 'Snacktivist'. Will you be joining her?

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Today's parents are much too hard on themselves

John Pickering Do you often feel judged as a parent? Here is why you are doing a better job than you - or others - might think.

Why I want you to chew with your mouth closed

Andrew Daddo Have you ever been stuck in a similar scenario to the one that unfolded for Andrew Daddo on a recent flight? You can probably sympathise with his ...

An apology for my youthful eye rolls

Heidi Stevens I probably should have done this years ago, but I didn't really grasp the weight of my infractions until my kids started re-enacting them.


Development Development for Older Kids

Would you let your kids do this?

Petula Dvorak Two American parents allowed their children to walk home alone from a local park, now they are being investigated for child neglect.

Swedish 'genital song' goes viral

Livia Gamble A catchy 'genital song' for children made by a Swedish sex education television show has gone viral.

Every schoolgirl needs to see this 11-year-old singing about female friendship

Claire Cohen British child star Sophia Grace has just released a single and it's unequivocal message about the power of best friends is taking the world (not to ...

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The problem with tutoring

Antonia Kidman It seems parents are commonly employing tutors to help their children keep up or get ahead of peers but is the extra cost really warranted?


Public schools are as good as private: study

Public schools are just as good as private schools in getting results with students from similar socio-economic backgrounds, a study has found.

Creativity in schools is good, so what’s the hitch?

Anne Harris Creativity is changing the way we think about the arts, pedagogy and publics – but why is it important and why do schools suddenly think they need ...

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Willow Smith joins #FreeTheNipple campaign

Kerri Sackville Last week Willow Smith, 14, released another controversial photo of herself on Instagram, this time in support of the #FreeTheNipple campaign. But did ...

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Helping your teenager settle into a new school

Nicole Thomson-Pride While changing high schools may not seem a big deal to some, adolescent psychologist, Dr Michael Carr-Greg says it is one of the toughest challenges his ...


Aussie teen conquers art world after being rejected from school formal

Mary Ward An Australian teenager who was not invited to her school formal has had her work selected for an online art collection.

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7 DIY advent calendars for the home

Get your craft on this weekend with these cool DIY advent calendars for the home.

Single people refused entry into theme park, potential risk to children

Livia Gamble A theme park in London has come under fire after refusing entry to single people in case they are paedophiles.

Kids have no idea how to load a camera with film

BRIAN KOERBER The Fine Bros. questioned 11 kids, ages 13 and under, about a 35mm Canon Sure Shot 85 Zoom from 1998. It's safe to say that they weren't too familiar ...


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Melbourne man delivers the news using Lego

Livia Gamble Sean Romero, who is also a tax lawyer, re-packages the news in a short yet entertaining way using Lego.

How to create a bedroom that will grow with your child

Amy Richardson Here’s a round-up of beds, bedlinen, artwork and bookcases that will serve your littlies for years to come.


Lego has made an Australian Christmas ad

Rachel Clun Lego has launched it's first local Christmas adveritising campaign, with a short video highlighting the joys of creativity.