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Stop giving my kids junk food

Audrey D. Brashich Why this mum has become a 'Snacktivist'. Will you be joining her?

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How to teach your child to ride a bike with Libby Trickett

Livia Gamble Olympic champion Libby Trickett has teamed up with bicycle manufacturer Merida, to create a video sharing her tops tips for parents teaching their kids ...

McDonald's nearly served your kids bubblegum-flavoured broccoli

Leah Hyslop CEO of McDonald's reveals that it once developed a recipe for bubblegum-flavoured broccoli, to encourage healthy eating


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An apology for my youthful eye rolls

Heidi Stevens I probably should have done this years ago, but I didn't really grasp the weight of my infractions until my kids started re-enacting them.


Why these parents banned Christmas

Rachel Clun Two American parents were so fed up with their children's bad behaviour, that they decided to cancel Christmas.

Jamie Oliver's red hot disciplining tip for parents

Robyn Grace Jamie Oliver has a hot tip for parents of naughty children but his method has come under scrutiny since he revealed it on-air.

Development Development for Older Kids

Helping kids embrace new rituals when a holiday is tinged by loss

Heidi Stevens Sometimes the most wonderful time of the year arrives at the worst time of your life.

Study: Don’t tell girls they can have it all

Catherine Rodie Mothers are “damaging” their daughters by imposing their own unfulfilled ambitions onto them and setting unrealistic expectations by telling ...

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How 'cool' parents raise conformist kids

Andrew Reiner Shouldn't it be a parent's role to teach children not to be sheep? As someone who teaches at a large, diverse public university, I see the collateral ...

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One little girl's thoughtful letter to her teacher

Shaza Barbar Teachers may receive many cards and letters from their students but this supportive and thoughtful letter from one nine-year-old girl to her teacher has ...


An open letter to Year 6 kids on their last day of primary school

Maria Tedeschi Yesterday was tough. We can see that. You’ve finished your time at primary school and it’s an end you probably didn’t ask for.


Taliban attack on school in Pakistan kills dozens of students

Saad Khan and Jibran Ahmad Taliban insurgents have killed at least 140 people, most of them children, after storming an army-run school in Pakistan. Warning: images may be ...

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School leavers celebrate their own way

Kathy Evans 4:09pm Bushwalking, art-focused trips and helping others are now part of the school-leavers' path: it isn't all booze, sex and drugs on the Gold Coast.


5 steps toward connecting with your kids

Dr. Gregory Ramey ''Why should I rush home to have dinner with my kids when my efforts to talk with them are met with silence and indifference that borders on contempt?'' ...


'What My Daughter Wore' illustrations turned into a book

Rachel Clun Jenny Williams was inspired to start a blog featuring sketches of her nine-year-old daughter's crazy, self-selected outfits. Now, three years on, her ...

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7 DIY advent calendars for the home

Get your craft on this weekend with these cool DIY advent calendars for the home.

Single people refused entry into theme park, potential risk to children

Livia Gamble A theme park in London has come under fire after refusing entry to single people in case they are paedophiles.

Kids have no idea how to load a camera with film

BRIAN KOERBER The Fine Bros. questioned 11 kids, ages 13 and under, about a 35mm Canon Sure Shot 85 Zoom from 1998. It's safe to say that they weren't too familiar ...


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Lego has made an Australian Christmas ad

Rachel Clun 8:40am Lego has launched it's first local Christmas adveritising campaign, with a short video highlighting the joys of creativity.

Toy-related injuries are on the rise

Livia Gamble Toys are a rising cause for injury in the US after a report found 40 per cent more children being sent to the emergency room.

How to do your Christmas shopping like Chrissie Swan

Rachel Clun While most people are still madly trying to finish their Christmas shopping, Chrissie Swan has already finished it all - from the comfort of her own home.