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Would you put your kids in charge of the family meal?

Anna Maxted 10:04am Tired of having her best culinary efforts dismissed by her three sons, Anna Maxted decides to take a week off and let the boys loose in the kitchen


Gluten-free doesn't mean grain free

Livia Gamble It’s elastic and hard to see, for people with coeliac disease, gluten triggers unpleasant gastrointestinal symptoms.


Soft drink warning sign deters teens from drinking

Catherine Rodie A warning sign highlighting how far you would have to walk to burn off the calories in a soft drink dramatically deterred teens from purchasing the ...


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When children abuse their parents

Victoria Birch The issue of child-to-parent abuse is rarely acknowledged. It is given little attention in discussions around domestic violence, even though it ...


When your child threatens to run away from home

Catherine Rodie People around Australia breathed a collective sigh of relief Monday morning when Bondi run-away Michelle Levy was found safe and sound. But while this ...

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Haircut costs student marks in chemistry exam

Gemma Najem A high school student in Sydney's west has had the razor taken to his exam results over a new haircut.

Development Development for Older Kids

Siblings make boys selfless, study

Livia Gamble A study from Brigham Young University found that strong sibling relationships make boys selfless.

A generation without chores

Richard Rende We want our kids to spend time doing things that promote their likelihood of success - personal, academic, and eventually professional - but we have ...

8 girls that are changing the world

Gabe McGrath There are countless children around Australia and the globe who speak up on issues that matter to them - here are eight girls making a significant ...


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Lonely Planet for young adventurers

KATE GEENTY Lonely Planet is aiming to grab adventurers at a young age, with a new series of books aimed at readers five and up.

Principal says school doesn't work for most kids

Rebecca English Here is why Templestowe College principal Peter Hutton believes secondary school only works for about a "third of students".

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How to help your teen overcome HSC disappointment

Tiffany Dunk What can parents do if the worst happens during exam time? We ask CEO Jonathan Nichols for his top tips.


Grieving father fulfills his deceased daughter's dream of fame

Brian Koerber Thirteen-year-old Anna van Keulen died on Thursday but her grieving father released this video to make his daughter's dream come true.

The teen sex manual causing a stir

Jo Hartley The book, entitled 'Sex & Lovers: A practical guide', has been branded as too explicit and graphic for teenagers to handle.

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30 spooky snacks for a frightfully delicious halloween party

Andrea Romano If you want your big monster mash to be hit, it's not the music or the decorations that are really going to wow your guests — it's the food.


Teach kids how to make butter

Rachel Clun Science experiments are always great fun, but they can often be complicated and messy to do at home. Not this one.

Dad films son take electric wheelchair and sister for a spin in adorable video

Brian Koerber Reece Delashmit, 11, decided to test out his new powered wheelchair by giving his little sister a test ride down the hall, on the way to deliver some ...

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Importance of involving kids' in the creative design process

Christie Blizzard Children have big imaginations so why not involve them in the design process when styling their room? Here's how.


Walmart under fire for 'fat girl section'

Livia Gamble Retail giant Walmart has come under fire for adding a “Fat Girl Costume” section on their website.


Did you know Hello Kitty isn't a cat?

Rachel Clun Forget everything you every thought about Hello Kitty, because you're probably wrong.