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Bat boy Kaiser Carlile, 9, killed in on-field accident

Joanna Chadwick and Roy Wenzl 9:10am It took a mere two months of summer baseball with the Liberal Bee Jays for 9-year-old Kaiser Carlile to wiggle his way deep into the hearts of the ...

Michelle Bridges on being bullied at school

Livia Gamble The TV personality copped a fair bit of bullying during high school.

Surgeons issue warning on dangers of children's play equipment

Emma Brancatisano Parents and teachers be warned: a recent study has shown that skipping a rung on the monkey-bars can lead to severe injury for your kids - and it is more ...


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Risky behaviours have a value

Dr. Gregory Ramey Parents should support their kids' risky outdoor play opportunities as a means of promoting children's health and active lifestyles.

Catholic priest found guilty of common assault after giving child a 'smack' in church

Eamonn Duff A Catholic priest has been found guilty of common assault and dismissed from his Sydney parish after he smacked a child in church. But that's not what ...


Students in public schools twice as likely to be bullied as private school pupils

Eryk Bagshaw Here are the reasons why up to 14 per cent of parents continue to choose private education over public schools across the country.

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Dinner time games to teach you more about your kids

Kerri Sackville Struggle to get a word out of your kids around the dinner table? Here is how Kerri Sackville gets her kids to open up.

Five parenting moments that are surprisingly emotional

Megan Blandford Parenting is a rollercoaster of emotions (for the kids and us), and sometimes it's the moments you don't expect that hit your heart most of all.

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Fairhills High School: Christian sex education program tells schoolgirls that too much sex will break their 'chemical bond'

Timna Jacks Year 7 girls have been warned not to have multiple sex partners or risk becoming like overused sticky tape, in a Christian sex education program at a ...


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Why teen friendships are so short-lived

Livia Gamble The chance of your child's friendships lasting through high school is pretty slim, says a new study.

Twins battle through competitive spell

Letitia Rowlands There is nothing too unusual about a bit of healthy competition between siblings every now and then. But what happens when the battle ...

Is your child less likely to be bullied in a private school?

Karyn Healy Is it really the case that more bullying occurs in public schools? And should this affect a parent's choice of school for their child?

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The terror of teaching your teen to drive

Kerri Sackville 10:23am As my son enters his seventeenth year, I realise there are two types of parents: those who have taught their teens to drive, and those who languish ...

Sightings of missing New Zealand girl LA Tukerangi reported

TOM HUNT, PHILLIPA YALDEN AND ANNA LOREN Police have concerns for missing teen who told family on Saturday she was being held against her will.

Teen creates Ice Cream Day for friend with leukaemia

Kerri Sackville Oliver was moved to raise money for his friend, with a fundraiser everyone would enjoy.

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Winter Word Scramble kids activity worksheet

Using the winter themed words, find them all in this chilly wordsearch worksheet.

Winter Acrostic poem kids activity worksheet

What does winter mean to you? Use this free printable activity to write a little poem all about winter.

Campbell Remess: 11 year old charitable teddy bear maker extraordinaire

Loren Smith Everyone kept saying “can I buy one?” and he’d say “no” because they’re going to hospitals.


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Parents claim Jessica Alba's Honest Company sunscreen doesn't work

Livia Gamble The Honest Company, co-founded by Jessica Alba, is copping serious heat for their sunscreen.

How to make edible Lego gummy bricks

Livia Gamble Make your toys and eat them too.