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6 reasons why your son should learn ballet

Mihiri Udabage Her 10-year-old son was reluctant at first but after six months of ballet lessons Mihari Udabage only wishes he had started sooner.

Fed up with food trends pushing parents back in the kitchen

Kerri Sackville It’s no longer enough to put a well balanced meal on the table - it also has to be cooked from scratch or our children will be the ones that suffer.

Students hone their skills on wheels ahead of National Ride2School Day

Georgina Connery A delivery of brand new bicycles ahead of National Ride2School Day had Aranda Primary School students revved up to ride.

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Never let on to your kids that you were once a wild child

Rachel Halliwell Let the facade of boring matriarch slip and you've given them ammunition that they'll use on you at a later date.

17-year-old girl banned from school for having red hair

Livia Gamble Only weeks before her exams, an English school girl was told she couldn't return to class until she dyed her hair a more natural colour.

Resilience the key to end bullying?

Danielle Colley The effects of bullying can have a devastating impact on young victims but building resilience in children can help.

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Online and out there: How children view privacy differently from adults

Joanne Orlando Children’s fondness for online sharing is a global phenomenon.

When your husband bullies your son

Meghan Leahy As someone who has worked with children and families for 17 years, I see a man (your husband) who is beginning to fulfill the definition of a bully and ...

Watch: 10-year-old blind boy's impressive piano skills

Livia Gamble Ethan Loch is impressing viewers around the world with his amazing piano skills.

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What it was like to be a dad fighting in World War One

Rebecca Bowyer There's no telephone, no Skype, no endless stream of happy snaps shared on Facebook or Instagram. The only way for a child growing up in World War I to ...

Mum live tweets her son's sex-ed class, goes viral

Livia Gamble Alice Dreger was shocked at the school's abstinence only stance and began tweeting the contents of the lesson.

'I wish my teacher knew': Teacher shares students' heartbreaking notes

Livia Gamble Trying to get to know her students a little better, a Colorado third grade teacher created a lesson plan called "I wish my teacher knew" and the results ...

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How online porn is warping the behaviour of boys with girls

Allison Pearson 10:22am We need to educate and embolden our daughters to fight back against pornography, which is warping the behaviour of boys.


Father's honest obituary about daughter's heroin addiction hits nerve

Peter Holley There were promising signs, her family says, that Molly Parks had begun to reclaim her life.

Not every parent needs to fear the 'teenage storm'

John Rosemond Is it inevitable that the teenage years will transform your loving, respectful child into a rebellious teen?

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Australian cricketer Michael Clarke says there's more to sport than winning and losing

Livia Gamble Even Australian cricket team test captain Michael Clarke has setbacks; but without the tough times he says he wouldn't be where he is today.

Behind the News anti-bullying campaign, asking students to pledge support to victims of bullying

Livia Gamble TV program Behind The News is encouraging kids to stand up and support those who need it most this National Day of Action Against Bullying.

Movie World: Six people spent 3 hours trapped on Green Lantern ride after 'an issue with a wheel'

Amy Remeikis Six people spent more than three hours trapped in carriage 33 metres above ground.


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'The Golden Girls' could be getting a Lego set

Livia Gamble A devoted fan designed and uploaded the set via the toy maker's popular Lego Ideas crowdsourcing community.

8-year-old girl writes a letter to Clarks shoes asking why girls can't have dinosaur shoes too

Livia Gamble An eight-year-old girl has had words with a shoe manufacturer after a shop assistant told her The Stomposaurus shoes she wanted weren't suitable for ...

Ikea doesn't want 32,000 people playing hide-and-seek in Dutch stores

Rachel Clun Shopping to kit out your new home or rental just became less fun.