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A prize for participating isn't worth much

Fred Bowen Should kids get trophies just for being on a team?

Fat bias

PE teachers biased against fat kids, study finds

Amy Corderoy If, like me, you were a fat kid, this will probably not come as a surprise to you.

Six reasons to include kiwifruit in your family's diets

Danielle Colley Here are six ways the tasty green superstar will put your family's health on the right path.

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An open letter to my kids about summer

M.Blazoned With the warmer weather on its way, one mum writes a loving (warning) letter to her kids.

Risky behaviours have a value

Dr. Gregory Ramey Parents should support their kids' risky outdoor play opportunities as a means of promoting children's health and active lifestyles.

Catholic priest found guilty of common assault after giving child a 'smack' in church

Eamonn Duff A Catholic priest has been found guilty of common assault and dismissed from his Sydney parish after he smacked a child in church. But that's not what ...


Development Development for Older Kids

Why my son isn't getting a smartphone

Troy Wolverton He won't be getting a simple mobile phone anytime soon either.

Why are we afraid to talk about children's sexual development?

Erin Courtney Kelly There's plenty of writing around teen sexuality, but stories about sexual development in childhood? Mostly tumbleweeds.

Three things to know about therapy with children

Dr. Gregory Ramey Many families are reluctant to seek psychotherapy for their kids, even though their children are experiencing serious problems.

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Helping your kids in math can make things worse, here's why

Jan Hoffman Determined to help your math-challenged, math-anxious children? Stop.

Could cyber-schooling be the answer for bullied children?

Edward Hawkins Parents are rejecting the classroom in favour of virtual teaching.

Bikes bring more than just weightloss into the classroom

Livia Gamble One man's simple idea is helping kids read and get fit at the same time.

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Sexualised girls are seen as less intelligent and less worthy of help than their peers

Elise Holland and Nick Haslam Researchers found young girls were objectified to a similar extent as adult women.

Swedish teen Agnes Hedengard shows bum deemed 'too big' for modelling

Swedish model Agnes Hedengard has posted a video on YouTube to show what is unbelievably classed as a body "too big" for the catwalk.

Teen Michelle Carter's texts pushed friend Conrad Roy, 18, to take his life

'You're the love of my life, my boyfriend. You are my heart. I'd never leave you.' But her text messages were far from supportive.

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The ultimate man-friendly Father's Day feast

Danielle Colley Everything you need to plan a special meal for your dad this Father's Day.

Winter Word Scramble kids activity worksheet

Using the winter themed words, find them all in this chilly wordsearch worksheet.

Winter Acrostic poem kids activity worksheet

What does winter mean to you? Use this free printable activity to write a little poem all about winter.

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Cotton On Kids release activewear range

Suzanne Catchpole Cotton On has a new active wear range

Parents claim Jessica Alba's Honest Company sunscreen doesn't work

Livia Gamble The Honest Company, co-founded by Jessica Alba, is copping serious heat for their sunscreen.