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Contaminated berries could affect 100 schools

Students and staff at nearly 100 schools and childcare centres across Australia may have contracted hepatitis A from contaminated frozen berries, federal ...

How this video helps us talk to our daughters about body image

Megan Blandford It’s struck a chord with women around the world but this campaign offers an important message that’s also worth sharing with our daughters.

Children's body image

"My daughter is fat, isn't it my job to tell her?"

Kasey Edwards No, it's not - if she is, she already knows, writes Kasey Edwards.

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Today's parents are much too hard on themselves

John Pickering Do you often feel judged as a parent? Here is why you are doing a better job than you - or others - might think.

Why I want you to chew with your mouth closed

Andrew Daddo Have you ever been stuck in a similar scenario to the one that unfolded for Andrew Daddo on a recent flight? You can probably sympathise with his ...

An apology for my youthful eye rolls

Heidi Stevens I probably should have done this years ago, but I didn't really grasp the weight of my infractions until my kids started re-enacting them.


Development Development for Older Kids

Preparing for when your presence will embarrass your child

Heidi Stevens It has come to my attention that I'll soon mortify my children.

Is 13-year-old having panic attacks about school?

John Rosemond My 13-year-old son has developed overwhelming anxiety about going to school. This began a year ago, but has gotten steadily worse since then.

Here's why we have to stop labelling our boys

Robyn Passante I fear for my sons. I fear for them having to grow up in a world that heralds their ability to get ahead, to be the boss, to "get" the girl. To score. I ...

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Brave nine-year-old to get award for quick thinking that saved his mum

Anna Williams A New Zealand boy is being recognised for his bravery after he looked after his two younger sisters and called emergency services when his mother fell ...

Unschooling: What is it and how one family does it

Andrea Orr Thirteen-year-old Fin Hewitt and his 10-year-old brother Rye sport belt knives instead of backpacks.

The upsides of dyslexia

Mihal Greener Difficulties in reading and writing can come across as only obstacles but research recently published in Scientific American identifies the upsides for ...

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How to tell when your son has hit puberty

Marianne Diaz The transition of your baby-faced angelic son into a teenager can be a challenging time, especially when you’ve never had to deal with the hormones ...

Inside Tumblr's teen suicide epidemic

Caitlin Dewey In the past two months, at least three transgender teenagers have committed or attempted suicide after scheduling suicide notes on the blog platform ...

Should we make it easier for teens to get condoms?

Catherine Rodie Teenagers as young as 13 are being given access to free condoms in the UK under a new scheme that hopes to reduce teenage pregnancy and sexually ...

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Should Aussie kids go on US-style summer camps?

Rebecca English Is there something to this American summer camp idea? After all, they give kids something to do on the ever-so-long summer holidays.

7 DIY advent calendars for the home

Get your craft on this weekend with these cool DIY advent calendars for the home.

Single people refused entry into theme park, potential risk to children

Livia Gamble A theme park in London has come under fire after refusing entry to single people in case they are paedophiles.

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Martin Luther Playmobil figurine, fastest-selling toy ever

Livia Gamble A Playmobil figurine of Martin Luther has stunned the toymaker after it sold out less than three days after its release.

Weirdest new toys: A pooping doll and Chewbacca Furby

Belinda Lanks Sometimes a teddy bear just won't cut it.

Shop assistants go above and beyond to help a teen prepare for a job interview

Livia Gamble Two Target team members were captured doing something special for one their young customers.