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8-year-old makes sure his disabled brother finishes kiddie triathlon

RACHEL CLUN 9:00am This eight-year-old from Idaho pushed and pulled his disabled little brother Lucas through each stage of a kiddie triathlon so he wouldn't miss out.


Child pole dancers: a controversial trend

Stacey Gladman Few topics have created as much interest and dissent among mothers across the country than that of children taking up pole dancing – or more commonly ...

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US schools tackling obesity by leaving traditional gym class behind

Michael Alison Chandler Personal fitness plans, target heart-rate zones, and sports that play to different strengths are all part of the new approach to fitness education in US ...


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Keeping silent when you should have spoken up

ANDREW DADDO The regret of keeping silent when you know someone is in the wrong stays with you long after the event, as Andrew Daddo discovered.

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Sick of repeating yourself?

CAROLYN TATE How to get kids to cooperate the first time.


When should children be allowed to date?

CAROLYN TATE When her 10-year-old daughter's crush confessed he liked her back, Carolyn Tate had to deal with the idea of her child "dating" a whole lot earlier than ...


Development Development for Older Kids

Raising 'pleasers' is screwing up our girls

Anea Bogue A staggering 74 percent of girls between third and twelfth grade say they are under pressure to please everyone.


Five new puppy owners who can't contain their happy tears

RACHEL CLUN Getting a new pet can be very exciting, and for some children the excitement is just too much to handle.

Why I am joining the hairy legs club

CATHERINE RODIE Women around the globe have been proudly flaunting photos of their unshaven legs on social media this week and Catherine Rodie shares why she is one of ...

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British teacher embarrassed by plagiarised viral letter

AMY MCNEILAGE A sweet message from a teacher to her students touched many hearts this week but there was just one problem.


Head of curriculum review wants to bring back corporal punishment in schools

MATTHEW KNOTT Bringing back corporal punishment in schools for ill-disciplined children would be supported by the head of the Abbott government’s national curriculum ...


Primary school reminds students "there are many ways of being smart"

LIVIA GAMBLE School's letter to year six students accompanying their exam results is a timely reminder that one exam mark does not define their intelligence.

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Aussie teens reinvent the selfie

Helen Gregory A group of girls from Newcastle were challenged to create self portraits with a difference.

Bindi Irwin condemns graphic retelling of Steve Irwin's death

Bindi Irwin has criticised the cameraman who filmed Steve Irwin's death, labelling his graphic public recount of the Crocodile Hunter's painful final ...


12-year-old's plea gets a form response from Tony Abbott

MICHAEL KOZIOL When Australia's Paralympic football team had been stripped of its entire $175,000 in Commonwealth funding, 12-year-old Claire Falls went straight to the ...


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Best board games by decade

We have collected a list of our favourite releases by decade for you to add to your growing pile of games.

Teach children how to plant a tree

Kids can learn how to plant a tree in time for National Tree Day on Sunday 27th July with this step-by-step guide.

Vision-impaired children fly high with circus activities

Michael Power Nine-year-old Zara Perry has severe vision-impairment and albinism but that hasn't stopped her from flying on the high trapeze.


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The robot toy teaching kids to code

RACHEL CLUN Coding is an important skill for today's children - and a little round robot called Sphero can help them learn.

Dolls that offer boys something more than just muscle-men

LIVIA GAMBLE There’s an abundance of toys on the market designed to empower young girls but what about the boys? This could be the answer.


Bodyguard Blanket the latest bulletproof product for US schools

MELANIE KEMBREY Children can wear the bulletproof blanket like a backpack to shield themselves in the case of a school shooting.