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'Everyone's a winner' and other lies

Lauren Knight Not everyone is a winner just for showing up. The winner is the kid who crosses the finish line first.

A prize for participating isn't worth much

Fred Bowen Should kids get trophies just for being on a team?

Fat bias

PE teachers biased against fat kids, study finds

Amy Corderoy If, like me, you were a fat kid, this will probably not come as a surprise to you.

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A decade into parenting, it still feels like a new job

Heidi Stevens Most endeavours get easier after 10 years; parenting isn't one of them.

An open letter to my kids about summer

M.Blazoned With the warmer weather on its way, one mum writes a loving (warning) letter to her kids.

Risky behaviours have a value

Dr. Gregory Ramey Parents should support their kids' risky outdoor play opportunities as a means of promoting children's health and active lifestyles.

Development Development for Older Kids

Why I don't monitor my kids' texts anymore

Michelle Icard When learning how to use a new tool, whether it be a pocket knife or a texting app, parents should be involved in teaching and monitoring safety - at ...

What my son doesn't know can hurt him

Meghan Leahy As maddening as what I am about to tell you is, it is the truth. You cannot "teach" vigilance to a child.

Why my son isn't getting a smartphone

Troy Wolverton He won't be getting a simple mobile phone anytime soon either.

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Sydney schoolgirl brings home gold in elite science comp

Andrew Leeson This year Australia participated for the first time at the International Earth Science Olympiad, in which nearly 100 top high school students from 22 ...

In praise of a common-sense parenting revolution

Maggie Dent Staff and parents are finally making choices to allow primary students to climb trees again, to roll down grassy banks, and to-do handstands and ...

Mum outraged after teacher told daughter not to write in cursive, internet agrees

Livia Gamble In a strange turn of events a Kansas girl has been pulled into line because of her cursive handwriting. And her mum isn't happy about it.

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Micromanaging an unmotivated teen isn't the answer to better grades

John Rosemond My 14-year-old son is intelligent and capable of making consistently excellent grades, but he often does less than he's capable of.

Are we doing our kids a disservice by telling them they can do anything?

Kerri Sackville We are teaching our kids to aim high and telling them they can do anything. But is this helpful or fair? Can kids do anything?

Queensland mother builds cage to house drug-addict son

Trinette Stevens Struggling to cope with her methamphetamine-addicted teenager, one Australian mother has spent more than $3000 to build an in-house cage.

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School holiday activities

Your guide to entertaining the kids these school holidays.

Schools dress code: student sent home for leopard print hair

Kerri Sackville Mother claims school dress code is a breach of her daughter's human rights.

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Two Russian boys dig their way out of kindergarten, plan to buy a sportscar

Livia Gamble Planning their escape for several days, two five-year-old boys set out to buy a car.

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Sneak peek: super-size teepee for older kids

Suzi Catchpole Just because they're older doesn't mean they don't still love a cosy nook in which to nestle


Cotton On Kids launch summer swimwear and accessories for kids

Suzi Catchpole Summer 2015/16 is looking mighty sweet with the launch of the Cotton On Kids range.

Boys growing up in the 80s

Flashback time! Here are a handful of totally retro memories for boys (and a few for girls) who grew up in the 1980's in Australia.