Activities for Older Kids

Freaks and pigs pull visitors in at the Easter Show

Melanie Kembrey The wet weather certainly didn't deter the crowds from heading to the show on the first day of school holidays. While the self-confessed "freaks" are a hit, it's the "humble pig" that is the real star of the show.


Easter school holiday guide


Wondering how you will keep the kids entertained these school holidays? Here is what's on around Australia in your state. From the Easter show to creative dance classes there is something to suit every child and every budget.

DIY leprechaun traps for St Pat's Day


Although St. Patrick's Day is an Irish tradition, many Australian's come together to celebrate Irish culture and rememeber St Patrick's life. A great way for kids and parents to celebrate St. Patrick's Day together is to create these fun leprechaun traps.

Make your own glitter


PAGING FUN MUMS We use glitter in so many crafts at our house so I thought it was high time we tried a DIY version. As it turns out, you only need 2 ingredients.


Tongue Twisters for kids


Try to wrap your tongue around these tricky tongue twisters. Do you know how much wood a woodchuck would chuck?

School holiday water activities


Getting soaked has never been so much fun for children, writes Wendy Preston.


School holiday theatre guide


From puppets to full-on musicals, the options for a little holiday magic are bountiful, writes Harriet Cunningham.


Summer school holiday guide


Summer school holiday guide

Glowing Santa wreath


PAGING FUN MUMS Here's an easy inexpensive and fun wreath for Christmas!


Create a veggie garden with Jason Hodges


Livia Gamble For parents on the lookout for new ways to encourage their kids to be more active, celebrity gardener, Jason Hodges, recommends charging your kids with the responsibility of a vegetable garden.


Scary skeleton paper puppet


Download and print this free Scary skeleton paper puppet to create a fun Halloween decoration.

Bat bon bon craft


Riot Art & Carft Create your own bat bon bons this Halloween.

Spider piñata craft


Riot Art & Craft Kids will love making this spider piñata and equally enjoy consuming its lollies.

Halloween Decorations Banner


Kids can have fun making this spooky looking banner to decorate the house.

Halloween activities and recipes


Halloween is creeping up on us and not in the spooky sense, we've gathered everything you need to celebrate all Hallows' eve with your kids.


Halloween craft for kids


Create some fun for your kids this Halloween with these easy craft activities and printables.


Yarn monster cupcake picks


Two Shades of Pink Jessica from Two Shades of Pink shows us how she made these yarn monsters for Halloween.

Wonder in the nature of things


Melinda Ham Holidays provide the perfect chance to get closer to the natural world.


Star attractions help illuminate the night


Melinda Ham Staying up late can sometimes provide a whole new perspective, writes Melinda Ham.


Sleeping over and out: the answer to a 'boring' holiday


Melinda Ham From a kid’s perspective, going for a “sleep out” – anywhere but their own boring bed in their own boring room – can be a highlight of a school holiday, or indeed their whole year. Thankfully, Sydney boasts a wealth of possible venues.


Spring school holiday planner

School is out and spring is here ... let the fun begin.

Livia Gamble Wondering how you will keep the kids entertained these school holidays? Here is what's on around Australia in your state. From water parks and building robots to yoga for kids - there is something to suit every child and every budget.

2013 Federal Election Finger Puppets


Ozzilla Have fun introducing your kids to their first Federal Election experience with these printable finger puppets. Great idea for Election night!


Printable routine reward chart for older kids


Download and print this free printable chart to record routines and rewards, and have your child help chose their tasks and rewards.

Wealth found in looking back


Wendy Preston Sydney's rich past is explored in activities from 'living museums' to NAIDOC Week, writes Wendy Preston.

Winter school holiday planner


Livia Gamble Wondering how you will keep the kids entertained these school holidays? Here is what's on around Australia in your state. From Dr. Suess Science workshops to hilarious musicals - there is something to suit every child and every budget.

Fun facts about giraffes


A tonne of fun can be had with this free giraffe worksheet.

Fun facts about rhinoceroses


Print this free activity and teach your kids all about the rhinoceros.

Make your own family memory box


Riot Art & Craft Create this family portrait memory box for a personalised gift for mum.

Make your own botanical bouquet


Riot Art & Craft Follow these easy steps to make this cute craft.

Learn when to use its and it's


Help your kids understand the difference between its and it's.

Three little pigs comprehension


Practice reading and writing skills with the three little pigs.

Similes for beginners


Livia Gamble Grasp the concept of similes with this older kids activity.

Let's go hunting


AMBER ROBINSON How do you celebrate Easter morning? If an egg-hunt is your usual tradition or you're looking to make it one, here are some ideas to help get you started.

How to make an Easter chick piñata


Riot Art & Craft Mix up your annual Easter egg hunt with this fun and festive Easter chick pinata.

I love moo Valentine's Day card


Spread the love this Valentine's Day, simply download and print this cute card.

Snappy Valentines Day Card


Valentine's Day is approaching, simply download and print this card for your child to give out.

Money Counting Activity


Help your kids with their addition and download this free activity.

DIY Craft Solar System

solar system

Teach your kids about the solar system with the easy DIY project.

Learn to tell the time


Help your kids learn how to tell time with this free activity.

Summer school holiday guide


Wondering how you will keep the kids entertained these school holidays? Here is what's on around Australia in your state. Frominflatable water parks and surf camps to close encounters with animals - there is something to suit every child and every budget.

Spell the secret word multiplication activity


Combine mystery and maths with this fun secret word activity.

Two digit multiplication worksheet


Help your kids practice multiply two digit numbers together with this free activity.

Maths Colour-by-numbers activity


Make maths fun with this colour-by-numbers maths activity.

Pirate word search activity


Have some fun with this pirate themed word search activity just in time for Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Multiplication Activities


Download these activity sheets for your children to practice their times tables. Print multiple copies so they can time themselves.

Disney vanilla cupcakes

dalmations recipe

Help older kids bake these delicious 101 Dalmatians Vanilla Cupcakes with this recipe from Disney.

50 Fun Family Activities


It's time to get active and with this fun activity list there are no excuses.

Father's Day find-a-word


Celebrate Father's Day with this fun find-a-word activity.

Sparkly explosion activity


Try this science experiment that explodes and sparkles. Discover what happens when you mix an acid with a base.

The family that chalks together ...


Staff writers It seems that chalk is just as much fun for adults as it is for kids, with some imaginative parents creating quirky and entertaining artworks on their own driveway.

Olympic maths activity


Make maths fun with this free printable two player game designed for older kids.

Olympic find-a-word


Have fun learning about the Olympics with this free printable find-a-word activity.

Starring roles behind the scene


Melinda Ham Being creative in film and television doesn't have to mean taking centre stage, writes Melinda Ham.

Dinosaur facts


Are your kids fascinated by dinosaurs? Get them to test their knowledge with this free printable fact finder.

Mother's Day coupons


Need some fun ideas on ways your kids can spoil their mum this Mother's Day? Try this book of cute coupons.

Mother's Day bookmarks


Looking for something older kids can make for their mum this Mother's Day? Get out the scissors, contact and ribbon and let them make a bookmark.

ANZAC Poem Worksheet


Develop your child's comprehension skills by getting them to read the poem ANZAC Day by war veteran D. Hunter and then answer the questions below the poem.

Easter school holiday planner

holiday planner

Staff writers Wondering how you will keep the kids entertained these school holidays? Here is what's on around Australia in your state. From Easter egg hunts and camps to performing arts classes and sporting days - there is something to suit every child and every budget.

Design a shamrock


Join in on the St Patrick's Day celebrations with this design a shamrock activity.

Valentines Day Card


Have some fun with this cute owl Valentines Day card.

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