Behaviour & Discipline for Older Kids

A decade into parenting, it still feels like a new job

Heidi Stevens Most endeavours get easier after 10 years; parenting isn't one of them.

An open letter to my kids about summer

The writer with two of her three kids.

M.Blazoned With the warmer weather on its way, one mum writes a loving (warning) letter to her kids.

Risky behaviours have a value

Risk taker: There is a difference between danger and risk.

Dr. Gregory Ramey Parents should support their kids' risky outdoor play opportunities as a means of promoting children's health and active lifestyles.

Catholic priest found guilty of common assault after giving child a 'smack' in church

A priest has been dismissed from St John Vianney Catholic Church at Greenacre for smacking a child, but the congregation was told a different story.

Eamonn Duff A Catholic priest has been found guilty of common assault and dismissed from his Sydney parish after he smacked a child in church. But that's not what the congregation was told.


Students in public schools twice as likely to be bullied as private school pupils

School uniform

Eryk Bagshaw Here are the reasons why up to 14 per cent of parents continue to choose private education over public schools across the country.

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Why you need to avoid this parenting tactic at all costs

Kasey Edwards Shaming children, even in subtle forms, totally undermines our goal of raising resilient children.

It shouldn’t take legal action for schools to act on bullying

Who is liable shouldn't be the focus of bullying.

Sally Varnham A former pupil is suing her Victorian school for the psychiatric harm she allegedly suffered from bullying.

I'm a narcissist parent

What's wrong with being a 'narcissist parent'?

Angela Epstein The headmaster of Wellington College, a prominent British private school, has accused parents of failing their children by trying to turn them into mini-mes. Yes, says Angela Epstein, she's guilty as charged - but isn't that a good thing?

Why your kid’s messy room isn’t worth the battle

Messy kids: Should you give up on the clean room battle?

Jodi Gibson With four girls aged from six through to 17, I am constantly battling rooms in different states of disaster.

What to do when your child is the bully, rather than the victim

What do you do if you’re the parent of a Mean Girls-type bully? Why does no-one ever ask this question?

Natalie Swayn, Chris Boyle and Jo Anderson What to do when your child is a bully seems to be harder to contemplate than what to do if your child is being bullied.

Life imprisonment for grandmother who ran her granddaughter to death


Savannah Hardin was in trouble for lying about some candy she took from a classmate. As punishment, her grandmother told the nine-year-old to run.

Helping siblings get along

Siblings: can't we all just get along?

Kerri Sackville Now, my parenting is very flawed, but I did do one thing right. All my kids get along exceptionally well. So what's my secret?

Parents share their most embarrassing parenting moments

Cringe-worthy moments: when kids embarrass their parents they don't do it in half measures.

Catherine Rodie When kids embarrass their parents they don't do it in half measures.

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Never let on to your kids that you were once a wild child

Wild child: keep your former rebellious side to yourself or pay for it later.

Rachel Halliwell Let the facade of boring matriarch slip and you've given them ammunition that they'll use on you at a later date.

17-year-old girl banned from school for having red hair

Refusing to change: Emily Reay banned from school as her hair is too red.

Livia Gamble Only weeks before her exams, an English school girl was told she couldn't return to class until she dyed her hair a more natural colour.

Resilience the key to end bullying?


Danielle Colley The effects of bullying can have a devastating impact on young victims but building resilience in children can help.

Parenting a willfully independent child

Stubborn: Independence in children is a good thing even though it is challenging.

Meghan Leahy How to create a balance of choice and boundaries while giving your child room to grow in their independence.

Today's parents are much too hard on themselves

Parents get a bad rap these days ...

John Pickering Do you often feel judged as a parent? Here is why you are doing a better job than you - or others - might think.

Why I want you to chew with your mouth closed

Food-chewing nightmare.

Andrew Daddo Have you ever been stuck in a similar scenario to the one that unfolded for Andrew Daddo on a recent flight? You can probably sympathise with his predicament.

An apology for my youthful eye rolls

Regret ... Did I show my appreciation enough?

Heidi Stevens I probably should have done this years ago, but I didn't really grasp the weight of my infractions until my kids started re-enacting them.


Why these parents banned Christmas

The Henderson family, talking to America's ABC news.

Rachel Clun Two American parents were so fed up with their children's bad behaviour, that they decided to cancel Christmas.

Jamie Oliver's red hot disciplining tip for parents


Robyn Grace Jamie Oliver has a hot tip for parents of naughty children but his method has come under scrutiny since he revealed it on-air.

Why parents shouldn't try to fix everything for their kids

Sometimes trying to fix everything isn't the best approach.

Michelle Icard When kids are mean to your own it is a normal reaction to attempt to fix it but there is a better response that will help your child in the long term.


Which is the hardest year of parenting?

Difficult parenting years ahead or behind you?

Aisha Sultan Some will argue that it's the very first year of life. But a fair number of parents of daughters have warned me that a special kind of torment happens around the ages of 12 to 14.

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When children abuse their parents

Trapped by your own child.

Victoria Birch The issue of child-to-parent abuse is rarely acknowledged. It is given little attention in discussions around domestic violence, even though it represents a serious risk for many families.


When your child threatens to run away from home

Power play ...

Catherine Rodie People around Australia breathed a collective sigh of relief Monday morning when Bondi run-away Michelle Levy was found safe and sound. But while this case has ended happily it has highlighted an issue that many parents find themselves facing: how do you respond when your child threatens to run away from home?

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Haircut costs student marks in chemistry exam

The offending haircut that cost a student on his chemistry exam.

Gemma Najem A high school student in Sydney's west has had the razor taken to his exam results over a new haircut.

How to handle bullies

Which strategies stop the bullies?

Phillip Slee Tactics that experts say help deter bullies are often not the tactics employed by young people. Here is how to stop the bullies.

Do you swear at your kids?

Is a few expletives every now and then really hurting anyone?

Kerri Sackville - Essential Kids Do you swear at your children? Or do you judge others that lose their cool and let a few expletives slip? A South Carolina mother was arrested recently for doing just that.


6 things parents only say to their firstborn child

Big sister problems ...

Megan Blandford Are you a firstborn? How many of these did your parents say to you growing up and do you find yourself repeating them now to your own firstborn child?

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An open letter to my kids

Parenting is just as exhausting as any other job.

Kerri Sackville - Essential Kids And to everyone else who thinks I don’t have a right to complain about how hard motherhood is because it was ‘my choice’.


Keeping silent when you should have spoken up

Regret in the blue zone.

Andrew Daddo The regret of keeping silent when you know someone is in the wrong stays with you long after the event, as Andrew Daddo discovered.

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Sick of repeating yourself?

Do your children only listen when you yell?

Carolyn Tate How to get kids to cooperate the first time.


When should children be allowed to date?

When kids are dating ...

Carolyn Tate When her 10-year-old daughter's crush confessed he liked her back, Carolyn Tate had to deal with the idea of her child "dating" a whole lot earlier than she planned.


Children with strict parents more likely to be obese, study finds

Are strict parents raising obese kids?

Letitia Rowlands Parenting styles can influence the chance of a child becoming obese, researchers say.

Mum grounds kids but lets them work it off

How to get 'ungrounded'

Rachel Clun Mother comes up with creative way for her kids to get 'ungrounded' but is it s good idea?

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Teenage boy suspended after asking Miss America an inappropriate question

Miss America Nina Davuluri has sought to intervene in the case of a high school boy suspended for asking her to the prom.

Miss America is asking a Pennsylvania school district to reconsider the punishment of a high school senior who asked her an inappropriate question during an assembly.

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How this mother's plea to her kids for a sleep-in worked

Mums letter

Sleeping in is almost impossible when you are a parent, but if this mum could make it happen, so can you.

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Mum has 'no regrets' after shaming daughter


Derek Rose A North Carolina mother who punished her daughter for bullying is being accused of being a cyberbully herself after she shamed her daughter by sharing her photo online.

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Dark reality behind kids who grow up having it all

Sad Vietnamese children

Suniya Luthar Privileged children in the US are showing disturbingly higher rates of substance use, depression, eating disorders and delinquency than the offspring of the poor. It gives a whole new meaning to the concept of having it all, writes Suniya Luthar.

Parents fears for today's teenagers are very different from last generation

Is keeping our teen's head above water harder than ever before?

Cosima Marriner Mothers and fathers are facing problems previous generations did not have, writes Cosima Marriner.

Facebook steps up efforts to curb bullying


Cecilia Kang Facebook said it will beef up efforts to curb bullying on its site starting as police, parents and educators sound greater alarm over the unmonitored and sometimes dangerous interactions among teens on social media networks.


Stalking charges don't solve bullying problem

Rebecca Ann Sedwick

Emily Bazelon Criminal charges against kids who bully? Why are we blaming two teens instead of holding the adults around them - their parents - responsible?


When your child is a bully

How do you teach a bully empathy?

Jessica Peters What would you do if you found out your child was a bully? This father claims that publicly humiliating his son was the only thing that worked.

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Do you yell at your children?

Losing your cool comes with parenting territory but when does it cross the line?

Josefa Pete Losing your cool every now and then comes with the parenting territory but when does it cross the line into harmful behaviour?


Two girls arrested after Facebook post bragging about role in cyber-bullying suicide

Rebecca Ann Sedwick

Two girls arrested and charged with stalking after bragging about cyber bullying that had pushed a 12-year-old girl to suicide last month.

Facing childhood fears and phobias

Childhood fears and phobias

Libby Hakim What do you do when your child's fears linger longer than they should and move beyond the realm of rational?


Five child stars who shocked us

Miley Cyrus

Caris Bizzaca Miley Cyrus may be making headlines for her recent raunchy antics at the MTV Video Music Awards, but it's not the first time a former child star has shocked us.


Do all middle class parents have spoilt kids?

Can we avoid raising entitled, spoilt kids in middle class suburbia?

Sarah MacDonald One mother's fear of watching her children turn into ungrateful wretches.

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Should you tell your kids to fight bullies?

Is fighting back ever right?

S.A. Jones It's an unpalatable truth, but sometimes fighting back is the best response.

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'I'm glad my parents were hard on me'


Thuy Yau I can tell you, from my own experience, being raised by 'tough' parents is something I'm very grateful for. And I hope to be the same way with my own kids.

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What morals are you modelling to your son?

How we turn boys into good men ...

Steve Biddulph Are we raising boys to be good men? asks Steve Biddulph.

Dance school sex abuse crisis: No refund on fees

Grant Davies from his RG Dance

Staff writers with Nick Ralston High profile Sydney dance teacher Grant Davies has been charged with six further child abuse offences, as parents seeking refunds are being told their class fees for the term will not be returned under any circumstance.

When to mind your own business


Mel Hearse Sometimes the line between essential intervention and plain rudeness gets a little blurry. Here Mel Hearse shares her own experience with the latter.

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Full disclosure

Andrew Daddo

Andrew Daddo As Andrew Daddo reminisces about childhood pranks, he wonders how many he should share with his own kids.

'I live with a son who is mentally ill... he terrifies me'

teeange boy

In the wake of last week's horrific massacre in Connecticut, USA, questions are being asked not just about gun control, but about access to mental health services for troubled youth.

The hero teachers of the US school shooting massacre

The families of victims grieve near Sandy Hook Elementary School, where a gunman opened fire on school children and staff in Newtown, Connecticut.

Staff writers As the world struggles to comprehend the reasons behind second deadliest school shooting massacre in US history, stories of heroism by class teachers are emerging.

How schools fail to curb bad behaviour

Generic school bullying pics at Kingsgrove High School  Friday 17 March 2006  SHD NEWS Picture by JANIE BARRETT DIGICAM 0000

Anna Patty School suspensions have risen by more than a third over the past six years but do little to improve the behaviour of children, research has found.

Pigtail power defeats school bullies


Melinda Henneberger A peaceful plea on Facebook had a lasting effect.

Save me from the school holiday fighting!


Kylie Orr How do you spend seven weeks in a row trying to find activities to entertain kids, without going broke or insane.


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