Development for Older Kids

Raising a child dangerously

Diane Selkirk My husband and I are raising a child while travelling aboard our 40-foot sailboat Ceilydh. The world has two types of responses to our parenting choice: "Lucky kid!" and "That's crazy!"

The funniest 'my child found my vibrator' story you'll EVER read

The one thing you never want your child to play with ...

KERRI SACKVILLE - ESSENTIAL KIDS When her daughter was entertaining her youngest in the other room Kerri Sackville thought it was just another game, until she snuck in to eavesdrop and was left mortified.

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Why I don't discuss my sex life with my kids

sex life

Rashida Tayabali How much should you divulge to your children about your sex life? Some parents are happy to tell more than most would be comfortable with, but Rashida Tayabali thinks it shouldn't be discussed at all.

Charlie Pickering on being bullied as a teen

Charlie Pickering

Fiona Scott-Norman "It could be very hard, and sometimes I had to lie to everyone to give off the air that I didn’t care."

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Would you tell your kids you have an 'open' marriage?

“My daughter is very mature and open minded,” says Rach Wilson.

CATHERINE RODIE “Our relationship is different. Sometimes we have sex with other people, not just with each other.”

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Have you forgotten what it's like to be young?


ANDREW DADDO We promise never to forget what it's like to be young but despite our best efforts we do, that is until someone comes along and reminds us, writes Andrew Daddo.

Why having the sex talk with teens is so damn hard


Hannah Rosin The birds and bees talk is not fun for anybody.


5 ways to inspire an entrepreneurial kid


Meg Seitz Curious, adventurous and fearless, kids with entrepreneurial tendencies filter the world differently. And I can't think of a more hopeful future than one built by people who started thinking like entrepreneurs before hitting a double digit age.


Lorde shares acne selfie


Nyree Mcfarlane Keeping it real for her 767,000 followers, the award-winning singer from New Zealand is letting other teens know that a pimply complexion happens to even the famous among us.


Man charged after 'marrying' 12-year-old girl


ANNA PATTY Student accused of having intercourse with girl he met at a mosque.

Surrogate grandparents are as real as they come

The bond between children and surrogate grandparents can be just as strong.

Alana Schetzer The bond between grandparents and grandchildren is a special one but what do you do if your child doesn't have any in their life?

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Parents find letter addressed to their deceased daughter's future self

Taylor Smith

KATIE CARLIN When 12-year-old Taylor Smith wrote a letter to her future self to be opened in ten years time she couldn’t have imagined that she wouldn’t be around to open it.

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My mother hid her death from my children

The pain of losing someone you love is even more confusing for children who are kept in the dark.

Nova Weetman My mum died eighteen months ago. She was the centre of my children’s universe. They adored her. And she them. Perhaps that was the reason she was never able to be honest with them when she was dying.

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Why boys need a boyhood to become good men

Boys struggling to find their self-worth ...

Maggie Dent Something is going wrong in the world of our boys and the senseless violence present on Australian streets at night is only one of the symptoms emerging from their stolen boyhood, writes Maggie Dent.

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When being the first born is not a privilege


Rashida Tayabali Expectations and extra pressure placed on the firstborn child to succeed can lead to a fear of failure, anxiety, and depression later on.

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What you need to know about apps teens use

Study reveals 70 percent of teens intentionally concealed their online behavior from their parents.

CAROLYN TATE Do you know what your kids are doing online? Keeping the family computer in the living room is no longer enough, here are the social media apps that you need to know.


Obama's daughters are teaching girls to hold their heads high

Obama family

Keli Goff How Sasha and Malia Obama are setting a positive example for girls who have long been weighed down by the height of their stature.

Former child actress Abigail Breslin poses topless for Tyler Shields

Actress Abigail Breslin stars in provocative photos for photographer Tyler Shields.

KATIE CARLIN Abigail Breslin has joined the ranks of child stars shunning their former innocent images and proclaiming their womanhood by posing topless for controversial photographer Tyler Shields.

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‘Child sex doll’ removed from sale


AMBER ROBINSON Disgusted by a child-size sex doll for sale on a Chinese e-commerce site, a group of facebook activists have campaigned to have it withdrawn from sale.

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Can “selfie” editing apps worsen negative body image issues in children?


Rashida Tayabali For the current generation of children, already obsessed with the idea of the perfect face and body, will a selfie surgery app make it harder for parents and other professionals to fight negative body image perceptions when dissatisfaction arises between how kids look online and the real world? Or is “selfie surgery” just harmless fun?

One in three Australian kids disturbed by online porn


COSIMA MARRINER Almost thirty per cent of kids say pornography is what bothers them most on the internet, with young children the most likely to be troubled by sexual images online.

Internet porn has teens going R18 on sex questions


Paul Easton A study has revealed internet pornography is influencing what teenagers really want to know about sex.


When little girls become tempestuous tweens

The age where parents are most confounded ...

Quirky Kid Some girls are feisty from the get go, from fussy babies to tantruming toddlers. The pre teen or “tween” years though, can be the time which parents find most confounding.

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The disturbing world of 'pretty or ugly' videos

Pretty Ugly' project.

Sarah MacDonald Teens asking strangers to rate their appearance is "an act of self-mutilation as toxic as cutting or an eating disorder".



Mothering lessons for the girl who cried bear


Anna Funder It's only now, as a parent, that I understand the story my mum used to tell about me.

How role models have changed

Role models

Melody McCabe If you were a tween in the eighties chances are your role models looked a whole lot different to the ones our kids are looking up to today. Here is how to be the example your kids need.


Chris Brown: I was eight-years-old when I lost my virginity

Chris Brown

Nick Ralston Controversial R&B singer Chris Brown has revealed he lost his virginity aged eight and says his assault on his ex-girlfriend Rihanna was "probably the biggest wake-up call" of his life.


What parents need to know about sexting

Fragile self-esteem of teen girls made worse on Facebook ...

QUIRKY KID Creating and sharing sexually explicit pictures or messages through mobile phones, the internet and other electronic devices, has become a concerning pastime of children.


10 lessons for our kids from Julia Gillard

Julia Gillard

Staff writers Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard discussed the challenges and final days of her prime ministership live on stage this week and she had some valuable advice for the young people in the audience.

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Helping children after the death of a pet

Remembering the good times ...

KIMBERLEY O'BRIEN The loss of a pet can be a heartbreaking experience for children and often their first introduction to death, Kimberley O'Brien shares her advice on how parents can help kids through the grieving process.


Parenting with purpose

Really being present as a parent takes work but is worth the effort.

Melanie Hearse How one father came back from the dead determined to survive, redefine what was important in his life and be a better parent to his two daughters.


Effective treatments for acne


Acne is the most common skin problem in Australia. It often strikes when body image matters most, but there are effective treatments and ways to manage acne yourself.

Sins of the fathers

Two children of a man who is in and out of prison, photographed at Geelong with their mum.

Jared Lynch 'I still love you dad but you cannot keep thinking we will respect you if you do crime.'


The boy who stood up to Syrian injustice

Manal, One, in Za'atari Refugee Camp, Jordan.

Nicholas D Kristof As in the fairy tale, in Syria it was the children who pointed out that the emperor had no clothes.


The girls are all right

Why raising girls isn’t as perilous as the world wants us to think.

CAROLYN TATE Type ‘raising girls’ into an internet search and you will be bombarded with information about how perilous the practice is but should we believe the hype?

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When acne strikes early

Acne treatment

Julia Teen Experts say that acne is now presenting on children as young as eight but there are ways to beat it, writes Julia Teen.

Why I despair for young girls

Jessica Gomes

Paula Joye Jessica Gomes is too fat, Jennifer Hawkins is too skinny - what hope is there for young girls who regard themselves with the same insane measure?

Mother charged with distributing child abuse material

Grant Davies.

Nick Ralston A woman has been charged with producing and distributing child abuse material involving her two daughters who were taught by a Sydney dance teacher accused of sexually assaulting his students.


Yemeni girl flees parents to escape forced marriage

11-year-old Nada Al-Ahdal from Yemen fled her home to escape a forced marriage.

LINDY ALEXANDER “I’m better off dead. I’d rather die.” An 11-year-old girl speaks out about child marriage.

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Why girls shouldn't play nice

Helen Mirren

AMY GRAY Helen Mirren wants girls to learn it's okay to say 'f*** off' when they are faced with blatantly sexist comments and actions and so does Amy Gray.

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When a teen's idol dies


Sarah Wayland The death of Glee star Cory Monteith will leave many young fans heartbroken but how do you help them through their sadness?

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Why are girls starting puberty sooner?

early puberty

Amy Gray Girls are starting puberty earlier, according to scientific research, and we're still not entirely sure why.

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A toxic legacy

Domestic violence leaves even deeper scars ...

JILL STARK Domestic abuse and neglect can have a devastating effect on children, but early intervention programs are providing a ray of hope.


Playing favourites with kids

Playing favourites

Julie Tyers One in three parents admits to having a favourite child. So be honest - do you? And does it bother you? Here's how to even it out between kids.


Girl cliques are getting younger

'My ten-year-old daughter is in a gang.'

SARAH MACDONALD Is the playground becoming a battlefield for girls earlier than it used to be? How can we make our daughters resilient against it?

When puberty happens early


QUIRKY KID For some children, the onset of the physical, hormonal and sexual changes associated with puberty happens at an earlier age than usual. Here's how to help your child through the emotional roller coaster of puberty.


When to talk about sex

Birds and bees

Bronwyn McNulty Talking to kids about sex might be awkward, but it's necessary, writes Bronwyn McNulty. And the sooner you start, the better.

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Asking tough gender questions


AMY GRAY How do I explain to my daughter that there are women who do not enjoy the same rights as men but the world doesn’t care?

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The forgotten years of girlhood

Raising Girls Essential Kids

Steve Biddulph If girls have lost four years of girlhood - which years are they, asks Steve Biddulph

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Rainbows of a different kind

sex education

Kasey Edwards Among many teenagers, the term ‘rainbow’ has taken on a rather sinister twist that leaves some boys feeling pressured to ask and most girls fearful of rejection.

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A dark truth about childhood in Uganda


LINDY ALEXANDER It's a parent's worst nightmare but in Uganda it is fast becoming the norm for girls as young as 12 to be sexually abused and then coerced into a sexual relationship with their attacker in exchange for money.

Children damaged by 'diet of pornography'


Graeme Paton in London Children are developing permissive attitudes to sex and are viewing women as objects after being raised on a "diet of pornography", a major British study has found.

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Freedom for kids in the midst of life's dangers

Giving children freedom to find their way ...

KIMBERLEY O'BRIEN How do you encourage independence in your children when the world we live in seems increasingly unsafe? Kimberley O'Brien tells you how you can find the balance.

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Is young adult fiction too sexy?

Teen steam: A scene from the film Twilight starring Kirsten Stewart (Bella), Robert Pattinson (Edward).

MJ Angel Novels can provide sexual education through erotic story lines but the line between 'teen' and 'young adult' fiction seems to be blurring.


When twins are abused


Angela Lee* Angela* and her twin sister lived through years of torment at the hands of their parents, here she shares her story of abuse to helps others understand the hard road victims travel down to come to a place where they finally feel safe enough to come forward for justice.

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Trust clouded by paranoia

Dr Andreas Schwander with his son Philip at Redhead beach.

EAMONN DUFF A grandfather was reported to police after letting his six-year-old granddaughter swim naked at Balmoral Beach. After The Sun-Herald reported the story last week, we were inundated with similar tales.


My child is addicted to technology


QUIRKY KID How to tell if you child has crossed the line from technology enjoyment to addiction and what you can do to remedy the problem.

Sexualising girls: what's missing from the conversation?


Andie Fox What are the four biggest problems with how we discuss the sexualising of girls?

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Puberty blues start right back in the sandpit


Melissa Davey Children who hit puberty early are likely to have been anxious, sensitive or bad-tempered preschoolers, a study of nearly 3500 youngsters has found.

The facts on eating disorders

Helping them love their bodies ...

QUIRKY KID Eating Disorders are among some of the most serious and challenging mental illnesses that affect our children and adolescents. Here are the facts you should know.

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Tropical sand dough

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Homemade seed and fruit mix

You can use any seeds and fruit you have on hand and can make it up in a big batch to easily add variety to the lunch box.

10 Disney Plot Points That Make No Sense

AAs kids, Disney movies made perfect sense but watching them again with adult eyes has left us confused for these 10 reasons.

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