Nutrition & Fitness for Older Kids

'Everyone's a winner' and other lies

Lauren Knight Not everyone is a winner just for showing up. The winner is the kid who crosses the finish line first.

A prize for participating isn't worth much

Trophies ... only for the deserving or for those who just participate?

Fred Bowen Should kids get trophies just for being on a team?

Fat bias

PE teachers biased against fat kids, study finds

Did your PE teacher treat you like a loser? They may have had anti-fat bias.

Amy Corderoy If, like me, you were a fat kid, this will probably not come as a surprise to you.

Six reasons to include kiwifruit in your family's diets

Kiwifruit: Fantastic for all round health.

Danielle Colley Here are six ways the tasty green superstar will put your family's health on the right path.

Bat boy Kaiser Carlile, 9, killed in on-field accident

Kaiser Carlile gets ready for a National Baseball Congress World Series baseball game on August 1.

Joanna Chadwick and Roy Wenzl It took a mere two months of summer baseball with the Liberal Bee Jays for 9-year-old Kaiser Carlile to wiggle his way deep into the hearts of the players and coaching staff.

Michelle Bridges on being bullied at school

How Michelle Bridges coped with high school bullies.

Livia Gamble The TV personality copped a fair bit of bullying during high school.

Surgeons issue warning on dangers of children's play equipment

Monkey bars: dangers of children's play equipment.

Emma Brancatisano Parents and teachers be warned: a recent study has shown that skipping a rung on the monkey-bars can lead to severe injury for your kids - and it is more common than you may think.


Mick Fanning's mum watched shark attack live on TV: 'I thought we'd lost him'

I will hug him so tight, says Mick Fanning's mum Elizabeth Osborne.

Megan Levy Mick Fanning's mother was watching her son compete live in the final of the J-Bay Open from her Tweed Heads home when she saw the unmistakable shape of a shark's fin emerge behind him, followed by thrashing in the ocean.

At what age should sport go from participating to winning?

When do you expect winning to take precedence over participation?

Andrew Daddo We all like to think we value our child's participation in sport first and winning second but Andrew Daddo wonders how true this actually is.

Poor fitness is a bigger threat to child health than obesity

Today's kids: Study shows they are thinner but their fitness is plummeting.

Gavin Sandercock The least fit ten-year-old English child from a class of 30 in 1998 would be one of the five fittest children in the same class tested today.

Ripen avocados with bananas and other things we learnt from My Food Bag

Behind the scenes with My Food Bag.

Livia Gamble Four things we learnt behind the scenes at My Food Bag.

Only one in 20 Australians eats enough vegetables

Nationally, just 6 per cent of survey participants met the recommended daily intake of vegetables.

Dan Harrison New ABS figures shed light on the nation's eating habits, and it's not a pretty picture.

How 'free range' are the eggs you're paying extra for?

Consumer affairs ministers will meet this week to resolve the confusion around free range eggs.

Esther Han Paying a little more may get you free range eggs laid by hens that can bask in the sunlight, but price is no guarantee of that.

Active children become healthier teens and less prone to obesity: study

Activity in children pays off in just a few years, a study has found.

Harriet Alexander A study of 4600 children has found those who were more active in their late childhood had a lower body weight and lower smaller risk factors for cardiovascular disease and diabetes by their mid-teens.

How to teach your kids about sugar

Sugar: what it does to our bodies and why we can't get enough.

Casey Seidenberg Do your children know that sugar isn't good for them but fail to remember why as soon as they see the snacks at the checkout aisle? Here is how you can break it down for them.

Family eats organic food for two weeks with surprising results


A Swedish family has shown just how quickly an organic diet change can rid the body of pesticides.

The battle over dance classes

Term battles: getting kids to stick to their extra-curricular activities can be quite the battle.

Anna Guy You want your kids to be able to do something they love but if they have already failed to commit to a term of dance twice should you give them another chance?

6 reasons why your son should learn ballet

Dance lessons: why you shouldn't rule out ballet for your son.

Mihiri Udabage Her 10-year-old son was reluctant at first but after six months of ballet lessons Mihari Udabage only wishes he had started sooner.

Fed up with food trends pushing parents back in the kitchen

Pro paleo: Celebrity chef Pete Evans.

Kerri Sackville It’s no longer enough to put a well balanced meal on the table - it also has to be cooked from scratch or our children will be the ones that suffer.

Students hone their skills on wheels ahead of National Ride2School Day

Year 6 Aranda Primary student Ben Claridge, 11 practises riding a bike for National Ride2School Day.

Georgina Connery A delivery of brand new bicycles ahead of National Ride2School Day had Aranda Primary School students revved up to ride.

Contaminated berries could affect 100 schools

Frozen berry products have been recalled.

Students and staff at nearly 100 schools and childcare centres across Australia may have contracted hepatitis A from contaminated frozen berries, federal Labor says.

How this video helps us talk to our daughters about body image


Megan Blandford It’s struck a chord with women around the world but this campaign offers an important message that’s also worth sharing with our daughters.

Children's body image

"My daughter is fat, isn't it my job to tell her?"

Kasey Edwards No, it's not - if she is, she already knows, writes Kasey Edwards.

Parents' Jury bites back over McDonald's cash rebates for school orders


Kate Hagan McDonald's in Mildura is offering a 9 per cent cash rebate on a school order.


How to teach your child to be a good sport

Sore loser: Teach kids to lose gracefully.

Collette Beck As humans we are wired to seek victory and we loath defeat but how do we build a foundation of good sportsmanship in our children to steer them well into the future?

6 tips for making lunchboxes more exciting

Lunchbox tips: Kids wants more variety.

Livia Gamble If you’re kids aren't eating their packed lunch they probably don’t like it.

Healthy menu shakes up school canteen

Bonnie So, Natalia Shostak and Debbie Poratt in the canteen at Bialik College.

Benjamin Preiss The Shuk is no ordinary school canteen. At Bialik College's cafeteria, students feast on fresh salads, falafel, quinoa and soba noodles.

Cancer survivor, Aidan Fisk, 9, to swim Cole Classic

Nine-year-old Aidan today, ready to take on his next challenge, the Cole Classic.

Lisa Schofield Thousands of competitors will line up to swim the Cole Classic this Sunday. Amongst them will be 19 brave kids from Team Aidan and after a four year battle with cancer, nine-year-old Aidan himself will finally get to join the team named in his honour.

Australian kids are losing that sporting edge

Australian kids are falling behind their international peers in fundamental movement skills.

James Rudd Australians like to think themselves as sporting and fit – a concept reinforced by the success of the country’s elite athletes. But evidence is emerging that Australian kids are falling behind their international peers.

19 ingredients listed in McDonald's French fries

McDonald's French fries.

Callan Boys Potato, Oil and salt are all you need to make a French fry, right?

Do fit mums encourage or shame us?

The Instragram photo that labelled British fitness competitor Amy Pell a

Catherine Rodie “I have a kid, a six pack and no excuse.” It was this caption that thrust British fitness competitor Amy Pell into the limelight when she posted a photo of herself and her daughter on Instagram.

Being a ‘former fat kid’ stays with you for life

Being a

Ada Lee Five adults tell how being a "former fat kid" still haunts them today.

Stop giving my kids junk food

Why I'm now a 'Snacktivist'.

Audrey D. Brashich Why this mum has become a 'Snacktivist'. Will you be joining her?

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How to teach your child to ride a bike with Libby Trickett


Livia Gamble Olympic champion Libby Trickett has teamed up with bicycle manufacturer Merida, to create a video sharing her tops tips for parents teaching their kids how to ride a bike.

McDonald's nearly served your kids bubblegum-flavoured broccoli


Leah Hyslop CEO of McDonald's reveals that it once developed a recipe for bubblegum-flavoured broccoli, to encourage healthy eating


If 1,966 calories is wrong, the Double Donut burger doesn't want to be right

The Double Donut burger from Hungry Horse, which has come under fire from nutritionists.

Tim Chester Like doughnuts? And burgers? How about the two together, stacked with bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce? Then Hungry Horse's Double Donut burger may appeal.


How to make healthier versions of your kids' favourite fast food at home

When you make 'fast food' at home you can control what goes in it.

Dr. Joanna McMillan They may be able to prove that their burgers are free of pink slime, eyeballs, and worms but Dr. Joanna McMillan says we should still steer clear of fast food and offers these healthy alternatives.


What happens when kids don’t eat breakfast?

The importance of breakfast ...

Claire Drummond Do you struggle to get your child to eat breakfast? Here is why it is even more important than first thought.


Would you put your kids in charge of the family meal?

Giving kids control in the kitchen.

Anna Maxted Tired of having her best culinary efforts dismissed by her three sons, Anna Maxted decides to take a week off and let the boys loose in the kitchen


Gluten-free doesn't mean grain free


Livia Gamble It’s elastic and hard to see, for people with coeliac disease, gluten triggers unpleasant gastrointestinal symptoms.


Soft drink warning sign deters teens from drinking

Is this the answer to deterring teens from drinking sugar-laden beverages?

Catherine Rodie A warning sign highlighting how far you would have to walk to burn off the calories in a soft drink dramatically deterred teens from purchasing the sugar-laden beverage.


Should we stop kids dropping out of team sports?

Team sports more important than first thought, study finds.

Catherine Rodie Team sports play an even greater significance in our children’s wellbeing than first thought but what do parents do when their child wants to drop out?

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Will Australia become the world champion of inactivity?

Empty playgrounds ...

Tim Olds Australia tops the world for physical activity-friendly built environments but ranks second last for levels of children’s activity.


SA school principal says Lingerie League training day was 'a breach of trust'

The Legends Football League (aka Lingerie League) in training attire.

Heather Vogt The principal of the South Australian high school that unintentionally arranged a training session with the infamous 'lingerie league' for their female students tells their side of the story.


Queensland school bans cartwheels

Too dangerous for school?

Kathy Sundstrom The age-old practice of doing a handstand or a cartwheel is now considered too dangerous for children without supervision at a Sunshine Coast state school.

Ban trashtastic bad sports parents from the sidelines

Bad sport parents should be sidelined.

Karen Hardy Are the dysfunctional families on America’s 'Toddlers and Tiaras' more similar to Aussie parents on the sporting field sidelines than we’d care to admit?

McDonald's home delivery expands across Australia


Jane Holroyd McDonald’s home delivery service is being expanded across Australia following the apparent success of the first trial in Sydney’s North Parramatta, and nutritionists and health experts have reacted with alarm at the news.


8-year-old makes sure his disabled brother finishes kiddie triathlon

Noah Aldrich

Rachel Clun This eight-year-old from Idaho pushed and pulled his disabled little brother Lucas through each stage of a kiddie triathlon so he wouldn't miss out.


Child pole dancers: a controversial trend

Flexibility and fitness are two pros of pole dancing as a sport for kids.

Stacey Gladman Few topics have created as much interest and dissent among mothers across the country than that of children taking up pole dancing – or more commonly referred to as pole fitness. But is the concern warranted?

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US schools tackling obesity by leaving traditional gym class behind

How a changing approach to gym class is helping U.S kids get healthy.

Michael Alison Chandler Personal fitness plans, target heart-rate zones, and sports that play to different strengths are all part of the new approach to fitness education in US schools delivering promising results.


Sport or neglectful parenting: Would you let your kids cage fight?

Would you let your child do this?

Letitia Rowlands The popularity of UFC fighting is booming around the world. But should kids be allowed to take to the cage like their idols?


Sia sings Chandelier with face hidden as 11-year-old dances for Ellen


Australian singer-songwriter Sia has recreated her song Chandelier's lauded videoclip for US talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

Lollies, fizzy drinks and TV part of well-rounded childhood

lolly boys

John Bingham It is something generations of schoolkids have long suspected: eating your greens might be good for you, but it doesn't make you happy.

Hilarious food names only your family understands

One 'Big Boy Chino' for my daughter please.

Kerri Sackville - Essential Kids Do you know what scoopers, AFL noodles, Ultimilk and Nana's Special Meat are? You would if you were in Kerri Sackville's family.

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Do we need to put an end to hard contact sports?

Running back on the field concussed should not be seen as doing their team-mates a favour,” Dr Pearce says.

Cassy Small There is a culture of 'shaking off' hard knocks on the sporting field but the price of doing so can be higher for our kids than we realise.

Bedroom TVs bad for children's waistlines

Increased health dangers of allowing a television in your child's room.

Letitia Rowlands Children with a television in their bedroom are more likely to struggle with weight problems regardless of how many hours a day they spend watching it, researchers say.


Sensational or scary? Burger stuffed pizza crust launches

Pizza Hut's cheeseburger crust pizza.

Annabel Smith First it was mozzarella, then hot dogs, now burger patties are the latest fast food to be stuffed inside a pizza crust.


School girl with MS determined to keep racing, collapses at every finish line

Kayla Montgomery

Lindsay Crouse The focused school track runner crosses the finish line of her 1600-metre race, her legs wobble like rubber and she collapses into her waiting coach’s arms. This happens after every race.

Junior sport soft drink ban left up to parents

Water isn't the main drink of choice at children's sporting events

Emily Haynes Ban soft drink at junior sporting events and the chances are parents will buy sugary drinks elsewhere.

The effects of bullying in sport

Bullied kids avoid sport ...

Brooke Lumsden Children who are bullied during physical education classes are likely to be set up for a lifetime of avoiding sport, according to a new study.


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