Nutrition & Fitness for Older Kids

Soft drink warning sign deters teens from drinking

Catherine Rodie A warning sign highlighting how far you would have to walk to burn off the calories in a soft drink dramatically deterred teens from purchasing the sugar-laden beverage.


Should we stop kids dropping out of team sports?

Team sports more important than first thought, study finds.

Catherine Rodie Team sports play an even greater significance in our children’s wellbeing than first thought but what do parents do when their child wants to drop out?

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Will Australia become the world champion of inactivity?

Empty playgrounds ...

Tim Olds Australia tops the world for physical activity-friendly built environments but ranks second last for levels of children’s activity.


SA school principal says Lingerie League training day was 'a breach of trust'

The Legends Football League (aka Lingerie League) in training attire.

Heather Vogt The principal of the South Australian high school that unintentionally arranged a training session with the infamous 'lingerie league' for their female students tells their side of the story.


Queensland school bans cartwheels

Too dangerous for school?

Kathy Sundstrom The age-old practice of doing a handstand or a cartwheel is now considered too dangerous for children without supervision at a Sunshine Coast state school.

Ban trashtastic bad sports parents from the sidelines

Bad sport parents should be sidelined.

Karen Hardy Are the dysfunctional families on America’s 'Toddlers and Tiaras' more similar to Aussie parents on the sporting field sidelines than we’d care to admit?

McDonald's home delivery expands across Australia


Jane Holroyd McDonald’s home delivery service is being expanded across Australia following the apparent success of the first trial in Sydney’s North Parramatta, and nutritionists and health experts have reacted with alarm at the news.


8-year-old makes sure his disabled brother finishes kiddie triathlon

Noah Aldrich

Rachel Clun This eight-year-old from Idaho pushed and pulled his disabled little brother Lucas through each stage of a kiddie triathlon so he wouldn't miss out.


Child pole dancers: a controversial trend

Flexibility and fitness are two pros of pole dancing as a sport for kids.

Stacey Gladman Few topics have created as much interest and dissent among mothers across the country than that of children taking up pole dancing – or more commonly referred to as pole fitness. But is the concern warranted?

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US schools tackling obesity by leaving traditional gym class behind

How a changing approach to gym class is helping U.S kids get healthy.

Michael Alison Chandler Personal fitness plans, target heart-rate zones, and sports that play to different strengths are all part of the new approach to fitness education in US schools delivering promising results.


Sport or neglectful parenting: Would you let your kids cage fight?

Would you let your child do this?

Letitia Rowlands The popularity of UFC fighting is booming around the world. But should kids be allowed to take to the cage like their idols?


Sia sings Chandelier with face hidden as 11-year-old dances for Ellen


Australian singer-songwriter Sia has recreated her song Chandelier's lauded videoclip for US talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

Lollies, fizzy drinks and TV part of well-rounded childhood

lolly boys

John Bingham It is something generations of schoolkids have long suspected: eating your greens might be good for you, but it doesn't make you happy.

Hilarious food names only your family understands

One 'Big Boy Chino' for my daughter please.

Kerri Sackville - Essential Kids Do you know what scoopers, AFL noodles, Ultimilk and Nana's Special Meat are? You would if you were in Kerri Sackville's family.

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Do we need to put an end to hard contact sports?

Running back on the field concussed should not be seen as doing their team-mates a favour,” Dr Pearce says.

Cassy Small There is a culture of 'shaking off' hard knocks on the sporting field but the price of doing so can be higher for our kids than we realise.

Bedroom TVs bad for children's waistlines

Increased health dangers of allowing a television in your child's room.

Letitia Rowlands Children with a television in their bedroom are more likely to struggle with weight problems regardless of how many hours a day they spend watching it, researchers say.


Sensational or scary? Burger stuffed pizza crust launches

Pizza Hut's cheeseburger crust pizza.

Annabel Smith First it was mozzarella, then hot dogs, now burger patties are the latest fast food to be stuffed inside a pizza crust.


School girl with MS determined to keep racing, collapses at every finish line

Kayla Montgomery

Lindsay Crouse The focused school track runner crosses the finish line of her 1600-metre race, her legs wobble like rubber and she collapses into her waiting coach’s arms. This happens after every race.

Junior sport soft drink ban left up to parents

Water isn't the main drink of choice at children's sporting events

Emily Haynes Ban soft drink at junior sporting events and the chances are parents will buy sugary drinks elsewhere.

The effects of bullying in sport

Bullied kids avoid sport ...

Brooke Lumsden Children who are bullied during physical education classes are likely to be set up for a lifetime of avoiding sport, according to a new study.


Russia celebrates its new 15-year-old ice princess Julia Lipnitskaia

Julia Lipnitskaia of Russia

While the teenager is lamenting the errors in her performance, her colleagues are hailing her as 'a young genius' with 'iron in her bones'.

10 fun ways to get fit with your family this year


Lakshmi Singh You don’t have to invest in gym equipment for the house to indulge in a late night session or join a 24 hour fitness club to find time to exercise yourselves. Instead, why not take part in your child’s organised sport or join in on their unstructured play time?


Peanut therapy lets allergic children eat their first nuts

Child eating peanut butter.

Experimental trial using small amounts of peanut flour helps 80 per cent of children safely eat a handful of the previously worrisome nuts.

How to handle great expectations

Making it as an elite athlete is harder than most realise.

Zohra Aly How do you prepare your child for the possibility of failure without quashing their dreams?

Food fact or fiction?

Organic baby spinach

Paula Goodyer Myths about nutrition are nothing new but thanks to the internet, misinformation about food can spread like a virus as half truths are rapidly twisted into ‘facts’.


Meet Jake Schellenschlager, the 14-year-old who can lift twice his weight

Body builder

DeNeen L. Brown Jake Schellenschlager is a powerlifting sensation, but doctors warn that such feats can hurt growing bodies.

Dance concert drama unfolds for Daddo

Dance concert drama unfolds for Daddo

Andrew Daddo Rudeness seems to come in spades at this time of year, as Andrew Daddo discovered when he was trying to enjoy his daughter's end of year dance concert - but why do we silently allow our agitation to grow instead of politely asking people to stop?

McDonald's slammed for introducing home delivery in Sydney

McDonald's growth is down by more than half.

Sarah Whyte Healthy eating in Australia has a new enemy: home-delivered McDonald's.


Following in her mother's footsteps


Nova Weetman In an effort to keep her mother's memory alive, Nova Weetman found herself signing up for a role she felt completely unprepared for.

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Negative impact of a bad coach can last a lifetime

When you're forced to be a benchwarmer ...

Belinda Williams If you're not going to give all kids a fair go, get out of the coaching game, writes Belinda Williams.


The real reason kids need to exercise


Nicole Thomson Pride We often hear that exercise has tremendous benefits for children, but has anyone ever explained to you the reasons why?

Kids skipping breakfast

The importance of breakfast ...

Dr Joanna McMillan We all know eating breakfast is important but by the time children reach high school 1 in 5 of them skip it. Here's how you can help them start the day right.

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Top three breakfast recipes


Kristy Komadina Enjoy a family breakfast with one of these delicious recipes.


Top 5 recipe ideas to make with Weet-Bix

Weet-Bix recipes

Kristy Komadina Muffins, pecan pie, chocolate balls, homemade granola and cookies - cooking with wholegrains doesn't have to be boring.

The key to willpower is teaching it young

How to curb mindless eating ...

Julia Teen Everyone is guilty of mindless snacking. At the movies, you munch on popcorn. After dinner, out comes the ice cream. But how much of your behaviour is passed onto your kids and what can you do to strengthen their willpower muscle?


Why Maccas isn't to blame for childhood obesity

Little Athletics

Michael Jarosky McDonald's is an easy target but at some point we need to take responsibility for our own choices.

Caffeine concern over teens and energy drinks

energy drinks

Sarah Whyte One in three teenagers may be consuming the equivalent of 10 instant coffees a day in energy drinks that can cause insomnia, anxiety and heart problems, a leading sleep expert says.


When parents get abusive on the football field

Are you too invested in your child's sporting achievements?

Sarah Macdonald It's finals season and there’s plenty of bad behaviour from over enthusiastic parents.

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Teaching and doing more effective than telling

Learning to love healthy food.

Dr Joanna McMillan As a parent it can be incredibly hard to get our kids eating healthy foods but a new study from Stanford University caught Dr Joanna's attention.

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Preventing bad body image in kids

Developing a healthy attitude to food and exercise.

Eating Disorders Victoria Your children will inevitably face body image pressure as they grow into adolescence but here are the things you can do today to protect them against developing an unhealthy body image later in life.

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The daily dinner battle

Does your child spend more time playing with their food than eating it?

Dr Joanna McMillan Does dinner time often turn into a fight to get your kids to finish their meal? Dr Joanna McMillan tells you how to turn it around.

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Teen umpires need protection

Enough is enough.

Andrew Daddo Do your children's footy umpires need 'protection' from the parents? Andrew Daddo visited his family footy heartland in Melbourne recently and he was disturbed by what he discovered.

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Importance of fibre in children's diets

Leave the skin on for extra fibre ...

Staff writers Most Australians don’t eat enough fibre and that includes our children, but it’s not too late to turn it around by following these simple steps.

Why low GI matters

Low GI Foods Essential Kids

Dr Joanna McMillan Most parents know that too much added sugar in their child’s diet is not good for them but are we overlooking another type of food that is just as harmful for our kids?

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Warning labels are failing parents


The Conversation Research finds parents of children with life-threatening allergies are ignoring warning labels on food packaging.

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Parents wary of league violence

Nicole Cantero and son.

Christine Sams Is rugby league an overly violent sport? Parents seem to think so, sending their kids to soccer lessons instead.

Get the kids outside and join them

running outside

Paula Goodyer There are good reasons why kids and grown ups should run around outdoors.


Fueling fast kids

Non-stop kids need good fuel to keep them going ...

Lakshmi Singh Your children may be full of energy (even too much at times) but how do you sustain their energy levels through the food they eat?

Yes I eat ...

No caption

Jessica Rowe Jessica Rowe on why being skinny shouldn't give other people a free pass to openly judge you on your body shape and what she is teaching her own girls about developing a healthy body image.

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Call for weight limits in school rugby

Australian Rugby Union training camp for school aged kids.

Amy McNeilage Weight restrictions could soon be introduced in the state's schoolboy rugby competitions after the tragic death of 15-year-old Jake Kedzlie - grandson of rugby league legend Tommy Raudonikis - put the spotlight back on the risk of serious head injuries in contact sports.


Hooked on this feeling

Henry Roberts

Livia Gamble Henry Roberts was a preschooler when he caught his first fish, now an enthusiastic 11-year-old, with his own fishing blog, he is doing his best to reel in other kids his age to the sport he loves.

The right milk for your child


Dr Joanna McMillan Parents face an enormous array of choice in the supermarket milk department. If you are feeling confused I don’t blame you!

Time to invest in stocks

Kristy Komadina

Kristy Komadina Ever considered making your own stock and then immediately thrown the idea on the too hard pile? Kristy Komadina is convinced that the health benefits of a homemade stock far outweigh the effort required.

Sweet and fatty facts on healthy eating


Staff writers Ensuring children eat a balanced and healthy diet is not easy in our age of fast food, confusing advertising messages, and sedentary lifestyles but here are some tips to help you make better choices.

Day's worth of fat in child fast-food meal

The truth about takeaway food ...

Amy Corderoy Children's fast food meals vastly exceed the amount of energy, salt, sugar and saturated fat children should eat in one meal, according to a damning report from the Cancer Council NSW.

How to make healthy choices from the school canteen

joanna mcmillan

Dr Joanna McMillan Making healthy choices for your kids from the school canteen can be confusing. Dr Joanna McMillan offers her advice on how to navigate your way through the choices on offer.

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Push for tax on soft drink

Soft drink.

Vince Chadwick Sixteen teaspoons of sugar from one 600-millilitre bottle of soft drink consumed once a day for a year comes to 23 kilograms.


Sugar rush

Why 'healthy' smoothies aren't good for you


Fruit smoothies, frappes and frozen yoghurt drinks marketed as healthy beverages contain more kilojoules than an actual meal, with some having the equivalent of up to 31 teaspoons of sugar.

Top ten photo galleries of 2012


Enjoy our most popular photo galleries of the year all over again with our top ten.

Making a sunwise choice this summer

summer fun

Staff writers We live in a sunburnt country but when it comes to protecting ourselves from the harsh Australian sun, we are notoriously bad. Here are the facts you need to know on how to make a sunwise choice this summer.

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