Toys & Products for Older Kids

Cotton On Kids release activewear range

Suzanne Catchpole Cotton On has a new active wear range

Cotton On KIDS activewear range

cotton-on-_320Click for more photos

Activewear for kids has gone designer at Cotton On.

Parents claim Jessica Alba's Honest Company sunscreen doesn't work

Jessica Alba's The Honest Company sunscreen copping heat.

Livia Gamble The Honest Company, co-founded by Jessica Alba, is copping serious heat for their sunscreen.

How to make edible Lego gummy bricks

Make your own: Edible Lego.

Livia Gamble Make your toys and eat them too.

Toy maker creates toys to resemble kids with disabilities

Makies: Customising realistic dolls for children.

Livia Gamble After the #toylikeme went viral, one toy maker began creating toys disabled children could relate to.

Halloween horror

'My daughter went up like a birthday candle': mother's horror as girl's costume catches on fire

Kris Thykier and daughter Matilda, just days before the accident.

Anita Singh The co-host of a British TV show has described the "life-changing" moment she witnessed her eight-year-old daughter's Halloween costume go up in flames, likening it to a re-igniting birthday candle.

'The Golden Girls' could be getting a Lego set


Livia Gamble A devoted fan designed and uploaded the set via the toy maker's popular Lego Ideas crowdsourcing community.

8-year-old girl writes a letter to Clarks shoes asking why girls can't have dinosaur shoes too

In her shoes: Sophie Trow says girls want more choice when it comes to shoes.

Livia Gamble An eight-year-old girl has had words with a shoe manufacturer after a shop assistant told her The Stomposaurus shoes she wanted weren't suitable for girls.

Ikea doesn't want 32,000 people playing hide-and-seek in Dutch stores

Ikea has banned giant games of hide-and-seek planned for its Dutch stores.

Rachel Clun Shopping to kit out your new home or rental just became less fun.

Martin Luther Playmobil figurine, fastest-selling toy ever


Livia Gamble A Playmobil figurine of Martin Luther has stunned the toymaker after it sold out less than three days after its release.

Weirdest new toys: A pooping doll and Chewbacca Furby

Weird or wonderful: New York Toy Fair unveils this year's must-have toys.

Belinda Lanks Sometimes a teddy bear just won't cut it.

StarWars Lego Buildable Figures

ek-legostarwars-thumb-bothClick for more photos

Lego have announced on their Facebook page the all new Buildable Figures StarWars range. They are currently on display at the New York Toy Fair 2015 and feature Luke and Darth Vader, among others, as bigger, movable figures that allow children to build and play with their favourite Star Wars characters in a new way. The new range is due out in September 2015 and won’t replace the much-loved minifigs. The buildable figures will also be available in Chima, Marvel and Bionicle ranges.

Shop assistants go above and beyond to help a teen prepare for a job interview

Customer service: Two Target employees go above and beyond.

Livia Gamble Two Target team members were captured doing something special for one their young customers.

DC Comics replies to girl’s letter about lack of female superheroes

It was a set of Justice League figurines that prompted 11-year-old Rowan to write to DC Comics.

Rachel Clun Annoyed about the lack of woman superheroes, 11-year-old Rowan decided to do something about it.

Melbourne man delivers the news using Lego

Making news this week: An Asteroid will narrowly avoid Earth.

Livia Gamble Sean Romero, who is also a tax lawyer, re-packages the news in a short yet entertaining way using Lego.

How to create a bedroom that will grow with your child


Amy Richardson Here’s a round-up of beds, bedlinen, artwork and bookcases that will serve your littlies for years to come.


Lego has made an Australian Christmas ad


Rachel Clun Lego has launched it's first local Christmas adveritising campaign, with a short video highlighting the joys of creativity.

Toy-related injuries are on the rise

Wear a helmet: Scooters are to blame for increase in toy related injuries in children.

Livia Gamble Toys are a rising cause for injury in the US after a report found 40 per cent more children being sent to the emergency room.

How to do your Christmas shopping like Chrissie Swan

Radio and television personality Chrissie Swan has shared her Christmas shopping secrets.

Rachel Clun While most people are still madly trying to finish their Christmas shopping, Chrissie Swan has already finished it all - from the comfort of her own home.

Importance of involving kids' in the creative design process


Christie Blizzard Children have big imaginations so why not involve them in the design process when styling their room? Here's how.


Walmart under fire for 'fat girl section'


Livia Gamble Retail giant Walmart has come under fire for adding a “Fat Girl Costume” section on their website.


Did you know Hello Kitty isn't a cat?

Hello Kitty dolls in Kiddyland, Jingumae.

Rachel Clun Forget everything you every thought about Hello Kitty, because you're probably wrong.

Two little girls vs. action figures


Livia Gamble On a recent shopping trip with their dad, John Marcotte, Anya, 9, and Stella, 6, weren't able to find a Gamora action figure - or any female action figures for that matter.


Mum's viral complaint letter secures science-themed tees for girls

Land's End

Rachel Clun Thanks to one mum’s complaint letter which went viral, an American apparel brand has made scientific t-shirts for girls.


The robot toy teaching kids to code


Rachel Clun Coding is an important skill for today's children - and a little round robot called Sphero can help them learn.

Dolls that offer boys something more than just muscle-men


Livia Gamble There’s an abundance of toys on the market designed to empower young girls but what about the boys? This could be the answer.


Bodyguard Blanket the latest bulletproof product for US schools

Bodyguard Blanket

Melanie Kembrey Children can wear the bulletproof blanket like a backpack to shield themselves in the case of a school shooting.


Artists reinvent Disney posters

disney posters reimaginedClick for more photos

Artists for Mondo Gallery, in collaboration with blog Oh My Disney, created new Disney artwork for a show at SXSW in Austin, Texas.

Jumping castle flies away taking three children with it


Livia Gamble In the US, a jumping castle was lifted into the air on Monday afternoon taking two boys and a girl with it.


Cancer risk could see jeans, kids clothes and sheets recalled


Steve Lillebuen Stores may pull thousands of pairs of jeans, children’s clothing and bed sheets amid fears they contain a carcinogenic clothing dye.

Superstar mums design charity collection


Livia Gamble Celebrities, Victoria Beckham, Gisele Bündchen, Ivanka Trump and Stella McCartney all helped to design a limited-edition clothing collection to raise money for charity.


Is it wrong to buy trading cards on the internet?


Josefa Pete Slowly collecting DreamWorks cards from Woolworths, not taking into account double ups, would require a minimum spend of $840. For me, it was a no brainer.


Teen takes on McDonald's sexism - and wins


Antonia Ayres-Brown McDonald's is estimated to sell more than 1 billion Happy Meals each year. When it poses this question "Do you want a boy's toy or a girl's toy?", it pressures innumerable children to conform to gender stereotypes.


Elizabeth Hurley's swimwear line for girls causes Twitter backlash

Elizabeth Hurley's Beach Kids Collection Launch from 2006.

Rachel Clun Elizabeth Hurley is in hot water again over her children’s swimwear line.

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Leggings banned at this high school: but girls are fighting back

Leggings as pants

Amanda Hess An American school has banned girls from wearing the most comfy pants in the world. Why? Apparently they're too distracting for male students. As Amanda Hess discovers, girls aren't giving up on leggings without a fight.

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Mother invents harness to help kids with special needs walk


Livia Gamble Debby Elnatan came up with the idea to create a walking harness which would allow her son, Rotem, who has cerebral palsy, to be able to stand upright and take steps together with his mother.


Dolls to encourage science and engineering careers for girls


Livia Gamble Two engineering students are empowering young girls through their Miss Possible doll range. Targeting girls aged six to ten, the dolls would not only represent a “normal” body but would also be based on strong, female, historical figures.


13 Diddly-Doo Details in the Lego 'Simpsons' House Set


Laura Vitto Everything's coming up Lego in the new Simpsons house brick set.


Amazing sculptures made from children's toys

sculpturethumbClick for more photos

South Africa-born artist Freya Jobbins has created these amazing sculptures from old children's dolls and toys. Inspired by Guiseppe Archimboldo and his fruit and vegetable paintings and of course the Toy Story Trilogy, each piece of plastic is painstakingly carved, glued layer over layer, creating depth to each unique assemblage. To view the whole collection visit her website.

Simpson's Lego gets a makeover


Babyology Fans of The Simpsons and Lego fans will be battling it out in major retailer aisles to be the first to get their hands on the all new The Simpsons themed Lego!


What happened to the 1981 Lego advertisement girl?

What happened to the Lego advertisement girl?
What does this little girl think of Lego today?

Todd Wasserman In January, a 1981 Lego ad made the rounds on Reddit and social media. For some, the ad illustrated how ads back then adhered less stringently to gender roles.

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Artist shows cartoon characters have organs too

dissected-320Click for more photos

American artist, Jason Freeny strips famous cartoon characters down to reveal their bones and organs. Freeny told the Daily Mail, "I created these sculptures to discover what characters look like inside, specifically the grotesque skeletal system." To view his full collection visit his website.

School uniform lists reach 18 pages as students learn to accessorise

School girls with hats

Amy McNeilage Even a public school's humble polo-shirt-and-short combo can prove costly with multiple children to clothe. And then come the other seasonal necessities - hats and headbands, lunch boxes and library bags and, of course, the dreaded leather school shoes.


Is it safe for children to ride on the road?


Michael O'Reilly How many kids will get their first bike for Christmas this year? Parental fears on road safety are robbing many children of the benefits of bike riding.


Powerful photo series morphs real women with Barbie


Laura Vitto Photographer Sheila Pree Bright highlights the disconnect between beauty ideals and real women for her series, "Plastic Bodies."

Stocking filler gift ideas

fillersthumbClick for more photos

Picking a Kris Kringle gift this year is a breeze with this under $15 gift guide. Click through and let the shopping begin.

Former bronco tackles writing for kids

Retired Broncos player Scott Prince and Logan deputy principal David Hartley sign books for young fans Ned, 7, and sister Milly, 9, Naouri, from Annerley, at the launch of

Cameron Atfield The transition from sports star to published author is a well-trodden path, but for former Brisbane Broncos halfback Scott Prince, that transition was about more than just getting his name on the cover of a book.

The best Little Golden Books

little-golden-books-thumbClick for more photos

Little Golden Books have been entertaining children for generations. The very first original series was published in 1942 with titles that are still entertaining kids today. We've gathered some of their latest releases but haven't forgotten about the old faithfuls. Enjoy the trip down memory lane.

Apps for kids

app-gall-thumbClick for more photos

Whether you're looking for something educational or just want to keep the kids entertained, there are an abundance of apps available for kids to enjoy. Before making your next purchase, click through to see our top apps for kids.

Top apps for kids


Whether you're looking for something educational or just want to keep the kids entertained, there are an abundance of apps available for kids to enjoy. Before making your next purchase, click through to see our top apps for kids.

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TV toys

The Simpsons to get a Lego range

The Simpsons Lego Range

Want to build a new home for Homer or try out a new hairstyle for Marge?

Weirdest toys ever invented

poofaceClick for more photos

You will be amazed, appalled and maybe feel a little uncomfortable as you look through our collection of some of the weirdest toys ever invented.

Romeo Beckham is new face of Burberry

Romeo Beckham Burberry. <i>Image: Burberry/Mario Testino</i>

Daisy Dumas Romeo Beckham is wasting no time in emulating his picture-perfect parents by becoming the newest face of Burberry.


Gift Guide For Older Kids

older-kids-gift-guide-thumbClick for more photos

The count down for Christmas has bugun, so here is a list of gift ideas for older kids to help out with any last minute shopping.

Six new books, Not-For-Parents


Livia Gamble Do you have a little fact-finder in your family? How about a future world explorer or history lover? Take them on a journey through history and around the world with the latest book series for kids from Lonely Planet.

Lego: The Hobbit

legohobbit-thumbClick for more photos

To coincide with the movie release of The Hobbit, Lego’s The Hobbit: an unexpected journey gives fans of all ages the chance to build and play out adventures of Bilbo Baggins and his journey to middle-earth.

Children's clothes through the ages

clothesClick for more photos

The recent Target controversy has inspired us to take a look back over the children's fashion of past decades. Do we view them differently today?

Target 'trampsteria' taken too far?


Amy Gray The fact we are using sexualized terms to describe girls’ clothing suggests a far deeper cultural issue, writes Amy Gray.

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Toys through time

ek-thumb-gamewatchClick for more photos

Re-visit your childhood as you take a look at these time-honoured toys. From Marvel superheroes, slinkies and easy-bake ovens to Rainbow Brite, Carebears and Star Wars figurines, you will be surprised by what you find in this retro toy gallery.

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