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Parents react to council ban on junk food in playground

Megan Blandford A Melbourne council has banned junk food from being consumed in its playground but have the reactions to the news revealed a much bigger story?

Pressure to perform too much for young dancers?

The chaos that unfolded at this end of year dance concert made Kerri Sackville question whether we put too much pressure on very young dancers to perform.


What is a healthy balanced diet for kids?

Dr Joanna McMillan The hunger for correct information about balanced, healthy diets has never been larger but why are we still confused?


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Why timeouts only prolong the problem

Meghan Leahy How do you discipline your child if timeouts don't work? Is there a better way? Meghan Leahy unpacks why they fail and why this approach works better.

When you're not your son's favourite

Jo Hartley In our house, it's very obvious whom my son favours. There's no denying it, and to get him to say kind words to me or show me affection in any way is ...

Why we shouldn't rely on police to discipline our children

Kerri Sackville On a day when her kids had pushed her to the end of her tether, one mum decided to take them to the police station for a stern chat. But Kerri Sackville ...

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Are your parents mean to your kids?

Dr Erin Bowe Some parents find themselves trying to protect their children from the very people who are supposed to dote on them.

When a parent should be concerned about their child's imaginary friend

Livia Gamble Having an imaginary friend is normal for kids but at the same time it can be creepy for parents.


Explaining to my children why they’ll never meet their grandparents

Patricia Tan Since he was a baby, I’d fretted over this very moment when he’d start asking about the grandparents he will never meet.

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5 lessons I’m learning from my preschooler

Ariane Beeston Have you found that your child is teaching you as about life as you are teaching them?


How teachers shape kids' creative development

Gai Lindsay Early childhood experiences can affect developing confidence and learning potential throughout a child's education and into adulthood.

6 lessons learnt from my language delayed children

Thuy Yau All parents go through different challenges with their children. Here are the six lessons I've learnt about parenting - from my experiences of having ...

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10 ways to prove to kids that Santa *really* exists

If your family celebrates Christmas – and the arrival of Santa Claus – there are many ways to add your own touch of magic to Christmas eve.

How to make a snow globe out of a mason jar

Andrea Romano Shake up your holiday gift-giving with a fun, personalized present that anyone would love.


Three mums launch Melbourne's first children's festival

Josefa Pete How three festival-loving mums, with six kids under the age of five between them, made Playfest – Melbourne’s first children’s festival ...


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Crayola's Facebook page was hacked over the weekend

Livia Gamble Crayola has issued an apology after their Facebook page was hacked over the weekend.

Can toys really be ‘educational’?

Nicola Yelland Being a child in the 21st century is very different, and some would say more complex, than in previous times. What remains constant is that children love ...

Little Addie's dying wish

Shaza Barbar As children wait for their presents this Christmas, one little girl is asking for a lifetime of Christmas cards for herself and her two sisters.