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My biggest parenting regret

Amber Robinson How Curtis Stone's tough words on junk food and kids touched a nerve.

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What happened when my 4-year-old told me she was fat

Jamie Davis Smith She just pulled up her shirt and insisted: "Look at my tummy. I am fat."

Celebrity chef Curtis Stone's kids only eat healthy foods

Livia Gamble In Stone's opinion, parents who say their kids prefer junk food over fruit and vegetables only have themselves to blame.

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May the fours be with you

Ariane Beeston May the fourth is often associated with another type of 'force' but Ariane Beeston is currently experiencing a whirlwind force of her own in the form of ...


The time I was accused of child abuse

Lauren Knight Two years ago, a stranger called the police on me and falsely accused me of abusing my child.

8 ways you may be encouraging your child to be a bully

Ashley Trexler How do you make sure you're raising a kind child, and not a bully?

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How I learned to embrace being 'the other mum'

Adele Levine I was walking across the street to collect my 3-year-old son, Hanno, when I overheard a neighbour boy taunt him for not having a father. I'd always ...

Why some kids are more likely to be popular at school

Livia Gamble Researchers examined 20 similar studies to determine what makes a child popular.

Do you make babies by screwing?

Catherine Rodie "Mummy," said my precocious preschooler, "do you make babies by screwing and hammering?"

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Prime Minister Tony Abbott confident childcare deal good for parents

Katina Curtis Prime Minister Tony Abbott is sure parents will thank him once they see the plans for a new system of childcare subsidies.

Getting in early to avoid gender stereotyping careers

Karen Struthers By preschool children are already thinking about the career they will have when they grow up. It is also at this early stage that they tend to rule out ...

10 ways to help your child be a good conversationalist

Sarah Hamaker From the time our children are born, we have been told how important it is to talk to and with them. But no one told us how hard that would be in reality.

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Mum creates colouring book to show her son superheroes cry too

Livia Gamble When cartoonist Linnéa Johansson’s three-year-old son Caspian was holding back tears because Superman doesn’t cry, she decided to do ...

Peppa Pig Easter Crafts

Print out these Easter craft activities for your Peppa Pig and George Pig loving preschoolers to cut, colour and make this Easter weekend.

10 ways to prove to kids that Santa *really* exists

If your family celebrates Christmas – and the arrival of Santa Claus – there are many ways to add your own touch of magic to Christmas eve.

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Lego has taken over my life

Ariane Beeston Last night, I dreamt in Lego. My life has officially been taken over by tiny, multicoloured bricks.


They eat them because they love them

Kristina Wright Do your children's favourite stuffed comfort toys look like chewed up, faded, versions of their former, once glorious selves?

Crayola's Facebook page was hacked over the weekend

Livia Gamble Crayola has issued an apology after their Facebook page was hacked over the weekend.