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Making mealtimes family time

Sarah Wayland One mother decided to follow Jo Turner's advice in her book, 'Mealtimes without Mayhem', and keep a diary of how it went. Here is what happened next.


Bringing children up vegetarian

JO HARTLEY Have you considered raising your kids vego? Here are how two families have made it work for them and the benefits they've reaped.


Mother fined for unbalanced school lunch

KATIE CARLIN A Canadian mother of two was fined by her local daycare for sending her children to school with homemade leftovers that didn’t tick off the required ...

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When your child won't stop lying

Rashida Tayabali Has your child developed a lying habit? Here is why they lie and how to encourage honesty instead.


Don't over-praise children

Nicole Pryor Showering children with praise is not helpful for their self-esteem, says a child psychologist.

Diagnosing ADHD not an exact science

Amanda Mascarelli Why is it still so hard to diagnose ADHD? And why is there so much emotional baggage associated with treating it?

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How to help kids remember their earliest years later in life

LAKSHMI SINGH Remembering events from early in a child’s life is limited after the age of seven, with most of them experiencing childhood amnesia – or the inability to ...


When your child is "gender creative"

Catherine Rodie Lilly Thomson* was just three and a half years old when she first told her mother that she wanted to be a boy.

Gardening guru creates nature's playground

LETITIA ROWLANDS Wes Fleming made his name creating beautiful gardens, now he is using his expertise to design inspiring natural playgrounds.

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Want to improve your kids' writing? Let them draw

Misty Adoniou Children who draw before they tackle writing tasks produce better writing.

Tutoring for tots is growing in popularity

Konrad Marshall 'School readiness' programs are increasing in popularity for preschool-age children where they learn everything from basic literacy and numeracy to how ...


Meditation is helping kids in more ways than one

Cassy Small A growing number of parents are switching on to the idea of encouraging their children to switch off, with benefits found to include improved behaviour, ...

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Fashion-loving four-year-old creates daily paper dress with mum

KATIE CARLIN When Angie discovered her four-year-old daughter started to shun her store-bought dresses in favour of creating her own out of scarves and her mother’s ...

Tropical Sand Dough

PAGING FUN MUMS My kids love my Tropical Sand Dough - it's such a great sensory activity for little hands, as well as being inexpensive for parents.

No cook playdough recipe

Paging Fun Mums This is so simple to make and the best part is there is no cooking required. Just mix all the ingredients together and in five minutes you have perfect ...

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Class 'mascots' a new cause of stress for parents

CATHERINE RODIE Has your child brought home the class 'mascot'? The pressure of showing this mascot the time of its life is reducing some parents to tears.

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Top 20 tweets from #RuinAChildrensBook

Did you miss the Twitter hashtag that ruined children's books? Here are 20 of the funniest.

Angelina Jolie and Stella McCartney have designed a line of kids clothing

KATHLEEN LEE JOE The eight-piece capsule collection is themed around Disney’s Maleficent, starring Angelina Jolie, the movie about the iconic villainess from Sleeping ...