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Introducing kids to sports requires being a good sport

Armin Brott Your goal for now is to make sports so much fun that your son will want to do it again next year.

My biggest parenting regret

Amber Robinson How Curtis Stone's tough words on junk food and kids touched a nerve.

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What happened when my 4-year-old told me she was fat

Jamie Davis Smith She just pulled up her shirt and insisted: "Look at my tummy. I am fat."

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Tantrum proof: How to raise children who don't feel entitled

Alison Bowen How parents can form a foundation that fights back against a culture in which it seems kids are entitled to anything.

Parenting a picky dresser

Catherine Rodie This hilarious music video perfectly illustrates the frustration of having a child who is fussy about their clothing.


Potty-mouthed Minions? Myths about children and swearing

Elyse Methven Rumour has it that pint-sized yellow toys in McDonald's Happy Meals – Minions – have been blurting out swear words at children. But even if ...

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Trans kids

For five years, I thought my daughter was a boy

Marlo Mack Marlo Mack describes what it's like to parent a transgender child.

Dear David Beckham, don't be pressured into ditching the dummy

Donna Webeck The fear-mongerers are out in force again, and this time it is all because a four-year-old girl has dared to continue to use a dummy.

How dads can encourage a positive body image in their daughters

Rashida Tayabali Fathers can play an important role in promoting a positive body image in their children, especially their daughters.

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Preschoolers' social skills may predict success

Emma Brown Preschoolers who share, cooperate and are helpful are more likely to have a university degree and a job 20 years later than children who lack those ...

Preschool within retirement home in Seattle allows for inter-generational play

Loren Smith A preschool embedded within a retirement home allows tiny tots to play with their significantly older cohabitants and the results are even better than ...

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'How A Baby Is Made': Book from 1975 "traumatised" people on social media

Livia Gamble Images from the 1975 book 'How A Baby Is Made' have gone viral over the weekend after they were posted on Facebook.

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Mum creates colouring book to show her son superheroes cry too

Livia Gamble When cartoonist Linnéa Johansson’s three-year-old son Caspian was holding back tears because Superman doesn’t cry, she decided to do ...

Peppa Pig Easter Crafts

Print out these Easter craft activities for your Peppa Pig and George Pig loving preschoolers to cut, colour and make this Easter weekend.

10 ways to prove to kids that Santa *really* exists

If your family celebrates Christmas – and the arrival of Santa Claus – there are many ways to add your own touch of magic to Christmas eve.

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Target drops pink for girls, blue for boys in toy department. Good or bad move?

Catherine Armitage In the cut-throat world of children's toys, gender-based marketing is the most divisive issue of all. But does it matter if we buy pink toys for girls ...

IKEA introduces safety campaign after two toddlers die under falling furniture

Megan Levy IKEA has launched a safety awareness campaign in Australia following the deaths of two toddlers in the US who were crushed by falling chests that had not ...

Satanic baby doll teaches toddler to swear and other inappropriate toys I've owned

Kerri Sackville It is always disappointing when a toy turns out not to deliver what it promises. Perhaps more so when it teaches your child to swear.