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Free swimming lessons to help save lives

Letitia Rowlands Children under five are being offered free swimming lessons this week as part of the inaugural Learn To Swim Week. The program is the brainchild of swim ...

Tax on soft drink the most effective policy against childhood obesity, finds study

Livia Gamble The answer to childhood obesity lies in placing a tax on sugar sweetened beverages, according to a new study.

Let's make it easier to eat junk food

Dr Joanna McMillan Yep that’s what is happening in Australia. In the midst of all our talk about the obesity epidemic and debating the optimal diet, junk food home delivery ...

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Newcastle cafe's Facebook post sparks debate over children in coffee shops

Mel McMillan The operators of The Little French Cafe have received both applause and criticism after posting a 'housekeeping' announcement on the cafe's Facebook page.


Does your preschooler refuse to dress themselves?

Catherine Rodie This mum of two preschoolers was delighted to hear that Adam Mansbach, the writer behind 'Go the f**k to sleep' released a new book about eating but the ...


Top four challenges of raising boys

Kym Campradt Here are some of the unique challenges facing mothers of boys with tactics on how to deal with them and why sometimes you just need to embrace the ...

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What my son taught me about love

Zsofia McMullin How freely do you express your feelings with the ones you love? One mother shares what her son has taught her about the power of saying "I love you".


Why I don't call my daughter 'Princess'

Christopher Scanlon When a pet name says so much more than tiara, big hair and sparkly dress.

Children resisting routines

Meghan Leahy Do you feel like you are being held hostage by your child's constant need to make the smallest of tasks a test of your patience?


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Five things I have not taught my kids and it is okay

Josefa Pete I haven't taught my kids everything they know and here is why there is so much more to be gained if you don't.

Girl, 4, hands out heroin at day care

A 4-year-old girl mistakenly took hundreds of packets of heroin to her day care centre in the United States and began passing it out to classmates, ...

Preschoolers debate the weather, poke our hearts

Katie Carlin Who knew that discussing rain would be such a hotly debated topic among preschoolers? This is one debate you don't want to miss.

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Colour by numbers - Kids cooking

Colour by numbers - using numbers 1-8 to cololur this picture.

Watch: Apparently Kid goes behind the scenes of Walking With Dinosaurs

Livia Gamble While appearing on Ellen, Noah Ritter was sent on a behind-the scenes tour of the animatronic Walking With Dinosaurs show in LA.


What do children learn when cooking?

Nicole Avery Cooking is not only a fun activity to do with the kids, but it provides an amazing array of learning opportunities in a practical setting.


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Kinetic Sand: You will be as addicted as your kids

Amber Robinson It's one of the hottest gifts for this Christmas and last, Kinetic Sand is mostly sand, but with a 2% binding agent which makes it a whole lot more fun ...

Zara pulls lookalike Holocaust shirt for children from sale

Katie Carlin Fashion retailer Zara has pulled a striped shirt for children featuring a yellow star from sale after complaints that the shirt resembled the prison ...


Lego Storage Ideas

Are you living in brick landmine madness? Here are some creative and useful Lego storage solutions that you could use in your home.