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Don't tell kids their veggies are good for them

Matt Richtel When trying to convince children to eat their vegetables the most powerful thing you can tell them is nothing at all.

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How yoga for kids before bed can help parents conquer the bedtime battle

LIVIA GAMBLE Parents searching for answers to the never ending battle that is bedtime could benefit from adding yoga to their child's routine.


Making mealtimes family time

Sarah Wayland One mother decided to follow Jo Turner's advice in her book, 'Mealtimes without Mayhem', and keep a diary of how it went. Here is what happened next.


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Are we teaching empathy by example?

Thuy Yau Are you good at being able to understand the feelings of others and share in their struggles? Here is why it is important to model empathy for your ...

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Getting kids involved in housework

CATHERINE RODIE Spain proposes new law that requires children to share responsibility for “performing household tasks in accordance with their age and regardless of ...


My child won't stop lying

Melinda Wenner Moyer Have you recently noticed that your child has begun lying to you? Here are the reasons why they do and how you can encourage honesty.


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How to talk to kids about same sex relationships

CATHERINE RODIE "Why doesn't A have a Daddy?" asked G, my 4-year-old daughter on the way home from the park. She had spent the morning playing with her dear friend whom ...

The dangers of US style child beauty pageants

CATHERINE RODIE US child beauty pageant company, Universal Royalty is returning to Australia next month but parents are fronting a vigorous charge to stop the pageant ...


How reading this book could save your child's eyesight

Letitia Rowlands Not only will Penny the Pirate keep the family entertained and encourage a love of of literature, she might even help your children's eyesight.

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Nannies: a viable alternative to traditional childcare

Stacey Gladman Once thought only to be an option available to those with a large income, nannies could soon become more affordable for Australian families but would you ...

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Childcare report: Government dismisses swipe at paid parental leave

JUDITH IRELAND The Coalition argues that funds should not be redirected away from the paid parental leave scheme and into childcare services, after suggestion made by a ...

Call for paid childcare for 'qualified' grandparents

MIKI PERKINS Nannies and grandparents could be paid by the government to look after children if they get the right TAFE qualifications under a proposal to overhaul ...


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10 items every dress-up box needs

RACHEL CLUN Here is everything you need to start your very own dress-up box for the kids.


Fashion-loving four-year-old creates daily paper dress with mum

KATIE CARLIN When Angie discovered her four-year-old daughter started to shun her store-bought dresses in favour of creating her own out of scarves and her mother’s ...

Tropical Sand Dough

PAGING FUN MUMS My kids love my Tropical Sand Dough - it's such a great sensory activity for little hands, as well as being inexpensive for parents.

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Review: Giggle Galaxy quilt cover set

Margarida Fantini There is a range of 'Giggle and Hoot' products available for little fans of the show and this one is about to help us transition our firstborn into a big ...

Our favourite Giggle and Hoot products

We love the range of Giggle and Hoot products at the ABC Shop - here are four of our favourites.

Myer customers demand removal of "super skinny" dolls

CATHERINE RODIE When Mark Chenery, father to four year-old Sophia, first set eyes on the Winx Club dolls at his local Myer he was horrified.