Preschooler Behaviour & Discipline

Why Japanese children are so independent

Livia Gamble Do you let your six-year-old navigate public transport alone? What about sending a two-year-old to run errands at the local store?

Parents, choose your battles with preschool fashionistas

Fashion fights ... let them win.

Vikki Ortiz Healy "In that moment of live, emotional parenting, I failed to keep my cool."

Tantrum proof: How to raise children who don't feel entitled

Tantrum time ... how to deal with the meltdowns.

Alison Bowen How parents can form a foundation that fights back against a culture in which it seems kids are entitled to anything.

Parenting a picky dresser

The battle of parenting the picky dresser.

Catherine Rodie This hilarious music video perfectly illustrates the frustration of having a child who is fussy about their clothing.


Potty-mouthed Minions? Myths about children and swearing

Minions, contrary to parental fears, have not been swearing at children – but why would that be a problem anyway?

Elyse Methven Rumour has it that pint-sized yellow toys in McDonald's Happy Meals – Minions – have been blurting out swear words at children. But even if they were does it really matter?

Bathroom battleground a sign of deeper issues for preschooler

Bathroom battles: look deeper than the behaviour to solve the problem.

Meghan Leahy If your child has regressed in their toilet training, it can be an indication of other issues that need addressing.

Why it's unfair to paint all kids in cafes with the same brush

Blanket ban on kids in cafes is a risky move for all involved.

Ben Blackwell Putting a ban on one part of society opens a whole can of worms and is something that should be very carefully considered.

Three-year-old Aboriginal girl left in tears after being subjected to racial abuse

Samara Muir,3, left in tears after being racially abused at a Melbourne shopping centre.

Livia Gamble Dressed as Elsa while attending a Disney themed event, something heartbreaking happened to Samara Muir.

May the fours be with you


Ariane Beeston May the fourth is often associated with another type of 'force' but Ariane Beeston is currently experiencing a whirlwind force of her own in the form of her four-year-old son.


The time I was accused of child abuse

It's a moment I won't ever forget.

Lauren Knight Two years ago, a stranger called the police on me and falsely accused me of abusing my child.

8 ways you may be encouraging your child to be a bully


Ashley Trexler How do you make sure you're raising a kind child, and not a bully?

Helping a 4-year-old overcome fear of bedtime

Bedtime fears: You can't reason away their fears.

John Rosemond You can't reason a preschooler out of their bedtime fears. The quality of your explanations doesn't matter; your best words aren't going to work. Here is what you should do instead.

'Over-valuing' your kids may turn them into narcissists

Not too high: It's important to praise your kids, but keep a sense of perspective.

Nicky Phillips Parents who shower their child with too much praise, making them feel superior to others, may be cultivating a narcissist, research suggests.

Why timeouts only prolong the problem

Timeouts: What to do when they fail.

Meghan Leahy How do you discipline your child if timeouts don't work? Is there a better way? Meghan Leahy unpacks why they fail and why this approach works better.

When you're not your son's favourite

Daddy's boy: when your son saves all his affections for his dad.

Jo Hartley In our house, it's very obvious whom my son favours. There's no denying it, and to get him to say kind words to me or show me affection in any way is rather like pulling teeth.

Why we shouldn't rely on police to discipline our children

Have you used the 'police threat' on your kids?

Kerri Sackville On a day when her kids had pushed her to the end of her tether, one mum decided to take them to the police station for a stern chat. But Kerri Sackville questions whether it will actually help or hinder her in the future?

Putting myself in time-out

When you need a time-out.

Ariane Beeston A self-imposed time-out can be the perfect way to generate the last remnants of energy you need to power through the rest of the day with your preschooler.


A parenting challenge for the new year

A challenge to encourage not judge.

Megan Blandford Wouldn't it be great if we could go out of our way to encourage success in others' parenting?

Do we believe it is okay to smack a child?

Meltdown: Is it ever okay to smack a child?

Shaza Barbar This year marks 25 years since the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) was established by the United Nations. As the most most widely ratified UN convention with 190 signatories, it is generally understood that children, especially as a vulnerable group, need protection.

Are we expecting too little from our boys?

Kasey Edwards How many times have you seen girls' anti-social behavior dismissed as 'girls being girls'?

What are your parenting values?

Do you know the values that guide your parenting?

Megan Blandford “Choose your battles,” is the parenting catch-cry. But how do you know which are the right ones to choose?


10 café customers that are more annoying than parents with children

Kids aren't the only customers you have to worry about when buying a coffee.

Belinda Williams While we are making generalisations about the audacity of parents who take their kids to cafés, one mum shares ten other kinds of café customers to watch out for.

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Why 'no kids policies' are so absurd

banned kids

Kasey Edwards If children are unwelcome in public space, then women are unwelcome also.

Newcastle cafe's Facebook post sparks debate over children in coffee shops


Mel McMillan The operators of The Little French Cafe have received both applause and criticism after posting a 'housekeeping' announcement on the cafe's Facebook page.

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Does your preschooler refuse to dress themselves?

Does your child spend more time playing with their clothes than putting them on?

Catherine Rodie This mum of two preschoolers was delighted to hear that Adam Mansbach, the writer behind 'Go the f**k to sleep' released a new book about eating but the one she really needs is: Just put your f**ing clothes on!

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Top four challenges of raising boys

Raising boys ... Cuddles quickly turn into energetic wrestling matches that often go too far.

Kym Campradt Here are some of the unique challenges facing mothers of boys with tactics on how to deal with them and why sometimes you just need to embrace the mystery.

How to prepare the kids for daylight savings

How you can make daylight savings easier for you and the kids.

Gabe McGrath Daylight saving starts this Sunday morning in most Australian states and territories. Many adults consider it a minor speedbump; but changing timetables for children can be a lot more tricky.

Beating a child bloody is not 'cultural'


Marisol Bello Disciplining a child should never involve violence but many, including NFL player Adrian Peterson, still use the excuse of ‘culture’ to justify it. Here Marisol Bello reveals how deep the scars of such discipline go.

Why do children fight?

Tempers reaching boiling point.

Meghan Leahy My children won't stop fighting with each other, and it feels like the house is going to blow up. Can you relate to this one?


When your child won't listen

Is your child tuning you out?

Meghan Leahy Parenting coach, Meghan Leahy shares the real reasons behind why your child isn't listening and what you should be doing about it.

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Are we teaching empathy by example?

How to model empathy to kids.

Thuy Yau Are you good at being able to understand the feelings of others and share in their struggles? Here is why it is important to model empathy for your children to learn from.

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Getting kids involved in housework

Getting kids to contribute to helping around the home.

Catherine Rodie Spain proposes new law that requires children to share responsibility for “performing household tasks in accordance with their age and regardless of their gender.” But how do we get out own reluctant helpers to do their chores?


My child won't stop lying

Caught in a lie ... What to do when your child won't stop lying.

Melinda Wenner Moyer Have you recently noticed that your child has begun lying to you? Here are the reasons why they do and how you can encourage honesty.


When your child won't stop lying

When they can't kick their lying habit ...

Rashida Tayabali Has your child developed a lying habit? Here is why they lie and how to encourage honesty instead.


Don't over-praise children

Praise children for who they are not what they do.

Nicole Pryor Showering children with praise is not helpful for their self-esteem, says a child psychologist.

Diagnosing ADHD not an exact science


Amanda Mascarelli Why is it still so hard to diagnose ADHD? And why is there so much emotional baggage associated with treating it?

TV limits that keep everyone happy

Cutting down screen time ...

Louise Wedgwood Worried about the amount of time your children spend in front of the television? Here is how to reduce the time without the tantrums.


The four-year-old boy who berated a terrorist in Kenya's Westgate Mall

Women carrying children run for safety as armed police hunt gunmen who went on a shooting spree in Westgate shopping centre in Nairobi on September 21.

Zoe Flood It is one of the most dramatic moments of the dreadful assault on Kenya's Westgate mall - the moment a four-year-old boy told the gunman he was a "bad man" and should let everyone walk free.

Do TV shows make kids naughty?


Elissa Griesser I thought everyone liked Peppa Pig. It turns out many parents don't think so - they blame her for making their kids naughty.

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Embarrassing things kids do

The things kids come out with ...

Tom Fitzsimons When your child starts mimicking the 'private' things you say and do in public how do you handle the embarrassment? One dad shares his shame.


Stop asking my daughter to give you a kiss

Demanding affection from kids ...

Kasey Edwards One mother wants to put an end on the ritual of demanding affection from children on cue.

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Tools to tame behaviour

Is your child constantly pushing your buttons by behaving badly?

Quirky Kid Is your child constantly pushing your buttons by behaving badly? The experts offer their advice on how to banish the challenging behaviour.

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When your kids won't stop interrupting


Kimberley O'Brien Do you struggle to hold an adult conversation because your kids won't stop demanding your attention? Kimberley O'Brien tells you how you can manage the little interrupters in your life.

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Then the police knocked on my door ...


Mel Hearse Have your children ever fought so loud the police were called? After this embarrassing parenting moment, Mel Hearse went in search of some soothing solutions for her two temper-prone boys.


Sydney mall takes action over temper tantrums


Megan Levy A Dee Why shopping centre says it has not "banned" noisy children from the facility but is taking measures to prevent parents from letting their children run amok in the food court and "scream at the highest decibels".

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Strengthening her character bone

Steve Biddulph is an Australian author, activist and psychologist.

Steve Biddulph Raising girls to become strong women takes discipline, routine and age-appropriate responsibilities, writes Steve Biddulph.

How my ban on toy guns failed

toy gun

Andie Fox In spite of her attempts to ban weapons from the house, Andie Fox's son discovered a passion for toy guns that left her wondering where she went wrong.

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Creating a cafe haven for kids


Kristy Komadina One of the occupational hazards of being a mother is navigating the perilous world of cafes but there are many things we can all learn from the experience, even our children.

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Letting your kids have it out


Nicola Menke Kids often fight for no good reason - at least that's the way it appears to grown-ups but here are a few reasons why you shouldn't be so quick to intervene.


Poehler's hilarious take on raising boys

Amy Poehler

Staff writers Amy Poehler’s two boys might sound out-of-control but the actress is adament she has the whole discipline thing covered.

The one anti-tantrum weapon every parent needs


Paul Chai The skill of non-verbal parenting is a good one to learn.


Smacking linked to mental disorders

Generic smacking, spanking pic, naughty child.

Sarah Berry New study supports moves to criminalise smacking.


Parenting without punishments or rewards


Lindy Alexander Struggling to find the balance between disciplining and spoling your child? Lindy Alexander has found an approach that does away with the system of punishments and rewards.

Encouraging new experiences


Melanie Hearse Can you turn a naturally reluctant child into a spontaneous daredevil?

The age of intolerance


Victoria Birch Do you face the annoyed glares of childless people when you enter public spaces with your kids in tow? Victoria Birch asks whether it is such an unreasonable request to be able to enjoy outings with your kids.

Children banned from restaurant

Back page thumb

A controversial US ban has Fenella Souter pondering the merits of a child-free cuppa.


The biggest parenting mistake you can ever make


Paul Chai Losing your toddler is less than ideal, but as PAUL CHAI discovers, there are worst parenting mistakes you can make ...

China's Precious Snowflakes: the spoilt children who never lift a finger


Malcolm Moore in Shanghai China's Little Emperors, a generation of chubby, spoiled children, have given way to a new era of Precious Snowflakes, youngsters so coddled they cannot tie their own shoelaces.

Six essential manners for kids


Justine Davies We all believe that our own kids are fantastic, but we also all know (secretly, deep down) that there’s probably room for improvement. So if you want your child to avoid the label of “the bratty one”, then here are six essential manners that your kids need to learn.

Forget the rod, it's irresponsible adults who spoil children

Stephanie Dowrick

Stephanie Dowrick Thousands of Australians have now read Christos Tsiolkas's novel, The Slap. Some readers are likely to feel provoked rather than entertained by the questions the story raises, including what might be called ''the Hugo factor'' - how we should think about and act towards an unlikeable child.

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