Three-year-old Aboriginal girl left in tears after being subjected to racial abuse

Samara Muir, 3, left in tears after being racially abused at a Melbourne shopping centre.
Samara Muir, 3, left in tears after being racially abused at a Melbourne shopping centre. Photo: Rachel Muir/Facebook

A three-year-old Aboriginal girl was left in tears after being victim to racial abuse during a trip to Melbourne.

Samara Muir, from Ballarat, was in Melbourne at a Disney event at Watergardens shopping centre in Taylors Lakes last month with her mother Rachel Muir when the unthinkable happened. 

Dressed as Frozen's Elsa, Samara was lining up for the snow pit when a mother and her two daughters began to verbally abuse the young girl. 

Samara Muir.
Samara Muir. Photo: Rachel Muir/Facebook

"The lady in front of us turned around to Samara and said 'I don't know why you're dressed up for because Queen Elsa isn't black'," Rachel told The Courier.

"I asked the woman what she meant by the comment and then one of the woman's young daughters screwed up her face, she pointed at Samara and said 'you're black and black is ugly'."

Samara became upset and started to cry.

"I looked around the line and there were little girls of all different races lining up dressed as their favourite Disney characters," Rachel said.

"We were in Melbourne, one of the most multicultural places in the world.

"I couldn't believe it."


Rachel held her daughter's hand until it was their turn to enter the snow pit.

Venting her frustration on Facebook, Rachel wrote: "My daughter was in tears when we were at Watergardens for the Frozen activities as a mother & her two daughters told my daughter they don't know why you dressed up for, because Anna & Elsa aren't Black & Black is ugly & your Black.

"Racism is alive & well in the next generation."

In the days following Rachel said Samara didn't want to go to her Aboriginal dance class.

"When I asked why she didn't want to go, she pointed at the skin on her arm and asked why she was black," said Rachel.

Since their story was published, Samara and Rachel have received support from strangers around the world.

"We are very overwhelmed and shocked by the kindness of people. I didn't think people would care so much," she said.

Indigenous rapper Adam Briggs contacted the family, asking Samara to be in his new video clip.

Samara will play a young Cathy Freeman.

Appearing on The Project on Friday, Samara was given another gift.

Disney on Ice Dare to Dream has invited the little girl along, not only to see the show, but to be in it.

Samara told The Project: "I love being a princess, Elsa's the best princess because she really is strong."

"I just thought it would be a story people would click past and forget. To know that she has touched so many people … that they see her how I see her, is just incredible," said Rachel.

"After every message Samara smiles and says "Thank-you your majesty." 

"She is back to her proud, beautiful Aboriginal self."

Interview with Queen Samara

We surprise the 3 year-old girl & her mum who were subject to racial abuse at a Disney event #QueenSamara #TheProjectTV

Posted by The Project on Friday, June 19, 2015