Preschooler Education

Want to improve your kids' writing? Let them draw

Misty Adoniou Children who draw before they tackle writing tasks produce better writing.

Tutoring for tots is growing in popularity


Konrad Marshall 'School readiness' programs are increasing in popularity for preschool-age children where they learn everything from basic literacy and numeracy to how to hold a pencil.


Meditation is helping kids in more ways than one

The power of Om ...

Cassy Small A growing number of parents are switching on to the idea of encouraging their children to switch off, with benefits found to include improved behaviour, attention, sleep patterns and performance in school.

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Why children should study philosophy


Laura D'Olimpio Children are natural philosophers. Ask anyone who has encountered a three-year old constantly asking the question “Why?” Yet how often do we encourage the questions children ask and really take the time to further develop the ensuing discussion?


Australian preschools should be free

Kylie Peake

Rachel Browne Free preschools for all children need to be offered in Australia if we are to compete economically with other developed countries, says leading international early childhood education expert.

Computer use gives pre-schoolers literacy boost

Pre-schoolers who use computers learn their ABCs

LETITIA ROWLANDS Many parents are concerned their toddlers spend too much time in front of a computer screen, but new research shows children might be learning while playing.


How to build crucial language skills in kids from day one


Lauran Neergaard New research shows that both how much and how well parents talk with babies and toddlers helps tune the youngsters’ brains in ways that build crucial language and vocabulary skills.


Coaching: Parents send children to school before preschool


COSIMA MARRINER One in five of the English students at tutoring company Kumon are preschoolers, as parents increasingly seek to give their children a head start on their peers when they reach school.


Are best friend dramas starting younger?

“She’s not your best friend, she’s my best friend!”

Lilani Goonesena “She’s not your best friend, she’s my best friend!” – was the first thing my four-year old heard upon entering her new classroom.


When your child's best friend starts school without them

Losing one friend and making new ones can be daunting for young children.

CATHERINE RODIE Is your child feeling left behind? Here is how to help them through the sadness of not seeing their best friend at preschool each day.


Childcare workers asked to hand back wage rise


Jonathan Swan and Bianca Hall The Abbott government is asking childcare providers to ''do the right thing'' and hand back $62.5 million given to them to improve wages in the poorly paid sector.


Childcare costs: families spending 9% of income after subsidies


MATT WADE Families with one child in full-time day care are devoting about 9 per cent of their disposable incomes to childcare fees even though the federal government spends more than $5 billion a year subsiding parents.


Learning a second language

Families weigh up the pros and cons of teaching their preschoolers a second language.

Catherine Rodie Families weigh up the pros and cons of teaching their preschoolers a second language.


Preschool teachers' lasting effect


Cosima Marriner Children who attended kindergarten under qualified teacher scored higher in NAPLAN tests.

How likely are children to follow a stranger?


SARAH MACDONALD A new experiment reveals distressing results. But should we smother kids with our fears?


Three-year-olds face fund cuts

Engadine Pre-School

RACHEL BROWNE One-third of the state's community-based preschools face closure under a new funding model for early childhood education which strips funding for three-year-olds to focus greater resources on four- and five-year-olds.


Paying for playdates

They might excel in all areas of academia but the art of playing eludes them.

Kasey Edwards Parents of over-scheduled preschoolers are paying for tutoring lessons to train their kids on how to play with others in the hopes of securing a place for them in a prestigious school.

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It's not a 'lady garden' it's a vulva

No laughing matter ...

ALEISHA ORR Charlotte Caruso is not keen on having one of her two young daughters talking about their "vulva" in the supermarket.

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Keeping boys reading

Boy reading Essential Kids

Stephanie Brown How do we prevent boys from giving up on reading as they age? Stephanie Brown shares her tips on how to nurture your sons love of reading into adulthood.

Not all appy children get best of educations

Preschoolers from KU preschool at Kilara

Rachel Browne In the expanding world of early childhood education and technology, not all apps are created equal.

Benefits of iPad child's play


Matthew Dunn A study is being conducted at three Queensland kindergartens to examine the educational benefits of iPad use for pre-school children.

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Children escape from snake through window

An eastern brown snake like one that sent a panic through a Carbrook kindergarten.

BRIDIE JABOUR Eighteen children had to escape their kindergarten through a window after a deadly eastern brown snake slithered into the classroom and chased them through three rooms south of Brisbane.

Are parents bulllying teachers?


Julie Power Teachers are increasingly being bullied, yelled at, and in rarer cases, physically assaulted by some assertive parents who believe they have an ''inalienable right to scream and demand things for their children,'' the NSW Teachers Federation says.

Wiggles shake-up: female back-up dancer joins as three members retire

Emma Watson

Christine Sams A 20-year-old back-up dancer will become the first female Wiggle, as part of a major line-up change for the iconic band.


Storytime comes at a cost

Karen Johnson reads to children at the Leichhardt Library during a preschool story time session.

Is paying professionals to read stories helping children get ahead or replacing bedtime reading? Cosima Marriner and James Robertson report.

Finding the path from risk to reward

Victoria Minani with son Jean Bosco at home with Tra Mi Le. They have taken part in a home tutoring program. 13 February 2012.
The Age Education. Photo:EDDIE JIM.

Caroline Milburn An early intervention program that helps children with maths and English also benefits their parents, writes Caroline Milburn.

More four-year-olds starting school

Eleni Savva and son Alexander.

Benjamin Preiss More parents are facing tough decisions about whether their children are ready to start school.

Daytime naps spell trouble at night

Cosima Marriner

Cosima Marriner Enforced rests for children may make it easier for childcare workers, but it can be a different story for parents.


Preschools flunk the test


Cosima Marriner The standard of teaching in Australian preschools is ''very poor'', a government-funded national study into the quality of early education has found.

Where children thrive on an outside chance

Scandanavian child care.

Cosima Marriner IT IS minus 15 degrees and three-year-olds are sleeping outside in the snow, snuggled up in reindeer-skin tents with hot water bottles to keep them warm.

Preschool gives lesson in adapting to ensure survival


Elisabeth Tarica On a Saturday, the grounds at Baxter Preschool are filled with excited children.

Awareness day to deliver driveway safety


KATIE CARLIN On average, one child a month across Australia dies after being run over in the family driveway. Each death is one too many when driveway accidents can be prevented.

Starting preschool: 10 tips for parents


Schools NSW Preschool or Kinder programs provide a important early childhood education for children aged 3 to 5, before formal schooling commences. For some children it may be their first experience in out-of-home care. Here's are 10 tips for a smooth start.

Playgroups give children early lesson in life


Adele Horin Playgroups are considered the poor cousin to formal childcare, even though about 150,000 Australian children attend them regularly, usually with their mother.

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