Preschooler Nutrition & Fitness

Introducing kids to sports requires being a good sport

Armin Brott Your goal for now is to make sports so much fun that your son will want to do it again next year.

My biggest parenting regret

Dinner battles: It's been a long time since broccoli was welcome in this household.

Amber Robinson How Curtis Stone's tough words on junk food and kids touched a nerve.

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What happened when my 4-year-old told me she was fat

She just pulled up her shirt and insisted:

Jamie Davis Smith She just pulled up her shirt and insisted: "Look at my tummy. I am fat."

Celebrity chef Curtis Stone's kids only eat healthy foods

Nothing but the best for Curtis Stone's kids.

Livia Gamble In Stone's opinion, parents who say their kids prefer junk food over fruit and vegetables only have themselves to blame.

Parents react to council ban on junk food in playground

Is eating junk food in parks really that important?

Megan Blandford A Melbourne council has banned junk food from being consumed in its playground but have the reactions to the news revealed a much bigger story?

Pressure to perform too much for young dancers?

When dance concerts take a nasty turn.

The chaos that unfolded at this end of year dance concert made Kerri Sackville question whether we put too much pressure on very young dancers to perform.


What is a healthy balanced diet for kids?

Making healthy choices for the whole family.

Dr Joanna McMillan The hunger for correct information about balanced, healthy diets has never been larger but why are we still confused?


Starving 4-year-old boy found days from death locked in his room

The 4-year-old boy weighed just 8.3kg when he was discovered locked in this squalor.

Margaret Scheikowski A starving four-year-old boy, locked in his filthy room by his parents, was only days away from death when he was found naked and crouched on the floor, a court has been told.


Free swimming lessons to help save lives

Starting young ...

Letitia Rowlands Children under five are being offered free swimming lessons this week as part of the inaugural Learn To Swim Week. The program is the brainchild of swim coach Laurie Lawrence and aims to reduce the shocking number of child drownings occurring around the country each year.

Tax on soft drink the most effective policy against childhood obesity, finds study

Study finds link between aggression and kids who consume large amounts of soft drink.

Livia Gamble The answer to childhood obesity lies in placing a tax on sugar sweetened beverages, according to a new study.

Let's make it easier to eat junk food


Dr Joanna McMillan Yep that’s what is happening in Australia. In the midst of all our talk about the obesity epidemic and debating the optimal diet, junk food home delivery is here.

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Don't tell kids their veggies are good for them

The secret to raising a kid who loves their veggies.

Matt Richtel When trying to convince children to eat their vegetables the most powerful thing you can tell them is nothing at all.

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How yoga for kids before bed can help parents conquer the bedtime battle

Is yoga for kids the answer to a better bedtime routine?

Livia Gamble Parents searching for answers to the never ending battle that is bedtime could benefit from adding yoga to their child's routine.


Making mealtimes family time

Dinner time can often be a struggle but building a new routine may help.

Sarah Wayland One mother decided to follow Jo Turner's advice in her book, 'Mealtimes without Mayhem', and keep a diary of how it went. Here is what happened next.


Bringing children up vegetarian

Benefits of raising a vegetarian.

Jo Hartley Have you considered raising your kids vego? Here are how two families have made it work for them and the benefits they've reaped.


Mother fined for unbalanced school lunch

Ritz crackers

Katie Carlin A Canadian mother of two was fined by her local daycare for sending her children to school with homemade leftovers that didn’t tick off the required ‘grain’ component to their lunch.

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Klum's bribe for healthy kids

Heidi Klum

Staff writers Heidi Klum’s New Year’s Resolution has found her paying her kids to eat healthy.

Parents blind to early obesity in children


Melissa Davey Fed on a steady diet of fast food, soft drinks and television, 20 per cent of children are overweight or obese by the time they start kindergarten.


Dr. Joanna McMillan

The shocking sugar-coated truth

joanna mcmillan

Dr Joanna McMillan A spoonful of sugar helps the supplement go down? Dr. Joanna McMillan reveals what is hiding in your child's vitamins.

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Are your kids future Biggest Loser stars?

eating doughnut

Michelle Bridges If you don't feed your kids well, you'll be setting them up for a very unhealthy life.


TV linked to children's unhealthy eating

Watching television.

A survey has found that television viewing is associated with unhealthy eating at all times.

Carrie's project: get Ollie to sleep in time

Carrie Bickmore

As a single, working mother who is often on set until 8pm, TV presenter Carrie Bickmore struggles to get her four-year-old son Ollie to bed early.

Parents in denial about obesity


Cosima Marriner Many parents are ''in complete denial'' about their child's weight, obesity specialists say.

Off to a fat start

Michelle Bridges

We all have to take responsibility for childhood obesity to combat it, writes Michelle Bridges.

Striking a balance

Healthy habits campaign.pic shows portrait of Dr Andrew Rochford.

AS A DOCTOR, Andrew Rochford knows the importance of limiting screen time to help prevent childhood obesity. As a parent, he says it is just ''commonsense''.

Don’t hide veggies, enjoy them


Dr Joanna McMillan The battle to get vegies into our kids seems to be universal and fraught parents will try anything to get something naturally green into their offspring.

Healthy eating starts with what goes in the pantry: Rowntree

Catriona Rowntree

Danielle Teutsch If Catriona Rowntree's two-year-old son, Andrew, is peckish, he can chew on home-grown apples, mulberries, strawberries and cherry tomatoes.

Fussy eaters sorted


Quirky Kid For most parents, getting their children to eat vegetables can sometimes be a difficult task. Dinner table tantrums and cries of distaste are a familiar scene to many households, leaving parents to come up with clever ways to coax vegetables into fussy tummies.

Why not all white bread is bad


Katie Carlin While most of us grew up with a love for fluffy, white bread it seems that white bread has not loved us back. But are all white breads bad for you?

Plastic leaching and other unnatural hazards

joanna mcmillan

Dr Joanna McMillan To give us the best chance of good health, not to mention the effects on the environment, I advise choosing organic and earth friendly products.

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