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Lunchbox more lunchbox ideas

Chicken, pea and quinoa croquettes

Danielle Colley Eat them as an entrée and the left-overs can go into school lunchboxes.

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Doughnut muffins

Nicole Avery Muffins are always a winner in the kids' lunch boxes and they are a quick and easy recipe to make.

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Beef, veggie and brown rice meatloaf

Meatloaf with a healthy twist, this family meal can be turned into a lunch box favourite.

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Family Meals more family meal ideas

Sweet potato fries

Jill Dupleix This delicious side is the fries substitute for those who don't eat fries.

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Vegetable Pad Thai

With easy prep and quick cooking, this Pad Thai will please everyone in the family.

Paprika Chicken, Eggplant and Tomato Bake

Kristy Komadina This dinner is so easy to throw together in a jiffy. It’s as simple as your regular roast chicken.

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Dessert more delicious desserts

Orange madeleines

Frank Camorra A dessert made in heaven when served with chococlate pots.


Mexican sweet pumpkin flan

Adam Liaw Flan is a very traditional Mexican dessert. This pumpkin version is both simple and delicious.

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Sago pudding

A comforting winter dessert.

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Party Food more party food ideas

Banana and coconut milk pops

These yummy treats are fantastic to make for children's summer parties, and suit all tastes.

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Homemade party pies

Party pies are a favourite with kids and adults alike and making them at home doesn’t have to be hard.

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Salted caramel popcorn

Kristy Komadina If you can resist eating it yourself, caramel popcorn can be divided into ziplock baggies for a lunch box treat.

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Kids' Cooking more cooking for kids

Cheat's samosas (vegetable curry puffs)

Adam Liaw Malaysian curry puffs are popular crowd pleasers and easy to make.

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Raspberry Kisses

No time (or skills) to cook? Try these tasty little treats - they look the part on any plate to serve your loved one, and the kids can help make them.


Lemon and Ricotta Muffins

Kristy Komadina A combination of lemon and ricotta make these muffins deliciously scented while also keeping them moist.

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