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Geoff's chocolate crackles.

Photo: Marina Oliphant

My friend Geoff is renowned for his adult version of chocolate crackles. He has kindly shared his recipe with us.


  • 200g milk chocolate (40 per cent cocoa)
  • 100g dark chocolate (minimum 70 per cent cocoa or more)
  • 3 cups Rice Bubbles (not home brand; they're not as puffy and don't crunch when you eat them)
  • 1 cup shredded or flaked coconut (McKenzie's Moist Flakes are best)


Put chocolate in a large bowl over a saucepan of water; bring water to the boil making sure the bowl isn't in contact with the water, then remove from heat. Melt chocolate, stirring occasionally to combine and prevent mixture from sticking.

In a separate bowl, combine Rice Bubbles and coconut.

On a tray, rack or platter that fits in your fridge — a baking tray with a lip is ideal — lay out 16 patty pans. Arrange them touching, as the mix tends to drip and any excess will fall into the next patty pan.

When chocolate is melted and mixed to one colour, remove bowl from saucepan and add dry ingredients. Using a heat-proof spatula or flat metal serving spoon, combine the mixture by sliding the spoon down the edge of the bowl under the mix and then drawing towards the centre, turning the bowl as you go. This motion helps keep the Rice Bubbles whole. Continue until dry ingredients are coated in chocolate.

Use two spoons to distribute the mix. Scoop mix onto one spoon, then use the second to scrape it into the patty pan. Fill pans in two passes for even distribution.

When pans are full — add more if needed — put tray in the fridge for about 30-60 minutes, or until set. Remove from fridge about five minutes before serving.

Makes about 16

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